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    “I am the one who has been chosen by him to transcend death and carry on his will, that is me!”


    Ren shouted with madness in his eyes, and Emilia hid her eyebrows.


    ‘I don’t know, but I guess I’ll just have to shut him up anyway.”


    Emilia says, and Farren agrees, “Yes.”


    “Well, well, well, the talk is over, it’s a feast to be had, let’s enjoy it to the fullest!”


    Ren turns his right palm to Farren and his left palm to Emilia.


    “Spatial Resection.”


    The space the girls were standing in distorted, and immediately after, the two of them kicked the ground and flew to the side.


    “Let there be a storm.”


    Emilia’s magic causes a small but powerful tornado to appear and attack Ren.


    However, the tornado itself is not very powerful.


    That’s why Emilia keeps an eye out for Farren.


    “Piece of Saint Hijiri.”


    Farren created a shimmering shard in his palm and threw it into the tornado.


    Holy magic wasn’t for opponents, and Farren couldn’t win in martial competitions or the Four Great Festivals.


    However, as soon as the demon becomes the opponent, it becomes a powerful and matchless magic.


    This is because holy magic, which represents “life”, and miasma, which represents “death”, have contradictory properties.


    This means that holy magic works well even against Ren, who is clad in miasma.


    For Ren, Farren was a natural enemy.


    A tornado strikes Ren, and the shards of holy that are mixed in with the tornado tear through his body.


    ‘Ah. Ahhhhh!! Dirty, dirty, dirty!’


    The rampaging Ren was just like a madman.


    He screamed like a madman, and then he glared at Farren with hatred in his eyes.


    — Spatial Destruction.”


    Cracks appear in the space around Ren and everywhere else, and the space is cut off shortly after.


    Emilia makes full use of the wind-based movement magic “Kazemaki Shimaki” and continues to avoid it.


    In contrast, Farren, who lacks mobility, is unable to avoid the distortion of space, and cracks … appear all over his body.


    That is to say, parts of her body are twisted in distorted directions.


    However, Farren has a very good recovery spell.




    You’ve used your magic, and at the same time, your wounds are healing.


    Avoiding only the fatal wounds, and allowing for some distortion, I used recovery magic to deal with them.


    The threat of spatial magic is that defensive magic is useless.


    If there’s one thing we can take advantage of, it’s that there’s a bit of a time lag between when the space is distorted and when the cutting takes place.


    Ren, who continuously fires space magic, does not seem to run out of his magical power.


    I don’t know how much longer I can hold out to try to run out of magic power.


    Emilia senses that the situation is only going to get worse and immediately thinks of a plan to break the situation.


    First of all, close combat is out of the question.


    It’s hard to believe that these girls, who can’t use their physical enhancements properly, have any chance against Ren.


    Then we’ll have to fight them with long range magic… but…


    “Blade of Wind!”


    I try to cast a spell in between.


    “Spatial Resection.”


    The blade of wind disappears into the far reaches of space.


    With long-range magic, the magic would be erased before the attack could reach Ren.


    While we were fighting in this way, we were a long way from where the party venue was.


    Emilia pondered whether there was any good plan, and suddenly an idea occurred to her.


    “Farren, get some help from… the headmaster!”


    Emilia watched as the headmaster sacrificed himself to save his students.


    After that, I was so preoccupied with helping Owen that I forgot about him … until now.


    Going to call the head of the school out of combat would normally be completely pointless.


    But there is Farren, a saint and a master of restorative magic.


    Farren can heal the headmaster, and the headmaster can fight Ren on equal terms.


    But it’s… absurd to take him on one on one!


    “One or two people don’t matter in a situation like this!”


    Emilia and Farren scream and converse.


    In the face of Ren’s indiscriminate attacks, it doesn’t make much of a difference whether there’s one or two of you.


    Go on, then!


    Farren hesitated at Emilia’s angry shout, but however, he shook his head.


    “I’ll be right back!”


    Ren is alone in his amusement, as if Farren is out of sight.


    Farren took advantage of the opportunity to get out of the situation.


    Surprisingly easy to get out of, she runs to find the headmaster.


    We get to the main hall – where the venue used to be.


    Once again, a horrific scene unfolded.


    I’d like to help all the people here if I can.


    It would make Farren feel better if he could rescue those buried in the rubble, heal the wounds of the seriously injured, and save the suffering.


    But it is complacency, Farren knows.


    Lift the rubble, look underneath, and save only those you see.


    She desperately looked for the headmaster, but she couldn’t find him.


    I wonder if he’s not here…


    If they’re not there, then Emilia’s plan will be in vain.


    She continued to search, growing impatient and not caring that her skin was torn by the debris disposal.


    So, once I tried to get up, that’s when I did.


    A thud…. she bumped foreheads and realized it’s a person.


    “I’m sorry.”


    Farren quickly uttered an apology, then raised his gaze.


    There was Julian, who had a pale face from magic poisoning.


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