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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    The high orc’s “yell” was not just an intimidation.


    I lost control of my gravity magic, and I couldn’t move my body as I wanted.


    If that is the case, is the current “yell” meant to temporarily stiffen the opponent ……?


    If so, that’s pretty bad.


    I plummeted to the ground.


    ‘This is bad, this is bad, this is bad.’


    I managed to manipulate the magic power.


    “Gravity release!”


    Just before falling to the ground, I used gravity magic, but it was too late.




    I fell from my left shoulder to the ground and felt a sharp pain.


    “Guu, ……!”


    ‘It hurts so badly.’


    It hurt so much that tears came out of my eyes.


    There’s no way I could handle a high orc by myself.


    This was something that should be left to the professionals.


    “Ugh. ……”


    I stood up, holding in the pain.


    The bone in my left shoulder is probably broken.


    The place where I fell was some distance away from the high orcs, so I wasn’t attacked right away.


    It was a blessing in disguise.


    However, flying into the sky was no longer an option.


    ‘Are you asking me to fight ……?’


    Don’t be absurd.’


    Unlike in games, you can’t be revived when you die.’


    If the game is over, you die.’


    However, there is no way that the high orc would have waited for me to think about it and start running towards me.’


    “I had no choice but to play …….”


    I quickly moved my magic power to my right hand and thought of Efreet.


    Wizards were  good at fighting at a distance.


    This was because they could use their time to chant and imagine.


    Even if it was the same magic, the power of what you specifically imagine had an order of magnitude greater.


    I imagined the special move of the Efreet.


    I picture the scene of the special move from the RPG I played in my previous life in detail.


    And then.


    “Efreet, with the flames of hell…”


    That’s when I started chanting.




    Why is Farren here?


    I thought he escaped!


    The high orc noticed Farren’s presence and lifted the edge of his mouth.


    He then threw the club in his hand towards Farren.


    —That’s not good!


    I quickly changed the direction of my magic.


    “Protect Farren!


    Just in time!


    Before the club could reach Farren, the flames I released protected him.






    The high orc kicked me in the side.


    The high orc used its abundant power to close the distance at once.


    It’s a good thing now that Farren won’t get caught in the middle.


    Then, I was blown off to the side and hit a large tree with my left arm.




    I was so shocked that I almost lost consciousness.


    ‘I can’t do that.’


    If I lose consciousness at this point, I’ll be killed.’


    The high orc immediately approached me.


    “Spear of Light! Pierce it!”


    I saw Farren fire his spear at the high orc.


    But with a cracking sound, it was crushed by the high orc’s arm.


    I was in desperate need of help.


    My body hurts like hell, and I was doing my best to stay conscious.


    But I couldn’t die.


    Because I would become a great wizard.


    I pointed the index finger of my right hand at the high orc.


    I extended my thumb and forefinger and bent the other fingers to form a finger gun.


    I didn’t really want to use this technique, but


    “Bullets! Shoot it out!”




    A black lump of about 10 millimeters came flying from my index finger.


    At the same time, I received a reaction that dislocated my right shoulder.


    This technique is very powerful, but the recoil was tremendous.




    It hit the high orc.




    “Damn, …… missed.”


    It only hit the high orc in the shoulder.


    The high orc raised his right arm in anger.


    “Come on, ice arrow, pierce ……!”


    A single, thick ice arrow pierced the high orc’s chest.


    The high orc, with a large hole in his chest, fell to the ground and disappeared into ashes.


    I was so relieved that I lost consciousness the moment I saw the scene.


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