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    Translated by NotBlueYet
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    Two months had passed since the battle with the high orc.


    After that, a survey team was sent to see if there were any other High-Orcs in the forest, but it seems that only that one High-Orc was found.


    What we encountered was just a stray high orc.


    It was just bad luck.


    Since the battle with the high orc, I had been spending my time without any problems.


    Playing with Natalie, talking with Emilia, getting tangled up with Dominic, seeing Berg surrounded by girls, and so on.


    These ordinary days were good, right?


    Then, today, Natalie, I and Berg were called by Chris-sensei.


    Chris-sensei was waiting for us in the office.


    “Hey, you’re here.”


    “Sensei, what can we do for you?”


    I asked her quickly.


    “There’s a social event next week and I want you three to go.”


    A social event at ……?


    “Every year, we have an exchange meeting with Central Academy. The purpose is to understand each other’s current situation. This time, the other side is hosting the event, so we’re going to limit the number of students from Sanzar Academy. That’s why I chose you three from the first year.”


    “Why us?”


    Chris answered Berg’s question.


    “In order of merit. You’ve all done well in the martial arts competition. You will be representing Sanzar Academy. You are going to represent Sanzar Academy, so please be aware of that. Now, prepare your luggage, as you will be staying here for four days.”


    We expressed our understanding, and Chris-sensei nodded in satisfaction.


    ■ ■ ■


    The day came for us to go to Central Academy.


    We put our luggage in the carriage and waited near the school gate.


    The total number of students and teachers going to Central Academy was twenty.


    By the way, Chris-sensei was going with us and shei was in charge of leading the group.


    It seems that another teacher will be watching class A while we’re gone.


    Five students had been selected for each of the elementary, middle, and high schools.


    Most of the middle and high school students are selected from the highest grade, while only three students from the first grade are selected for the elementary class.


    “Mr. Kaisaf. Are you sure it was the right choice for us?


    I asked Kaizahu, who was standing next to me.


    Kaizahu was also supposed to represent the elementary school.


    “It is a rule that those with the highest ability participate in the exchange. It’s a fair assessment, and it’s good to see that you first-year students are so talented. We can expect more from you.”


    I felt bad for the seniors, but I was also excited about the exchange event.


    I was going as a representative of the school, so I had to brace myself.


    I couldn’t let them see me do a bad job.


    We got into the carriage assigned to each of us.


    To my surprise, this carriage was not just any carriage.


    A magical tool was used to make the ride more comfortable.


    I was told that they use a magical device that absorbs vibrations.


    For that reason, the price was also quite high, but it was made by the students of Sanzar Academy, and they were able to purchase it at a low price.


    As expected of Sanzar Academy.


    Natalie and I were talking about this in the carriage.


    We left in the morning and arrived at Central Academy in the evening, taking a break.


    “So this is …… Central Academy. ……”


    The site was smaller than Sanzar Academy, but still large enough.


    When I got off the carriage, I was greeted by a group of people.


    There were about thirty people, probably students and teachers from Central Academy.


    “Welcome to Central Academy.”


    A man stepped forward and seemed to be about the same age as Chris-sensei; he said,


    “Oh, you’re Ren. It’s been a while.”


    He seemed to be an acquaintance of Chris-sensei.


    “Chris. It’s been a while. You’re a teacher at the elementary school now?”


    “Yes, but …… what of it?”


    “No, it’s ……. I just thought it was a little surprising that you, a three-star, were teaching at Sanzar Academy.”


    It’s kind of an implied statement.


    “That’s my choice. You’re the one who’s teaching.”


    “I’m not as talented as you.”


    “…… I see. Well, let’s make it a meaningful time for both of us, shall we?”


    “Yes, I do. I look forward to working with you.”


    After the teachers finished their greetings, we were ushered into the party room.


    Parties. …….


    I was not very good at this.


    I still couldn’t get along with people I had never met before.


    The only person I had been able to talk to well from the start is Natalie.


    I was not sure if I was going to be able to do this again, but I was going to try.


    The wallflower, Owen!


    That was a cool thing to say.


    No, that was not cool.


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