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Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~!

Chapter 24

The Story of a Certain Female Student

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Ren


Emilia Totem was a first year student at Sanzar Academy—.


And she belonged to class A.


In this class, there was a quartet of geniuses.


First, there is the third prince, Berg Litton.


He was absolutely popular because of his good looks and the fact that he treated everyone nicely without hesitation despite being royalty.


There was no end to the number of girls who wanted to get close to him, and he was always mobbed in the classroom.


“It’s none of my business, though.”


I was not going to be the dumb kid who crowded around handsome guys and made a fuss about them.


I didn’t think I wanted to get close to Berg in the first place.


It was hard to keep up with the royals.


It was best to keep a distance.


Then there was the saint, Farren Antonelli.


She was the embodiment of fairness and justice, or should I say, the ally of justice…


Her position as a saint and her natural sense of justice had earned her the trust of her students and teachers alike.


“But I’m not very good at it …….”


I didn’t like the fact that Farren is so pure and innocent.


And…… I felt there was something fishy about it.


And then there was Natalie Alderath, the duchess.


From the appearance of an angel, popularity from men was exceptionally high.


In addition, her dignified atmosphere made her even more popular.


Last but not least, Owen Pepper of Flight.


Owen Pepper, the eldest son of the failing Pepper family, had a bad image of incompetence and was seen as a failure by those around him.


However, after the Martial Arts Tournament, his impression completely changed.


Since he could use flight magic, the nickname of “flight” started to spread instead of incompetence.


The battle between Kaisaf and Owen was undoubtedly the most exciting of the martial arts tournament.


Owen, who had a remarkably bad reputation before, was expected to quickly lose.


But he turned that around.


“At that time, I was…… surprised.”


The silence in the hall when Owen won was extraordinary.


Who would have thought that the strongest player in the primary school, Kaisaf, would be defeated by Owen? ……


After that battle, no one despised Owen for his incompetence.


“I’m not sure I’d call him incompetent after watching that fight. If Owen was incompetent, then most of the primary school would be incompetent.”


And I heard there was even an ‘Owen’ fan club.


Although he was not as popular as the third prince, some people secretly adored Owen.


They liked the fact that he was not conceited despite his ability, and the fact that he looked cool if you look closely at his…… face, despite his plain appearance.


They said that the third prince was like an idol, but Owen was within reach.


In fact, unlike the third prince, Owen’s status made him easy to approach.


Unfortunately, Natalie was the only female student who was close to Owen.


“Natalie and Owen are a perfect match.”


Emilia was not aiming at Owen, but she did respect him. His attitude towards class showed that he was a person who could work hard without relying on his family background or talent.


But still…


“Why is it that only in my year do all these amazing people gather?”


Four geniuses who only appear once every two or three years gathered in the same year.


It was truly a generation of miracles.


Compared to them, Emilia felt like a small person.


” I wonder if I can make it at this school.”


In any other year, Emilia’s ability would be at the top of the class.


But because of their presence, her own existence was blurred.


“When I was at home, I was treated well.”


Even so, Emilia had been told that she was the genius of the Totem family.


In fact, she was better than the other children of her age.


In addition, she didn’t dwell on her talent, even though she had put in a good amount of effort.


I was a frog in a well.


There are people above you.


Emilia, who felt it with her skin, sighed alone today.

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