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    Julian was allowed to join the party.


    Although he is a graduate of Central Academy and a celebrity, for better or worse, there is no sign of the students approaching him.


    They’re scared of you too.


    Julian deliberately ignores Farah, standing next to him, who said teasingly,


    “It’s a party, so let’s have some fun.”


    Fara smiled bewitchingly, held her glass gracefully, and sipped the red wine.


    Then she tasted it in her mouth and murmured “delicious” with a satisfied expression.


    A few of the boys who were watching her gesture fawned over her and blushed.


    Julian sighs at Farah, who dares to show off her adult charms and play with her students.


    “Unlike you old men, there are many innocent children here, and it’s helpful. It’s nice to be young.”


    Julian was dumbfounded and gulped down a glass of water as Farrah began to scavenge for men.


    Then he placed the cup on a nearby table.


    “But all the girls are so immature, they don’t look very tasty at all.”


    “We’re here on a mission today, so please behave with moderation.”


    “No, I don’t want to, because there are a lot of promising kids here, and I want to buy them.”


    “That’s enough.”


    Julian crisply said to Farah, his senior.


    Fara appears to be distracted, but Julian knew that she was, in fact, paying attention, even as she pretended to be a natural.


    Even if it seems like she’s talking nonsense, she’s an elite member of the Magic Order.


    Julian and Farah were casually listening to their surroundings, checking for any suspicious activity.




    “It worked.”


    Fara whispered to Julian, a change from her dumbfounded voice from earlier.


    “I’m off.”


    “A large one?”


    “No, it’s small.”


    After a silly conversation, Julian started to move after the person he wanted – Ren Nomar.


    Julian stealthily tracked down Ren as he left the venue.


    Ren moved down the corridor that connected the hall to the high school and entered the high school building.


    And then, with a steady and unhindered gait, Ren proceeded through the school building.


    From time to time, Ren makes a pretense of checking the surroundings, but Julian uses shadow magic to eliminate any sign of him, so he is not so easily noticed.


    For a while, Julian chased after Ren, holding his breath.


    After going through the high school building, and even at the tip of the old school building, Ren suddenly turned the corner of the corridor.


    It seemed as if he had just disappeared from the scene, and Julian tried to follow.


    However, he tried to turn the corner, but it was a dead end.


    He turned his head, wondering if he was looking in the wrong place, because there was only an indentation for one person.


    Julian confirmed that his memory is correct and suspected a magic tool or a magic circle of concealment.


    He pulls a small silver box out of his pocket.


    When I opened the box, there was a liquid inside, like Ink.


    This is the magic stone that contains Julian’s magic power, turned into liquid form, and is called the magic liquid.


    Dipping his fingers in the sludgy demonic liquid, he draws a cross mark on the wall.


    Then, right after that, the magic liquid seeps through the entire wall like a black stain.


    Looking at the stain that eventually spread across the entire wall, Julian muttered, “It’s a hit”.


    In the next moment, the wall suddenly disappeared.


    Yin magic is Julian’s forte, and one of its properties is magical interference.


    For example, mind-destroying magic, that’s magic that disturbs the mind by interfering with the magic of others.


    Julian’s magic liquid, which is filled with magic power, can likewise interfere with other people’s magic power, thus canceling out the effects of magic circles and magic tools.


    In this case, the wall created by the concealment magic was forcibly released by the magic liquid.


    At the end of the wall that disappeared, a corridor continued.


    Julian walks without making a sound of footsteps, using his shadow magic to kill more signs of his presence.


    Then he saw a tag that said “Art Room” and I heard voices leaking from inside that classroom.


    Julian tried to sneak up to the art room to listen to the conversation, and at that moment, his skin crept up.


    His intuition rang the alarm bell and he jumped to the side at the same time.


    Quickly, a single cut appeared on Julian’s cheek, and immediately after, an intense pain ran through his stomach.


    “Oh… Ugh…”


    Someone kicks up and suffocates him for a moment.


    His mouth puckered as he sought oxygen, but his thoughts remained calm, and Julian kneaded his magic.


    And a moment later, magic power emanated from his entire body, filling the surroundings with darkness.


    The state of being unable to speak and allowed to approach the enemy.


    In such a situation, the best solution that he thought of in an instant was a magic that creates darkness through no chanting.


    Even in the dark, the magic power emanating from the surroundings will tell you where your opponent is.


    Using his physical enhancements, Julian thrusts his right fist out towards his adversary.


    However, his fist ran through the air.


    He gave chase, attacking with his right fist, left fist, and even his feet.


    He is avoided at every turn, and in a short time he realizes that his opponent is a man of considerable ability.


    The darkness gradually faded, and Julian marveled as he recognized the other man.


    Because the antagonist was someone he knew well – Farah.


    He was so surprised that he was momentarily lost in thought.


    The next moment, Julian stepped into a puddle of sticky water.


    He gave an inward cry of grief, saying, “I’m done…”


    Farah is a user of water magic, and the water that Julian stepped on was generated by Farah’s magic power.


    Immediately, he tried to lift his right leg, but the water tangled around his foot.


    Julian was restricted in his movements for a fraction of a second.


    “Water prison.”


    Farah didn’t miss a moment and activated the water magic method.


    Then a puddle of water floated up, and Julian’s entire body was covered with water to the point where he couldn’t even breathe, and his movements were completely blocked.




    The air leaks out of his mouth into the water with a kopo kopo.


    When Farah saw this, she laughed and said, “Haha.”


    “You can’t be like that, be careful around people, that’s advice from a senior.”


    Farah looks squarely at Julian, who is trapped in the water.


    Julian tried to knead the magic power inside his body, but he couldn’t manipulate the magic power at all as he wanted.


    “It’s no use, you’re soaked in my magic right now.”


    Farah explains with a bewitching smile.


    Those who are trapped in this water dungeon become addicted to magic due to an overdose of magic power, and then a few seconds later, their entire body is attacked by Farah’s magic power and they fall into a state of frenzy.


    It is a magic and vicious technique that is possible only because Fara boasts an abundant amount of magic power.


    Julian tries to say something, but only the sound of lumpy air leaking out..


    Julian is completely in Farah’s hands, and seemingly in desperate need of help.


    But he had a plan to get out of this.


    He thrust his hands into his pockets, then dexterously opened the lid of the little box with his fingers.


    At that moment, the magical liquid inside the box leaked out, painting the water that had trapped Julian black.


    In less than a second, the water turned black and then popped.


    As soon as Julian was free of the water, he ran to the window.


    Farah was surprised by Julian’s actions and immediately went after him, but she was a step too late.


    Right after Julian jumped out of the window, Farah checked outside the window, but Julian was already gone.


    “Oh my, he got away.”


    It’s not easy to find Julian, who is very good at eliminating signs.


    She laments her failure, but quickly reassures herself that it’s no big deal.


    “Shouldn’t we be looking for him? I’m afraid he’ll interfere with our plans.”


    Asked Ren, who has been standing behind Farah for some time.


    Farah didn’t even raise an eyebrow at the obvious stinky story of a plan.


    “Don’t worry, I’ve locked him in the water dungeon for a moment and he won’t be able to use magic properly for the time being due to addiction.”


    She said.


    Ren nodded, “I hope so.”


    “By the way, did you get the door open?”


    “Yes, of course, all you have to do is prepare the sacrifice and offer it on the altar.”


    “That’s Natalie Alderath, she’s worn out from yesterday’s fight so she’ll be easy to catch, just don’t screw her up.”


    When Farah said that, she turned around and saw a man in a black hat beside Ren.


    “I’ve been preparing for that.”


    The man smiles thinly in his deeply worn hat.


    Then a dead-eyed Monet and a thrilled-looking Jack came out of the art room.


    “Oh, I wish I could slash it.”


    At Jack’s words, the man in the black hat raises his index finger in front of his lips.


    “Don’t rush, there’s plenty of prey.”


    The man in the black hat spread his hands ostentatiously as he looked around at everyone.


    “Now, his resurrection is almost upon us, and it will be the dawn of a new era that will destroy and rebuild everything.”


    The reactions vary: some smile with glee, some remain indifferent, and some hang their mouths in madness.


    The man in the black hat nodded in satisfaction.


    The most talented members of the regression group gathered in one place.


    At Sanzar Academy, something was about to happen.


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