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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    While Owen was confronting the high orc, Emilia was running.


    Next to her, Farren was running alongside her.


    “I’m sure you’ll be fine ……, right, Owen?”


    Farren asks, out of breath. In response, Emilia said.


    “How……. How would I know?”


    “But, Owen, you can use flight magic,…….”


    “Flight magic is …… nothing to rely on.”


    If it really is a high orc, there is a possibility that a high orc ‘yell’ will be used.


    The high orc’s roar had the effect of stiffening the opponent.


    If it was used in flight, the opponent would fall to the ground without magical power control.


    ‘Owen must have known that much information.’


    Emilia thinks that he knew about it and let him go.


    “You can’t get away with flight magic”


    “Oh, no ……. So, Owen, is he alone against the high orc ……?


    “It looks like he’s going to …… endure until Chris-sensei arrives.”


    “I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.”


    At that moment Emilia stopped.


    With this, Emilia looks back.


    “I’m going to help!”


    “What …… are you talking about? It’s useless to go there.”


    “But still… It’s not like I’m the only one running away when Owen is doing his best,…….”


    As a result Fallen turned his heels and tried to return the way he had come.


    “Whai, wait!”


    Without hearing Emilia’s words, Farren ran away.


    “What the heck …… is that……? That’s why I hate her. ……”


    ‘Does she think she is a pure and innocent girl?’


    If you go to help them, …… they can’t help themselves.’


    “I want you to stop wasting your …… sense of justice like that.”


    Emilia had a responsibility to go call Chris.


    She believed that this was her role, as entrusted to her by Owen.


    Emilia started running in the opposite direction of Farren.


    But after a few …… steps, she stopped.


    ‘I’m not sure if I can run to the teacher in time.’


    Such a thought passed through Emilia’s head.


    ‘What is the best choice?’


    What’s the fastest way to get the sensei to Owen?’


    She looked down for a moment and thought.


    Immediately afterwards, She released a spell towards the sky.


    “Flame Pillar!”


    Then, She created a pillar of flame in the sky.


    With this, Chris-sensei should be able to notice that something was wrong.






    I attracted some goblins.


    It was only natural that such a conspicuous action would draw the demons closer.


    One would have been fine ……, but there were so many of them—six goblins surrounded me.


    “Oh my God! Why do I have to go through this?”


    It was Dominic’s fault.


    Farren also acted selfishly and …….


    Emilia could not hide her frustration.


    ‘Six goblins by myself are …… too much for me to handle,…….’


    “If I see Dominic, I’m going to slap him.”


    That’s what Emilia said with tears in her eyes.


    “——- freeze.”


    The ice moved as if it had a will of its own and swallowed the six goblins.


    Then, the goblins were trapped alive in the ice.




    With a crunching sound, the ice shattered.


    With a crunching sound, the ice shattered, and the goblins in the ice turned to ashes and disappeared.




    Emilia was so relieved that she sat down on the ground.


    “What’s going on ……?”


    Chris asked as he approached Emilia.


    “We encountered …… a high orc in the back here, …… and Owen and the others …….”


    “…… I see. I met Dominic on the way. …… So that’s what happened.”


    Chris said to himself.


    “Which way?


    “Straight here. It’s …… if you haven’t moved. ……


    “All right. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to wait here. The other teachers will be here soon.


    Chris said that, and ran off at once, using her body enhancements.


    Emilia watched Chris’ back and said


    “Please stay safe, …….”


    She prayed.


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