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    Chapter 3 : Exercise

    Translated by: NotBlueYet

    Edited by: Maybe

    Why do people get fat?


    That is because they don’t have a balance in diet and exercise.


    Well, there are people who exercise and still get fat.


    As far as Owen was concerned, it was because he had been eating and drinking a lot and not moving at all.


    That is right, I will get fat.


    Look at this body of mine.


    No matter where you touch it, it is just so chubby.


    I was worried about the fat in my stomach when I was a salaryman before, but this is worse than that.


    Not only my belly but also my neck has triple chins instead of double chins.


    My only possible future is to become a pig.


    No, I should say that I am already a pig.


    A piglet.


    This is the only way. I have to exercise and lose weight.


    Besides, when I’m eleven years old I need to enroll in the school.


    By that time, I need to have a body that can be seen at least a little.


    Oh my God, that pig. So disgusting.


    I can imagine a future where people would say that.


    So, I’m doing some warmup exercises in the garden of the mansion.


    I mean, this mansion is huge.


    Well, it is a nobleman’s house, an Earl’s house.


    I did a few exercises and was soon breaking out in a sweat.


    The temperature was not that hot, but I could not stop sweating.


    I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my hand several times.


    And so, after a round of warm up exercises, I started running in the garden.


    Ehhhhhhhhhhh … Goho. Goho … Buho, Buhohohoho.


    What the hell is this?


    No, it’s me.


    I moved my body just a little and a pig-like sound came out of me.


    It’s hard to breathe.


    I didn’t expect it to be this hard.


    “ze… ze…”


    I put my hands on my knees and took a short break.


    “I’m sorry… Sebas-san … To- towel … can I have it?”


    My body was soaked with sweat and I felt uncomfortable.


    “Understood Sir”


    Sebas is an old butler who serves me.


    His white hair is all back, and his back is straight.


    This person is really capable!


    Well, even if I didn’t tell you, you’d still think he’s capable.


    It seems that he used to serve my father.


    “Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to hear anything you have to say!”


    And then he started to serve me.


    By the way, my father cannot fire Sebas.


    The previous lord, my grandfather, had said, “You can’t fire Sebas no matter what!”


    I heard that they even have an official document prepared.


    My father used to complain about that.


    Indeed, Sebas is a nag.


    He would say things that the other servants were too afraid to say to Owen.


    Most of it was good advice, but Owen did not listen to it.


    When I think about what Sebas has been through, I feel bad.


    “Do you know of any good diets?” I asked Sebas after wiping off my sweat and catching my breath.


    Incidentally, before I regained the memories of my previous life, I was much more pompous in my speech.


    I would say, “Hey, Sebas. Teach me how to do a good workout!” 


    It would mean the same thing but there is no way I could say that with such a straight face.


    So now I talk to them in a normal, respectful way.


    I expected someone to point out that I had changed my tone, but nothing was said.


    I guess the servants are avoiding me because they know that if they get involved with me, nothing good will come out of it.


    “A good diet is it …?”


    “I would like to be able to lose weight without moving my body too much…”


    If I get out of breath after just a little bit of movement, I do not think I’ll last long.


    I want to have more fun and lose weight.


    If the dieters of the world were to hear this statement, they would kick me out of the room for being so naive.


    I mean, I want to eat something sweet.


    I am allowed a little bit of that, right?


    I think I will ask the chef to make it for me.


    No, no, no.


    I feel like I will end up doing that and ruin my plan. 


    “How about practicing magic? Magic uses a lot of energy, so it’s probably the best way to lose weight.”


    Ma- Ma- Ma- Magic!?


    I know that there is magic in this world.


    Owen, however, said it was a hassle.


    What a bastard. It is such a waste!


    Magic is a man’s romance.


    “How do you use magic?”


    “I can’t use magic. Would you like me to call in a teacher?”


    “Yes! Please!”


    Will I be able to use magic?


    I am looking forward to it.


    I can lose weight and practice magic, kill two birds with one stone.


    TL Note: Just as a reminder, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron. Based on British Peerage

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