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    The party was going well, and I was dealing with the students who were gathering in droves.


    Lately, no matter which party I go to, I find myself crowded around, and I can’t eat food as I like.


    When I think about it, I miss the days when I was a wallflower.


    The title of “two star” can easily become the center of attention.


    If it’s just a student party, it’s not a problem because you can comfortably hope for the best.


    Because I don’t feel bad about it, just envious.


    If this were a gathering of nobles, it would be nothing short of troublesome.


    Particularly troublesome is the matter of factions.


    Because I’m close to the Alderath family, the leading royalists, and their duchess, I’m perceived as a royalist.


    But his parents’ family – the Peppers – belong to the aristocracy, albeit an aristocracy in name only.


    The Pepper family and my personal friendships, plus my two star status, would each be approached by both the royalist and noble factions.


    Therefore, you have to be very careful about what you say regarding the faction, and you could get into trouble by saying or doing something poorly.


    I can now understand why Natalie said her birthday party was depressing.


    In comparison, the school’s parties are really easygoing.


    Being a two-star and the most senior student, I don’t have to bow down to anyone and can talk to them without any hesitation.


    Although he is in a good mood, he is not just floating around.


    As a student council, we have to be firm… but more than that, the advice from Julian is stuck in my head.


    In addition, I also have an unpleasant feeling.


    This kind of human intuition is not foolproof, and often bad premonitions come true.


    I pray that nothing will happen, but I’m not really enjoying the party because I just care about my surroundings.


    “What’s wrong with your difficult face?”


    I was free from the crowd of people, and Natalie came up to me quickly.


    ”No… it’s nothing, but more importantly, I can’t see two of the mages…”


    After a quick look around the hall, I can’t find Julian and Farah.


    As they were two of the most conspicuous people, it was immediately apparent that they were not here.


    I’m a little curious what your business is.


    Right after Natalie made a thoughtful face, the person from our conversation – Farrah – came back into the hall.


    Behind him is Ren-sensei.


    As soon as they spotted us, they walked towards us.


    “How’s it going? How’s the party?”


    Natalie responds to Farrah’s question.


    ´”There’s no problem with it going well.”


    “Well, that’s good to know.”


    Farah nodded and glanced over to steal a glance at Natalie.


    Behind her, Ren-sensei approached Natalie with a slink.


    The unnatural movement is disconcerting and makes me hide my eyebrows.


    And I watched as Farrah and Ren-sensei’s gazes met.


    Right after that, suddenly, the lights were dimmed.


    In the midst of a zany audience, however, this production is the same as the one in which the headmaster just appeared.


    I could feel the relaxed air on my skin that some kind of entertainment was about to start.


    But I was perplexed.


    I’ve never heard of such a production.




    But do you have to hide it from me?


    I hurriedly turned my attention to Natalie, who was supposed to be next to me.


    —- vision enhancement.


    Even in the dark, I put magic power into my eyes so that I can check the expression of a nearby person.


    However, Natalie was not there…. and instead I saw a magical attack on myself.




    There was a thumping impact and the earthen wall cracked, but I managed to prevent the magic attack!


    I was alerted to the second shot immediately after, and a moment later, I heard puffing sounds from all over the hall.


    It was hard to see in the dark, but something that looked like smoke was scattered throughout the hall.


    It makes it even harder to see in the dark.


    Don’t breathe this!”


    I can hear Katharina-sensei screaming.


    “Do not breathe it in!”


    Her reminding voice echoed through the hall.


    I quickly took a handkerchief out of my pocket and covered my mouth.


    Most of the students still thought this was a sideshow or something, and they inhaled the smoke without a care in the world.


    No matter how you look at it, it’s an emergency right now, you mutter to yourself.


    I immediately checked my surroundings and tried to grasp the situation – that’s when.


    From somewhere, I heard an ooh, aah, and an animalistic groan.


    One more person, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another.


    We can’t see it, but I’m sure it’s a hellish scene of screaming and shouting.


    —- Natalie!”


    To ascertain the safety of Nathalie, who had been near him a moment before, he removed his lips from the handkerchief and cried out her name.


    But at that moment, you know.


    Suddenly his vision brightens and he understands that the venue has been illuminated by lighting.


    Even though it was illuminated by light, the venue was still covered with white smoke, making it difficult to see.


    The mind is stirred by impatience and breathlessness.




    Shortly thereafter, I heard Katharina-sensei chanting.


    A swirling wind blew through the venue, instantly blowing the smoke away.


    And there was a shocking sight in front of me.


    There were four figures on the platform – Ren-sensei, Farah, the man in the black hat, and Natalie.


    The man in the black hat is holding Natalie, who has fallen limp, lightly on his shoulders.


    Ren-sensei’s mouth curved up in a grin, and at that moment, I felt an uncharacteristic air from him.

    Now let the fun party begin!”


    Ren-sensei’s eyes were bloodshot and he shouted with a crazy expression.


    From his clear malice, he understood that Ren-sensei and Fara, who was naturally next to him, were enemies.


    We need to help…


    I instantly use my body enhancements and run to Natalie.


    But immediately after, the man in the black hat chants a chant.


    “Vindictive fire, unbind and rage!”


    Then, suddenly, the floor of the hall began to glow red.


    An intricate pattern begins to emerge, and I realize with a moment’s delay that it is a magic circle.


    A moment later, I sensed an enormous torrent of magic power in the center of the room.


    When I turned my gaze in that direction, I saw a red ball inlaid in the ground that wasn’t there earlier.


    The red ball began to expand rapidly, and the next moment, the red ball burst grandly – and the venue collapsed due to the huge explosion.


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