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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    Am I…… out of the woods?


    Oh, did I mention that I fainted after Chris-sensei saved me?


    “Why did you just run away? Because of your selfish actions, Owen–“


    Out of the corner of my eye I could see Natalie cornering Dominic.


    “It’s not my fault. …… It’s not my fault. …… I’m ……”


    I somehow got a grasp of the …… situation.


    While I was unconscious, I seemed to have been carried out of the forest to the place where I was first briefed.


    And Natalie was upset about Dominic’s selfish behavior.


    “Oh, it’s not my fault that there are high orcs out there! There’s nothing wrong with me!”


    “Don’t mess with me!”


    Natalie grabbed Dominic by the shoulders.


    “It’s not my fault! He’s the one who came after me on his own and he got hurt on his own!”


    That guy …… must be me.


    Dominic shook off Natalie’s arm and glared at her.


    “Hey, are you serious?”


    Natalie narrowed her eyes.


    “Oh, I’m serious! —What? No one asked you to come, but you came. And you got hurt? You got what you deserved!”


    “What? It’s you!”


    That’s when she raised her hand to strike Dominic.


    “Natalie. Leave it there.”


    Chris-sensei intervened between the two.


    “I’m the one who’s at fault for …… this whole thing. I didn’t …… think that high orcs would appear this close to the royal capital. The blame also lies with me. It seems that it was a little too early to kill demons. …… Don’t be too hasty.”


    “But if Dominic doesn’t act strangely…!”


    “That’s part of it! It’s my responsibility.”


    “Hmm, that’s what the teacher says! So it’s not my fault!”


    Dominique made a triumphant face. Natalie looked at it hatefully.


    Hey, Dominic, …… you should have been sorry.


    You’re the reason my body was in shambles.


    “Ugh …….


    I tried to make a sound like I just got up.




    I don’t feel any pain’


    When I was thinking that.


    “Owen is awake!”


    Emilia, who was standing next to me, said loudly.


    “Owen! You’re safe!”


    Natalie came running up to me.


    “Ahh… I thought I broke some …… bones in my side or my arm, but it looks fine.”


    I rotated my arm lightly to make sure there was no pain.


    It really was not a problem.


    It was so much better than it was before it broke down.


    “It’s thanks to Farren’s recovery magic.”


    ‘I see. …… So that’s it.’


    As expected, the recovery magic of a saint.


    ‘I don’t know if I can cure it completely…’


    I turned to Farren and thanked her.


    “There’s nothing to be thankful for,……. It was my fault that Owen was injured …… and I’m sorry about that …….”


    It’s true that because I was protecting …… Farren, the High Orc got close to me—and as a result, I was injured.


    However, the fact that it was cured remains the same.


    “But you healed me, didn’t you? Thank you.”


    Recovery magic was amazing, isn’t it?


    …… Or was it the saint that was awesome?


    Just moving it a little hurt so much then that I wanted to cry, but …… Now I didn’t feel any pain at all.


    “Please don’t …… thank me.”


    Farren muttered as she turned over.


    The extracurricular activities ended with the happening of a high orc appearing.


    Afterwards, Chris-sensei apologized to us, which was very unusual.


    And then we went back to the school, with Natalie worrying about us and so on.


    In the end, …… Dominic did not come to apologize.


    ‘You have something to say, don’t you?’


    Seriously, I thought I was going to die.


    “Oh, that was a terrible……experience.”


    I walked out of the school building, mumbling to myself, and saw Farren standing there.


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