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    I managed to get through the disintegrating venue by using my body enhancements.


    At the same time, he helped a few people who were around him.


    He couldn’t save everyone in that momentary collapse, and he scoffed to himself, “What’s with the stars?”


    As he raised his body from the rubble, he was rendered speechless by the tragic scene.


    The hall had completely collapsed, and those who were caught in the explosion of the red jade have fallen, charred and… probably already dead.


    The thought of that made him feel like he couldn’t do it..


    Additionally, students who are injured need help.


    Just as he was about to make my move to help them, he spotted a group of people taking Natalie away.


    “Get your hands off of Natalie!”


    He strengthened his body at the same time he shouted and ran towards Natalie.


    A straight line towards the collapsed venue, beyond the rubble, to the group trying to enter the high school building.


    I don’t care if it tears off my leg.


    Run through at the maximum speed you can muster.


    The man in the black hat with Natalie on his shoulder.


    He clenched my fist and put all my strength into it, trying to strike a blow at him with all my might.


    It will arrive one step further-and just before that, Ren-san, who was waiting next to me, activated the magic.


    “Spatial Resection.”


    Suddenly, a crack appeared in front of me.


    Instinctively sensing that it would be a bad idea to touch it, he rapidly changed direction and flew to the side —-. At that moment, the space next to him twisted.


    Spatial magic – it is a magic of high difficulty.


    There are two types of spatial magic, intrinsic spatial magic and spatial transfer magic.


    The former is called intrinsic space magic because the sorcerer creates a space with his own magic power, and the latter is called space transfer magic because it connects real spaces with each other.


    Although both are called spatial magic, their properties are completely different.


    For example, Julian’s [Prison of the Abyss] is a magic that traps the enemy in a different space and is classified as a unique space magic.


    Inherent space magic requires an enormous amount of magic power because the space is generated by the magic power of the surgeon himself.


    In contrast, spatial transfer magic requires a relatively small amount of magic power.


    However, spatial transfer requires the ability to identify coordinates and the ability to process vast amounts of information in an instant.


    The magic that Ren-sensei invoked was an applied technique of spatial transfer magic.


    One after another, the space around him twisted, and he was forced to focus all of his attention on avoiding them.


    He kicked the ground and moves around to keep his body from being torn apart by the distortion of space.


    But of course, just running away will not improve the situation… I saw a man carrying Natalie enter the high school building.


    He tried to get to Natalie.


    “You can’t look away.”


    Before he knew it, Ren-sensei was standing next to Owen.


    He was able to close the distance in less than a second, probably space transfer magic, but the fact that he was able to do so is astounding.


    However, there was not enough time to think, I predicted the next attack of the opponent and put magic power in both hands.


    Rigid arm – it’s a technique that makes your arm as strong as iron, and it’s an application of body strengthening.


    Sure enough, Ren-sensei unleashes a sharp kick, and I clench my teeth in shock as it cracks my bones.


    They attacked me without giving me time to breathe, and I could only defend myself.


    It is natural that if you have a close encounter with Mr. Ren, the teacher of Central Academy, you will be on the defensive.




    I was swearing and thinking of an idea to defuse the situation.


    “Pierce, Holy Spear.”


    A spear shining in white amber flies towards the profile of Ren-sensei.


    Ren-sensei grabbed the spear that was flying at high speed with his bare hands.


    His right hand was scorched, but Ren-sensei didn’t give it back at all and squeezed the handle and broke it.


    Right after.


    “Tear it apart, blade of wind.”


    From another direction, a blade of wind flies towards Ren-sensei, but…


    “Spatial Resection.”


    The orbital space distorts, and the blade of wind disappears into the void.


    He quickly distanced himself from Ren-sensei and glanced at the two who have come to join him – Farren and Emilia.


    “Are you okay?”


    He returned Farren’s question with a nod.


    Natalie’s been taken, we need to beat Ren-sensei and go find her quickly…”

    “Owen-san should follow them.”


    Farren says emphatically, “I’ll take care of it here.”


    But… 3 at once is a tough fight.


    To be honest, even I, a two-star, would have a hard time with a one-on-one enemy.


    If he is an expert in close combat in addition to being a user of spatial magic, he should have the same combat power as a two-star.


    ‘It’s all right, Owen, we’re not here anymore, the helpless ones who couldn’t do anything when the high orcs came out all those years ago.


    Farren also shook his head at Emilia’s words.


    “I will not let you fight alone, Owen-san.”


    Hearing their dependable words, I decide to leave it here.




    I can’t solve this case on my own.


    I’m not so smug that I’m overconfident in my abilities just because I’m a 2 star.


    Ren-sensei looks at me as he tries to leave the scene, but is distracted by Farren and Emilia.


    In the meantime, I chant, “Release the gravitational pull,” and float into the air.


    I was determined to save Natalie and soared into the sky.


    ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■


    After Owen’s back is turned, Farren watches Ren-sensei carefully.


    His form was tinged with madness, not the Ren that Farren remembered in the least.


    “Now I can pay back my old debt.”


    Emilia is talking to Farren.


    “Yes, things are worse than they used to be.” 

    I felt a fear from Ren in front of me that was incomparable to the fear I felt when I faced the high orcs.


    Is he really Ren Nomar? Farren thought.


    The stench she could feel coming from Ren irritated Farren’s nose, and it was the smell she hated the most.


    The smell is nauseating, as if the miasma has been boiled down.


    It smelled exactly the same as the one that killed Sophie.


    Even though Ren, who had a large amount of miasma inside him, was nearby, Farren did not notice the presence of miasma.


    “I was able to notice it right away when Dominic was….”


    The question crossed Farren’s mind, “Did Ren have a way to hide the miasma?”


    ‘Oh, oh, ah, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!”


    Suddenly, Ren began to laugh, a high-pitched laugh.


    It’s a horrible laugh that sends shivers down your spine just listening to it.


    Furthermore, Farren held his nose at the stench, which had become more intense.


    “Who are you?”


    Farren asks, turning to Ren.


    “I am! I am–“


    Wren tries to answer Farren’s question honestly… but


    “…who am I?”


    He tilted his head cockily.


    Shortly after that, Ren held her head down and began to moan.


    He scratched his whole body and repeated a strange muttering, “I am, I am, I am..:”.


    The sight of Ren’s eyes bleeding, self-harming, mumbling, and mumbling is, in short, sickening. …… Farren and Emilia were speechless and drew back to watch.


    After a few moments of this, Ren stopped moving with a snap and looked up at the sky.


    Who I am…what I am…yes….”


    Bending his neck to the right angle and opening his eyes to the extreme, Ren shouted at Farren.


    “I am a part of him, and a faithful servant!”


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