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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    “Are you still going to doubt your sister’s abilities after seeing this?”


    Julian turned a grim expression to Farah’s question.


    Although he does not reflect emotion in his eyes, he often shows his feelings through his facial expressions.


    A student who can push the two-star Owen to this level.


    There is no reason to refuse her to join the Mage Order.


    Even taking into account the disadvantage that the Thunder God Armament had a time constraint, it showed enough power to make up for it.


    At the end of a fight to the death, Natalie collapsed in the middle of the arena.


    “The winner is Owen.”


    Julian pouts and mutters.


    ”After seeing so many battles, you still think it’s not enough? Did you make a condition that if you’re not starred, you won’t be allowed to join the Mage Order? Enough, Julian, you can’t go any further–”


    “I know, she’ll do well in the Order.”


    To begin with, Julian has already confirmed Natalie’s ability at this year’s Four Great Festivals.


    I’m not surprised in the least that Natalie has the ability to join the Mage Order.


    “I’ll pass Natalie on to the higher-ups.”


    “If you don’t, I’ll recommend her.”


    “I’m sure you’ll do.”


    The power that Julian can exercise is very limited.


    He is still a young man among the Mage Order.


    Julian couldn’t deny the feeling that he had been played by Farah, and that in the end it was all a farce.

    “I don’t want Natalie to join the mage order,” that’s Julian’s true intention.


    While the Mage Order has the aspect of being an elite group, they are naturally exposed to harsh conditions.


    It’s a harsh environment where you’ll feel very close to death.


    The other day, someone who joined at the same time as Julian lost his life on a mission.


    He heard that no bodies were left behind, that they were made into monstrous bodies and left to rot.


    He should have been good enough to join the magic group, and he should have been among the elite of the elite.


    Such a person died in a stupor, that is the reality of the Mage Order.


    The country’s premier magical institution by all accounts.


    That’s why the level of demand is high, especially these days when the battle against the regression group is intensifying and dangerous missions are being assigned regardless of whether you are a rookie or not.


    Julian strongly hoped that he would not allow Natalie to join such a group.


    Julian has been creeped out by others because of his lack of emotional change and his nature.


    He was also not good at revealing his true feelings.


    What he’s particularly bad at is expressing affection.


    From the point of view of others, his eyes seem to be emotionless in all things.


    Even if Julian “loved” her from the bottom of his heart and said it out loud, he would never be able to convey his true feelings.


    His cold blue eyes make it seem like he’s looking down on others.


    Taking advantage of this nature, his father, Ralph Alderath, has been making Julian do espionage work.


    Julian has no social skills at all, but his clear mind and outstanding magical talent make him ideal for behind-the-scenes work.


    Natalie is the complete opposite of Julian.


    She is sociable, well endowed, and flamboyant.


    In addition, she can freely handle the lightning raft magic that is the Alderath family’s specialty.


    Natalie is considered to be the next head of the family, ahead of Julian.


    As long as you have the ability, age and gender are irrelevant in the Alderath family.


    A thoroughgoing meritocracy has propelled the Alderath family to its current position.


    It’s no wonder she’s considered the next head of the family.


    Julian was fine with that.


    Julian has never felt jealous of the talented Natalie.


    Rather, he loved his only sister.


    He feels she’s more important than his own life.


    That’s why he didn’t want her to join the Mage Order.


    Her true value is not shown in the Mage Order.


    Only with the great power of the Alderath family can Natalie’s abilities flourish.


    Julian is the shadow and Natalie is the light, supporting the Alderath family.


    He dreamed of such a future.


    “This is …… my ego, isn’t it?”


    Julian’s musings.


    Farah, who was listening to it next to him, turned her gaze to him.


    “What’s wrong with you?”


    “No, it’s nothing.”


    Julian shook his head and then stared at Natalie as she was carried away.


    ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■


    The stirring heartbeat, the sound of the heart, feels awfully loud.


    “Oh, I can’t wait to unleash it,” the man murmured in the ever-darkening darkness.


    Who he is, what he wants, what he aspires to, it’s all a bit hazy.


    His very existence is uncertain.


    The ego is on the verge of disappearing, and what is beginning to take its place is an unknown exuberance.


    It was eating away at the soul that is him, and the madness was about to overflow.


    The urge to destroy drives him.


    His heart thirsts to wait no longer, and as if to suppress his raging emotions, he digs the nails of his right hand into his left shoulder and bit his lip hard.


    ‘I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy it.’


    His unfocused eyes flickered in his gaze and he bit off his left thumb.


    The blood that spilled from his fingers stained the floor red.


    The urge to destroy flows incessantly through his mind.


    ‘Finally …… finally tomorrow, tomorrow everything will be released.’


    He can explode the emotions he’s been holding back.


    He was already at his limit.


    The madness, which was increasing day by day, was driving his character to the verge of corruptness.


    No—he was already corrupted.


    The fact that he was able to stand as long as he did was a result of his strong spirit.


    But it’s over.


    Tomorrow—it will all be unleashed at the exchange.


    He doesn’t have to put up with it anymore.


    ‘Surrender yourself to the pleasure, destroy everything, and make the school crazy with blood and flesh.’


    He fantasized, and he climaxed with excitement.


    Then, after regaining some of his composure, the man murmurs.


    “Come on, let’s enjoy the party.”


    Ren Nomar plastered madness on his face and laughed alone in the darkness.


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