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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    The first day of the exchange.


    In the morning, I attended lectures as usual, and in the afternoon I welcomed the students of Central School.


    In the evening, a carriage full of Central School students came into the school.


    Dozens of people, both students and teachers, got out of the carriage.


    All of the students have already met each other many times, but there are a few here and there who are seeing each other for the first time.


    One of the students who got out of the carriage was a young man with distinctive light blue hair – Thor.


    I quickly made my way over to Thor.


    “It’s been a long time since the Festival.”


    I greeted him with a smile, trying to be as friendly as possible.


    Thor took one look at me, gave a short reply, “Right,” and then walked right past me.


    The cold response is agonizing.


    Thor has changed since Monet disappeared.


    He was not what one would call sociable by nature, but he was much more interested in others.


    But now, there is an air of not wanting to have a conversation everywhere.


    I missed that, and as I looked behind me at Thor, I noticed that he wasn’t heading to the party.


    “That’s not the venue.”


    I called out to him, but Thor ignored my words and left.


    I was worried if he would be okay, but I couldn’t be bothered with Thor, so I headed to the party.


    The party is held in a large hall that is used for ceremonies such as entrance ceremonies.


    The setting of the venue was done by the student council with volunteers from the whole school.


    Because of this, the decorations are more elaborate than in our previous years.


    You can see a few of the students’ handmade magic tools here and there.


    We can’t make fun of the work done by the students of Sanzar Academy, saying that it is only handmade by the students.


    This is the highest magical academy.


    The students who gathered here have proven their abilities.


    The venue is a feast for the eyes, with all manner of magical touches.


    For example, the stars floating in the air.


    There is a thread hanging from the ceiling, but the adjusted light makes it difficult to see the thread, and the stars appear to be floating in the air.


    Those stars change into various colors, creating a fantastic sight.


    There are other huge paintings propped up on the walls.


    It is drawn in the motif of a giant red dragon, the symbol of Sanzar Academy.


    But it’s not just a painting, it’s a moving painting.


    The red dragon moves around in the painting as if it were alive, and occasionally spits flames from its mouth.


    The powerful paintings have attracted the attention of Central School students.


    The many magic tools unique to a magic academy showed the power of the Sanzar Academy.


    The students of Central Academy Elementary School reacted honestly, and they were constantly impressed and surprised.


    Shallot took the lead in setting up the party venue.


    When it comes to magical engineering and magical tools, there is no one better than Shallot.


    She’s one year younger than me, but she’s much smarter than I am.


    Self-taught in magical engineering, her knowledge has surprised me many times.


    I looked at the venue setup this time and marveled at it.


    Then, before I knew it, Shallot, who was standing next to me, puffed out her chest like she was proud of it.


    “This is just the beginning, magical engineering will be the most developed field in the future. In ten years, magical engineering will advance so much that it will be revolutionary.”


    The pressure is on Shallot, who spoke passionately.


    “I’m going to have to learn more about magical engineering.”


    If it is a field that will grow in the future, I need to learn it even more.


    If I get carried away by the fact that I am starred, I may be left behind in times.


    “Anyway, I wonder what kind of person Yuma Sato, the first man of magical engineering, was.”


    The genius who spread magical engineering to the world.


    As you can guess from his name, Yuma Sato is a reincarnated person, or a transmigrator, from Japan.


    Many of his skills have been seen in previous lives, and his name sounds Japanese.


    By the way, I’ve tried to use my past life knowledge a few times too.


    It’s what we call a knowledge cheat.


    But I was relying on the internet, and I didn’t know enough to create anything, so I gave up on the idea that knowledge cheats were possible.


    Even if I had knowledge of modern Japan, it would be useless with shallow knowledge at the level of ordinary people.


    On the other hand, Yuma Sato, who is thought to be Japanese, is a genius.


    “You’re interested in Yuma Sato?”


    Shallot asked, reacting to my muttering.


    “No, yeah …… well, I would have liked to talk to him at least once while he was still alive.”

    “Yes, it’s said that his mind is decades ahead of mankind’s, and I wish I knew what was going on inside his head.”


    “I’m sure there are many magic researchers out there who thought the same way.”


    It is said that Yuma’s death greatly delayed the development of magical engineering, and had a huge impact on magical society.


    “Yes, a genius who died young…… I wish he had lived another decade at least.”


    She murmured regretfully, and I nodded, agreeing with her.


    Then, after chatting with Shallot for a bit, we parted ways and I headed for the center of the hall.


    Various dishes were laid out on several round tables that had been prepared.


    And next to the food in the bowl, there were colorful flowers that decorated the plate.


    I picked up an empty glass from the table.


    The orange juice, full of fruit, was poured into the glass until the seventh part of the glass.


    Just then, the lights were quickly turned off.


    The stars hanging from the ceiling were also completely dark, as they were lit by reflecting the lights.


    As the buzz of the crowd took over the venue, the stage was suddenly illuminated.


    There he was, the headmaster.


    It’s elaborate, I think, and I looked at Shallot, who stood at a distance.


    Then she winked lightly back at me.


    This is a production by Shallot to get the party started.


    I was briefed beforehand, so no big surprise there.


    The headmaster moved his body ostentatiously and, in a theatrical tone, began to address the audience.


    Then, after finishing his story, the headmaster lifted the wine glass he was holding in his right hand high in the air.




    The low, well-cleared voice of the school principal echoed through the party hall.


    This is how the exchange event started.


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