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    Ren smiles insanely and continues to release his magic incessantly.


    It’s like a fool’s memory, but the trouble with spatial magic is that you can’t make a fool of it.


    Emilia would occasionally find an opening to attack, but she would never be able to reach Ren.


    Emilia runs away with a bitter expression on her face at the current situation of fighting Ren one on one.


    If she was a combat fanatic, she would enjoy this situation, but she hated it, and she didn’t have the nerve to be elated at the prospect of death.


    Emilia, if anything, hates fighting.


    She’s not bad at it, but not good at it either.


    But that doesn’t mean she can be a heartless person, forcing this situation on others.


    She was the one who ran away when she once met a high orc.


    The events of that day are hard to forget, even as time passes, and remain as a stagnation in the bottom of Emilia’s heart.


    At the time, Emilia thought the best thing she could do was to go call her teacher.


    It was the best solution, and she still thinks so.


    However, if Emilia had had the power, it might have turned out differently.


    Because of her lack of power… so she justified her actions and ran away from the high orcs.


    In the end, Emilia put the blame on Owen and fled from that place.


    She was relieved that she was able to get Owen to go to Natalie’s rescue.


    We can’t let the strongest in the school stop at this place.


    Owen has the important duty of saving Natalie.


    “Wind Waker.”


    High speed movement by wind is difficult to control, and it is not possible to move around freely.

    A normal person would be able to move much faster using body enhancements.


    However, Emilia dexterously manipulated the wind and moved around at a speed that exceeded her physical enhancements.


    If she continues to run away… hope that Ren will run out of magic power will cross her mind.


    But it was a fleeting hope.




    She felt a burning pain in her left arm.


    It was partially twisted and was about to tear.


    Her thoughts are interrupted and Emilia lets out a cry of agony at the intense pain.


    His breathing was labored and sweat, mixed with blood, was pouring from his forehead.




    I almost fell down on the spot, but I managed to stay on my feet and legs with all my strength.


    Emilia looked up and saw that there was a distortion in the space in all directions that surrounded her.


    There is no escape, and the next moment her whole body is torn apart, and the thought of despair… overcomes her.


    Time slowed to a crawl, and in my brain, a vivid image of my shredded self emerged.




    (If it doesn’t help, do anything!)


    Emilia, who had a strong competitive spirit, gritted her teeth and used her thoughts to shatter the despair.


    It’s that moment.


    “The Jet-Black Jail.”


    Emilia’s vision was filled with blackness.


    There is nothing, a jet black space.


    The sound of my own breath was the only thing I could hear well.


    “This is…”


    Emilia can’t hide her surprise at how the world has changed in an instant.


    With death in sight, I wondered if I had gone crazy… but my head seemed to be working normally.


    Then where am I?


    That question was quickly answered.


    “That was a close call, but I was able to save your life.”


    In the darkness, with no sense of direction, Julian’s voice reached Emilia as if speaking directly into her head.


    From his words, Emilia understood that she had been saved by Julian.


    Jet-black prison —- Speaking of which, Emilia thought she had seen that magic once before.


    The battle between Julian and Owen at the Four Great Festivals.


    So, the unique space magic that Julian used.


    Emilia was in a tight spot, and she saved her life by being allowed into Julian’s native space.


    Thank you.”


    She expresses his gratitude to Julian, who does not know where he is.


    Then, in the next moment, a crack appeared in the inherent space, and my vision opened up.


    In front of Emilia’s eyes is Julian’s back.


    And then there was Farren, just around the corner.


    Farren noticed Emilia and quickly approached her.


    “Are you okay?”


    “Somehow …”


    Emilia tried to make light of the situation, but the intense pain in her left arm made her face contort.


    When Farren saw Emilia’s painful left arm, she immediately treated it with recovery magic.


    “I’m sorry I’m late.”


    “It’s okay. More than that …”


    He wondered why Julian had come to see him.


    Emilia doesn’t know Julian very well.


    He’s Natalie’s brother, and I only have the impression that he’s kind of scary.


    “I happened to meet Julian and although he is not the headmaster of the school…. I thought he would be able to compete with Ren-sensei, so I asked him to come.”


    Emilia looked at Julian once more after Farren’s words.


    I felt a deep sense of relief at Julian’s thin, straight-lined back.


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