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Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~!

Chapter 26

Demon Slaying

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Ren


Today was an extracurricular activity called “Demon Slaying.”


We came to a forest a little far from the royal capital.


‘Oh, there are demons? That means there must be an adventurer’s guild!’,


I thought to myself when I first learned of the existence of demons.


Unfortunately, there was no such thing as an adventurer’s guild, and demons were killed by knights or hunters.


In some cases, the nobility even exterminated demons.


The difference between a demon and an animal was whether or not it possessed magical power.


It was impossible to fight a goblin or an orc in the flesh.


In order for people with inferior arm strength to fight demons, magical power was essential.


This was why it was difficult for ordinary people without magical powers to defeat demons.


And the troublesome nature of demons was that most of them were harmful to humans.


Many noblemen have inherited the titles given to them by their ancestors for their achievements in defeating demons.


Therefore, it could be said that exterminating demons was one of the duties of nobles.


Recently, however, more and more nobles were not fulfilling their duties.


My father, Black Pepper, was a typical example.


At the very least, if he didn’t have the ability to exterminate them, he should have asked someone else to do it for him.


My father’s pride would not allow him to hand over his duties to someone else.


“Teacher! I heard that we have to kill demons in the third year! Why do we, first-year students, have to do it?”


Chris-sensei answered the student’s question.


“I’ve decided that it will be too late for us to do it in our third year. Of course, I have the permission of the headmaster.”


Indeed, I’ve heard that their wins have been decreasing in recent years in exchange games with other schools.


It seems that Chris-sensei was called in as a teacher in order to revive the school.


“Well, don’t worry. If you don’t go deep into the forest, you’ll only find low-grade demons. And if there’s any danger, you can use the magic tools I gave to each group to let me know.”


She then showed a palm-sized black ball.


“If you hit this ball on the ground, it will bring the information to me.”


If Chris-sensei, a three-star teacher, can come running at any time, I’ll be at ease.


Besides Chris-sensei, there were two other teachers today.


We were fully prepared.


No matter what happened, we would be fine!


It’s not a death flag, okay?


“There are only low-grade demons here, but you never know what might happen. If there’s a problem, be sure to use the black ball. —So, we’ll be working in teams from now on.”


And with that, the team that was formed with some very strong members: Farren, Dominic, and Emilia.


Not only Farren and Dominic, but Emilia was also a famous person in the A class.


Emilia had a high grade in magic, and although she didn’t have any particular outstanding attributes, she could do everything with ease.


She was an all-rounder type of magician.


“I’ll be the leader!”


Dominic said as if it was natural.


No, no, no, no, I’m just worried about you being the leader.


When I tried to argue with him.


“Dominic can’t do that.”


Emilia said first.


“Hmmm. Who else in the Marquess family is worthy of the position but me?”


I thought all of them are worthy except you.


If Fallen was a responsible person or Emilia was a rational person, they would definitely be better leaders than Dominic.


But in the end, Dominic’s opinion pushed him over the edge and made him the leader.


It’s no good. …… I have a feeling something bad is going to happen with this.


No, I don’t think so!


“Okay, it looks like we have a leader! Now, I’ll announce the assignment! Go to the lake in this forest and fetch some water! That’s all!


Class A had 18 students in total.


It seemed like a small number compared to the schools of my previous life, but there were not many children who could use magic in the first place.


There were several other schools in this country, and I heard that there was a competition between them for students.


Besides, even with eighteen students, it was still a lot of work to raise wizards.


Each person’s magic was different.


The situation is different from Japan, where the classes are uniform.


With eighteen students, there were four groups: two groups of four and two groups of five.


“There was only one warning. Don’t go deeper than the lake. Because strong demons appear there! I don’t think that happens very often, but it’s just in case! Now, let’s start with Dominic’s group.”


“Hmm, follow me.”


Dominic started to walk in the lead.


I was still worried about Dominic being the leader.


Was he really going to be okay?


I hoped nothing would happen to him.


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