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    Satou Yuma was an ordinary Japanese high school student, although he was hardly ordinary.


    Even in the age of information abundance that is modern Japan, their hunger for knowledge and their greedy attitude toward learning was a bit bizarre.


    However, despite his exceptional intelligence, his performance in school was mediocre, except in certain areas.


    Yuma had no interest in school studies, which required a broad and shallow knowledge within a set framework.


    He was interested in deeper subjects than school tests, and his mind was at its best when confronted with the vast unknown.


    Such a child prodigy was suddenly transferred to another world.


    Not a summoning, but a spatial transfer by chance.


    A distortion occurred in the world, and in order to repair it, this world and Japan were temporarily connected.


    The distortion of the world, Yuma who happened to be there, was drawn into the space and made a transition to another world.


    As an aside, this event happened on the morning of September 13.


    Of course, Yuma has no way of knowing that at the same time, in another part of Japan, a traffic accident occurred.


    Yuma’s post-transition life had been blessed.


    Because it was Sophie who discovered that Yuma had collapsed.


    She protected Yuma, whose identity was unknown, and loved him as if he were her own child.


    Yuma has an abundance of magical power, and Sophie, who discovered this, enrolled him in the Sanzar Academy in order to make his talent blossom.


    However, in the end, Yuma never attended the school.


    Yuma didn’t attend any of his classes, but instead frequented the library at Sanzar Academy.

    And you will be immersed in the study of magic.


    However, it wasn’t because he liked magic that he decided to study it.


    Rather, the opposite is true.


    He could not tolerate the concept of magic in this world.


    Because the process of activating the magic was not beautiful.


    If you imagine it, it somehow activates the magic.


    If an ordinary high school boy heard this story, he would probably rejoice and say, “Transferring to another world, that’s great!”


    However, Yuma had doubts about magic based on vague principles.


    In the midst of all this, I found a paper on witchcraft.


    It was a major overhaul of the concept of magic and could even overturn the basis of… magic supremacy.


    –The paper stated that what people call magic is merely the result of magical output, and that all magic can be explained if we assume that the world is a magical formula.


    But, of course, the story was dismissed as impossible, and it was never looked at.


    More to the point, witchcraft was seen as a horrible study and became an abomination.


    Incidentally, the author is a person who was disgraced as a witch.


    But Yuma was impressed by the concept of magic, and then he got into it.


    Magic is the art of transforming human perception into reality by means of a formula, which is magical engineering itself.


    Yuma called “magic”, which is considered to be a witch’s study, “magic engineering” and only spread it to the world.


    Unlike sorcery, magical engineering was accepted because the things created by magical engineering were useful.


    He combined his knowledge of witchcraft and his previous life to create an innovation.


    As a result, he was called a genius.


    As soon as he was recognized by the world, he was given ample funds and was able to concentrate on his research in magical engineering.


    That’s how we got to the witch’s greatest research, which is immortality.


    As a matter of fact, it wasn’t that witchcraft was dangerous, but that the study of immortality was considered dangerous because it was considered a desecration of life.


    However, magicalists who knew nothing of witchcraft confused it with the study of immortality, and regarded witchcraft as a dangerous discipline.


    The study of immortality is, in short, the study of the soul.


    Even if the body perishes, if the soul returns, it can live forever.


    Yuma’s curiosity is piqued by the greatest theme of humanity, death, and even though he knows it’s forbidden, he can’t stop exploring.


    The souls of the dead are inhabited by the evil miasma… which indicates that death is an absolute natural law, a realm that no one can violate.


    However, Yuma didn’t care, and proceeded to study the miasma and the soul in parallel.


    Then, finally, he decided to try the contraindication of regressing the soul, the resurrection of the witch.


    The ritual requires a physical body.


    For the sacrifice, the students of Sanzar Academy were chosen, and the one who inherited the soul of the imperfect witch was to carry the evil miasma and madness in her body.


    This was the genesis of what would later be known as the Insane Mercy Follies Misericorde.


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