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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    “Hmm ……, What is it?”


    Since she hadn’t consulted me since our previous conversation, I thought she had forgotten about …… me.


    Or maybe you don’t need to talk to me about it.


    “It’s a little hard to talk about it here. ……”


    “Okay. Hey, let’s go for a walk.”


    We walked in silence to the back of the school building, where there was no one around.


    The test was over, and most of the students had already left.


    If there were any students left, they won’t be in the back of the school building,……, and as you might expect, there was no one here.


    “Can you …… talk to me?”


    “Don’t you think he has been a little weird, Dominic, lately?”


    “Call him weird, but he’s always been weird.”


    I was getting …… pissed off remembering today’s events.


    He had always been arrogant, but lately it had become more pronounced.


    I did not expect to be suddenly attacked by magic in the practical test.


    “You’re right, aren’t you?”


    “Are you talking about Dominic?”


    “Yes, ……. I’ve been wondering about Dominic’s recent behavior.”


    “I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about.”


    I didn’t really want to get involved with Dominic.


    If you get involved with a guy like that, you’re just wasting your time.


    “Actually, I recently …… happened to see Dominic with a senior student. The upperclassmen were acting kind of strange. ……”


    ‘Does that mean he has started tangling with the Yankees? And that’s the influence of …… the fact that he shot out magic today?’


    You’ve got to be kidding me.’


    It was not something that other people should be concerned about.


    “It’s Dominic’s business who he hangs out with.”


    Because of what happened with Dominic today, I was really irritated.


    “No, it’s fine to be with whomever you want. I just don’t know if it has anything to do with …….”


    When Farren was sure that no one was around, she lowered his voice.


    “There is something in Dominic’s magic that can cause …… harm to people.”


    “Bringing …… harm ……?”


    “I can’t say for sure, because I’m not sure yet. But it’s not something humans should be dealing with.”


    “How do you know that?”


    “Think of it as one of the saint’s abilities.”


    A saint’s ability is so useful and broad.


    ‘But if it really causes harm, isn’t it something you should discuss with your teacher rather than me?’


    “You haven’t told Chris-sensei yet?”


    “No, I haven’t said anything yet.”


    “Why are you going to ……?”


    If you talk to Chris-sensei, he’ll be able to handle it better than I can.”


    I said I’d consult with you, and I’m not going to say no. ……”


    “I don’t have any proof, so I’m not going to say it. …… In addition, if you tell Chris-sensei about this, it will make Dominique’s position worse. If possible, I would like to …… solve the problem on my own. So, Owen. I know it’s selfish of me, but could you please help me?”


    “Who’s that for, ……?”


    “It’s for me.”


    Farren looked at me with clear eyes.


    If you say so, I have no choice but to cooperate.


    If it was for Dominic, I definitely would have said no.


    I don’t think I’d do anything for that guy.


    “What exactly do you want me to do?”


    “I was wondering if you would be willing to follow Dominic with me tomorrow.”


    Tailing. …….


    It sounded like detective work and I’m a little excited.




    I nodded.


    “Thank you very much. You’re the only person I can ask to do something like this.”


    Oh, ……. If you said it like that, I would do my best.


    In addition, …… Dominic’s magic was powerful.


    If Dominic had the power to cause harm as Farren said, …… then I will …….

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