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Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~!

Chapter 25

Magic Control

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Ren


It had been some time since the Martial Arts Tournament ended.


As usual, not many girls talked to me.


However, I feel like I was being perceived more favorably than before.


If I said hi to them, they would say hi back.


Could I make 100 friends?


I couldn’t do …….


“Today we will have a lesson on magic control.”


Chris-sensei began the class.


In the training center owned by the elementary school, we listened to Chris’s lecture with the rest of the A class.


“There are four main characteristics of magic. Do any of you know why they’re called the four characteristics?”


“Because they are easy to imagine.”


Berg answered.


“Exactly. —Magic is largely based on the imagination, and things that are familiar to us are easier to materialize. I can use ice magic because I’m from a snowy country and I know how cold ice is. I guess we all know what I’m talking about so far. As I said before, I’m going to tell you about magic control now.”


Chris-sensei continued.


“Magic control refers to the general control of one’s own magic power. In other words, not a few of the people here can control their own magic. And when you have mastered magic control, you can use magic from a distance. This is generally referred to as long distance magic.”


“What’s the point of doing that?”


Dominic murmured softly, expressing his displeasure in his face.


Chris-sensei, who had heard his words with a keen ear, turned to Dominic.


“It’s true that long-distance magic is not highly valued at this school. because it’s thought to be difficult and ineffective. But who decided that it’s actually useless? At least I think it’s useful—come on, ice cube.”


Chris-sensei made a block of ice about 30 centimeters in diameter appear five meters away from him, just above Dominic.


“Wha-, Wha-!”


” Shatter!”


The ice block shattered cleanly and landed on the student’s head as particles.


Dominic got startled and fell back.


Incidentally, the teacher activated the long-distance magic in a half-magic state.


There were three states of magic power: full magic power, half magic power, and creation.


The half-magic state was a mixture of magic power and creation.


In this state, the user could control the product because the product contained magic power.


For example, like when Chris-sensei stopped an ice block in midair, the object containing magic power is under the control of the user himself.


When I first saw Chris-sensei’s magic, the ice magic moved like a living thing


I guess it was also in a semi-magical state.


“If I had a long-distance means of attack like I do now, I could create variations in my attacks. If I can only use magic from my body, then I can put up a wall in a straight line, or just keep my attention on me. But what if suddenly a block of ice falls from above? I’d have to keep my eyes up there as well. There is such a difference between those who can use long distance magic and those who can’t.”


In the fight with Kaisaf, I didn’t have long distance magic, and my attack patterns were limited.


If I could unleash magic from the ground or sky, I could have thought of other strategies.


With the skill ‘Meteor!’ I could make a meteorite appear in the sky, but it wouldn’t be that easy.


“By the way, I have an acquaintance who can manipulate magic power from tens of meters away at will. I’m not saying you have to get to that level, but it doesn’t hurt to learn to control magic.”


That said, Katherina-sensei was also using magic from a distance.


That was quite a distance, wasn’t it? She said, “This is all I have” but it’s amazing.


“Now, I want each of you to practice your long-distance magic using whatever magic you are good at. If you have any questions, you can always come and ask.”


After Chris-sensei said that, the students moved away from each other and started practicing long-distance magic. I tried to control the magic for a while, but I couldn’t get it right.


I tried to ask Chris-sensei to teach me some tricks, but there was a line.


Tsk, …….


Waiting in line is a pain in the ass.


While I was wondering if someone could …… teach me something, I spotted Berg, who was looking quite bored.


‘I’m sure he’s good at long range magic. And he can use body enhancement.’


Berk is usually surrounded by girls, making it difficult to talk to him, but he was often alone during magic class.


I’m not jealous of the harem.


…… It’s true, you know?


“I can’t use magic because I don’t have any magic talent.”


“You can’t joke about not having any talent. You’ve been very successful in martial arts.”


“That’s true. I can’t use magic.”


“You can’t use ……? It’s not like you don’t have enough magic, is it?”


In the first place, magical power was required to activate body strengthening constantly.


Magical power was only moved, because it was consumed.


It was similar to being consumed as heat by simply passing an electric current through a copper wire.


“I don’t know why. But that’s why I had to focus on strengthening my body.”


“Well, ……. That’s …… a lot of work.”


It was a cliché, but that’s all I could say.


You could not use magic as the third prince.


It should have been a fairly painful position in this country that valued magic.


“It was true that there were some difficult times, but I’m okay now. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’ve found a respected mentor.”


“…… I see. I know what you mean.”


Katherina-sensei was the reason why I was here in this world.


It’s important to have someone you could look up to.


After nodding my head, I left so as not to interfere with Berg.


It seemed that Chris-sensei wasn’t available yet.


I didn’t have a choice.


I guess I would have to do it alone.


First, I put magic power into my right hand.


I had done this many times before, but the problem started here.


The moment I let the magic out, I felt as if the magic power became heavy at once.


This was the difficulty of long-distance magic.


The ease of manipulating magic power inside the body and in the air was much different.


After letting the magic drift about 50 centimeters from my body, I gave up.


“Oh, it’s too hard!”


I tried again.


Next time, I would try to get to the point of activating the magic.


I let the magic drift a little further away from my body.




I chanted


Then, a fireball the size of a match appeared and disappeared in an instant.




That’s a lot of work.


Even after so much time, I couldn’t find an opportunity to talk to the teacher.


I had no choice but to practice on my own, and before I knew it, the class was over.


“I’ve got one thing to tell you guys! Tomorrow is an extracurricular activity! I want you all to meet here at the training grounds at nine in the morning!”


I wondered what kind of extracurricular activity it was.


Would it be a picnic?


I would be looking forward to it. 


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