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    Julian observes Ren and secretly sighs at the awkwardness of it all.


    After Farah had beaten me to the punch and I got magic poisoning, I couldn’t even move for a while.


    As I was doing this, I heard an explosion in the direction of the party, and by the time I got there in a dazed state, the venue was half destroyed.


    Shortly thereafter, I ran into Farren.


    While it’s good to be cured of magic poisoning with recovery magic, the place that brought me here afterwards is this.


    Ren was right in front of him, and he was a far cry from the “strict but kind teacher image” that Julian knew.


    He had been suspicious of Ren for a long time, and today he came to the party with the purpose of catching him.


    All the information was available.


    They had discovered that Ren had been in contact with the regressionists, and on top of that, they had assumed that he would be in contact with the regression group during this party.


    To be honest, if he was as good as Ren……then Julian alone was enough.


    The fact that there was an informant on the side of the Mage Order, and that it was Farah, was a major miscalculation for Julian.


    The fact that the mages have their hands full with other cases at this time of year could possibly be an inducement by Farah.


    The real target was the Sanzar Academy, and in order to prevent people from realizing that, the regression group made incidents in many directions.


    Making that guess, Julian looked at Ren in front of him.


    From blowing up the venue to Ren standing in his way as an enemy, Farren has told him what happened.


    If Ren really was a user of spatial magic, he would be too much for the students.


    “Emilia, Farren, you two, stand down.”


    After Julian said that, he muttered, I’m not a fighter…


    It’s just that, in the mage group, Julian is not suited for combat.


    However, in the current situation, he can’t afford to be weak, so he pulled himself together and at the same time released his magic on Ren.


    “The Black Lightning Raft.”


    The combined magic of thunder and yin, the lightning with jet black, pierced Ren’s shoulder.


    “”It hurts! Aaaah, Aaaahhhh it feels good! I’m alive now!”


    Towards Ren, who was laying out creepy words, Julian mercilessly showered lightning on him.


    This lightning magic is ranked higher than other attribute magic in both power and speed, and is called the strongest attack magic.


    “A flash of lightning.”


    Struck by lightning, Ren let out a strange cry.


    After that, the battle continued in Julian’s favor.


    It’s a matter of chemistry, but… Julian’s ability is better.


    At long range, Ren can only use spatial magic, while Julian has a wide variety of attacks.




    Julian understood that he had the upper hand, but he felt a twinge of thinness in Ren, who felt pain as pleasure.


    “Jet-black thunder.”


    “Spatial Transfer Teleportation.”


    The lightning that Julian released was swallowed by the distortion and strain of space before it reached Ren – immediately after, the space right next to Julian began to distort.


    From the distorted space, lightning flew towards Julian.


    The “jet-black thunder” released by Julian moved through the space and bounced off.


    However, Julian is in no hurry.


    “Shadow lightning-electrohexagon barrier”


    He catches the jet-black lightning without difficulty.


    “Space Slash.”


    The space around the area where Julian was distorted, and like countless slashes, it attacked him.


    Julian uses his body enhancements to move, avoiding the slashes and activating his magic.


    Spread out, jet black.


    Using Julian as a base point, a dome of darkness appears and swallows Ren.


    A simple visual blocking spell.


    However, it’s immensely effective against those that use magic while grasping space, like Ren.


    Furthermore, Julian was able to accurately determine his opponent’s position even in the dark.


    Instantly, he runs over to Ren and then touches him with his right hand.


    He used the quintessence of Yin magic, spirit destruction.




    Ren’s groan echoed through the air.


    The psychic destruction that Julian used is more powerful, cruel, and merciless than the one he used on Owen before, a magic that turns the opponent into a cripple.


    Unfocused, Ren wobbled a few steps.


    Then his mouth began to spit out words that made no sense.


    I’m part witch…. witch, who am I? I’m part…. ah, what, who are you? I’m–“


    With a flutter, Ren stops.


    Then, slowly, he turned to Julian.


    It cannot be seen in the dark.


    However, Ren seemed to know exactly where Julian was.


    “You can never be too careful, Julian.”


    In the next moment, Ren was right in front of Julian, tearing at his side.




    Julian is in extreme pain and his magic control is disrupted.


    The darkness lifted and the evening light illuminated the surroundings.


    ‘What’s the matter with you, you’re not this bad, you’re one of my best students.


    Julian is confused because Ren is like a teacher…


    But more than that, the pain in my side distorts my vision.


    Holy Arrow.


    After finishing Emilia’s treatment, Farren, who had been watching the battle from a slightly distant position, unleashed his magic.


    Ren clicks his tongue at being sidetracked.


    ‘Oh, abominable, especially Saint, I hate your presence, why do you interfere with me, why do you imitate Sophie, I hate you, I hate you!


    Ren’s figure disappeared – he had moved next to Farren in a spatial transfer.


    Ren then clenched his fist with his body enhancements and punched Farren in the head.


    But, but: —-




    A large amount of blood spilled from Ren’s mouth.


    “Can you… not have my mind destroying magic… underestimated?”


    He said to Julian, holding his side.


    The mind-destroying magic that Julian used is a magic that invades the body like a snake.


    Like a snake slowly teasing the body, it interferes with the magic power of others and makes their spirit go crazy.


    Normally, the moment you invoke mental magic, it would be accompanied by such intense pain that you would faint, but it didn’t work on Ren.


    However, the snake eventually devours the core of the spirit and cripples the person.


    Gasping for breath, Ren dropped to his knees on the ground.


    “The Black Lightning Raft.”


    The lightning that Julian released stabbed Ren in the chest.


    Guh… haha.”


    Wren fell on his back with his knees folded.


    ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■


    Ren was searching for the meaning of his existence.


    He was an ordinary genius.


    He didn’t have any of the overwhelming magical talent like Chris, or the outstanding magic control techniques like Katherina, or the sufficient amount of magic power like Farah.


    The Nomar family is famous for their magic, and in such a situation, he, an ordinary man, is struggling with the meaning of his existence.


    Ren, who has an inferiority complex, is attracted to Sophie, who treats everyone with an open mind.


    Sophie was a saint and a teacher at Sanzar Academy at the same time.


    She taught Ren that there are things more important than talent, and rescued him from a troubled world.


    And Ren became fascinated with Sophie.


    Although Ren cannot use holy magic, he desperately learned recovery magic and managed to acquire it.


    Longing and passion for Sophie.


    But Ren wanted to be someone like Sophie, someone who could save someone.


    Like you saved me from myself once.


    That’s why he decided to become a teacher.


    However, the situation changes drastically after one day.


    She was captured by Yuuma and implanted with the soul of a witch.


    The witch’s power was powerful, vicious.


    At the same time as Ren, the boy who was imprinted with the witch’s soul went mad and came to be known as [the madman].


    Ren, too, felt like his spirit was about to collapse in the face of the overwhelming madness.


    But it was also Sophie who saved him from that.


    The soul of the witch in him – the mass of miasma, she got rid of it.


    No, Sophie had taken the witch’s spirit within Ren and incorporated it into herself.


    It kept Ren from going crazy, like a madman.


    Sophie took the witch’s soul out of the boy who had turned into a madman, as well as Ren.


    The Insane Mercy Follies Misericorda is named after the saint’s insane mercy ・・・・・・・・.


    Sophie’s lifespan was drastically shortened after adopting the witch’s soul.


    But even after all that, the witch’s power remained within Ren.


    The witch’s soul, imprinted in the root, would not disappear from his body.


    Madness slowly ravishes the body, and the witch takes over.


    In the midst of his madness, Ren’s emotional attachment to Sophie sustained his spirit.


    But as time went on, slowly and surely, his thoughts became distracted.


    Ren felt as if he was becoming less and less himself, and his fear grew stronger every day.


    On the surface, he was playing the role of a decent teacher.


    But behind the scenes, he found himself tainted with madness, and he was no longer able to bear his dual personality.


    Unable to control his urges, Ren joined the regression group.


    He sought out and clung to someone who would recognize his abnormality.


    Ren’s agony accelerated from there.


    The root of the Ren Nomar character is not evil.


    He wasn’t a good person like Sophie, but he had a good heart, a heart that yearned for her.


    Between the bad guys and the good guys, he was troubled, he suffered, but he couldn’t tell anyone his true feelings… and he was broken.


    Today, at a social event, he released his witch’s will and went on a rampage.


    However, the pleasure I felt when I let it dissipate was empty and created a feeling of emptiness.


    Who was the one who was crazy?


    Are you a witch or are you Ren …….


    He didn’t know what it was anymore, what it was all about.


    The mind-destroying magic clears up the cloudy vision a bit.


    Ren looks at the girl at the end of his blurry vision.


    The girl’s image overlapped with Sophie’s.


    Just tell me my name….”


    Ren asked the girl, clinging to her.


    I wanted you to prove yourself to me.


    You’re not just anyone else, you’re Ren Nomar.”


    The girl told Ren with a determined look in her eyes.


    (Ah… I’m Ren Nomar.)


    The answer to the question of “self” that I had been searching for came to me.


    Farren gently wraps both of Ren’s hands around him.


    Ren closed her eyes quietly, feeling the warmth and reassurance of that warmth, just like Sophie.


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