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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    It’s not the first time me and Natalie have fought.


    I’ve played against her twice in martial arts tournaments, and I won both times.


    But we haven’t fought for a while now. 


    “Don’t go easy on me.”


    “It’s a given.”


    The training center is too small, so we moved to the arena dedicated to the higher division and we faced each other.


    The tense air stung my skin and sharpened my senses.


    When we stood there, our senses naturally sharpened.


    “Natalie versus Owen… mock battle begins!”


    Dr. Katherine announced the start of the match in a voice that echoed throughout the arena.


    Natalie is the first to raise her right hand to the sky.


    “One hundred thousand thunderstorms.”


    Natalie’s voice echoed through the hall—and immediately after, a roar rang out from above, drowning out her voice.


    A number of lightning strikes down.


    It poured, as the chants say, like a rain of thunder.


    I instantly kneaded my magic power, circulated it throughout my body, and strengthened my body.


    It’s hot, as if the manipulation of magic power is causing my blood to boil.


    My vision became clearer and all movement felt more gradual.


    In my zone-like omnipotence, I focused my consciousness to the limit and dodged the lightning by a paper-thin margin.


    Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid all around.


    A thunderstorm that is only possible because of Natalie’s enormous amount of magic power.


    If just a single blow hit me, electricity would rush through my body, stopping my movement, and at that moment, a thunderstorm would rain down on me all at once.


    But, however, Natalie’s magic power is not infinite, so the rain of thunder must stop somewhere.


    The momentary silence that was created as a result of my continued escape.


    With that blank space of time, I ran to Natalie.


    Natalie read that I’m going to make a move, and she used her right arm as a gun barrel to launch her magic.


    “A momentary flash of brilliance, thundering hammer, pierce it!”


    At the moment of the earth-shaking impact sound, the lightning raft had struck my right shoulder.




    A sharp pain ran through my whole body.


    The lightning raft is destructive and overwhelmingly powerful enough to make the Alderath family reign as dukes for years.


    Once again, I was reminded of Natalie’s strength.


    But from the start, Natalie is using a series of big moves, and there’s always a chance to take advantage.


    In the event that you’re looking for the best way to get the most out of your business, you’ll want to look at the following


    She’s probably going to settle this in short order.


    I’ve got two choices.


    I can either continue to run away from her until her magic runs out, or I can challenge her head on in a short battle.


    If my focus is on winning, running away is the smarter choice.


    But I want to go toe to toe with the best Natalie has to offer.


    Agonizing over the pain in my right shoulder, I released my body enhancements and then pointed my left palm at Natalie.


    “Let the red flame burn fiercely.”


    With a melodious sound, the red lotus flame burned and released hot air.


    The flame traced a straight line and attacked Natalie.


    “Armed with the god of thunder, Raijin Busou.”


    Her golden kon-jiki hair stands upside down and an electric hammer shoots from her body.


    Natalie in her armed state is a step above her normal ability.


    It’s a cheat class special move that will greatly increase your physical ability and magic power,……, but there is a major drawback to the thunder god armament.


    That’s an extremely short duration of armament.


    In an armed state, an unimaginable load will continue to be placed on Natalie.


    She can probably only stay armed for a dozen seconds.


    And the moment time runs out, she uses up all her strength and collapses.


    Natalie used a special move as a last resort early in the match.


    “——lightning strike”


    She scattered purple lightning from her body, and from the palm of her outstretched right arm, she unleashed a thunderbolt.


    The lightning strike in an armed state is far more powerful than normal—the flame and lightning collide violently.


    A ground-scraping roar was scattered, and the dust from the blast covered my vision.


    Before the sand subsided, I made the shape of a gun with my right hand.




    I fired a black bullet from my finger.


    However, Natalie easily avoided the bullets with her enhanced reflexes.




    Without a pause, I fired a series of bullets with a dong dong dong.


    However, all of them were avoided at every turn,……, and only one warhead grazed Natalie’s cheek.


    A moment later, Natalie pointed the index finger of her right hand at me, stopping my attack with a bullet.




    It is like a stroke of God.


    A moment before the sound exploded, the flash of a thunderous hammer was coming right at me.


    I had sensed the danger and instantly circulated my magic just before she released her magic.


    “Gravitational Release: —-!”


    I quickly kicked off the ground and floated in the sky.


    However, against a master of lightning magic, evading into the sky is only a bad move.




    A lightning hammer that fell from the sky.


    I twisted in the air, changed my stance and looked up at the sky.


    With both arms as barrels.




    A blast of sound that pierced my eardrums and a storm that shook the entire venue, and I was slammed hard to the ground by it.


    I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this, but I’m going to have to.




    A lightning raft that attacks from the sky.




    Overhead, a barrier of earth appeared.


    It’s a barrier that’s harder than an earthen wall, and as tough as iron.


    The soil is favorable to lightning.


    However, the power of Natalie’s magic was so great that it overturned that common sense.


    The barrier crumbled with a single blow.


    Without a pause, Natalie unleashes Narukami, and I jump to the side to dodge.


    Immediately afterwards, lightning struck the spot where I was standing, leaving a hole in the ground big enough for a person to fit through.


    The Raijin armament boasts overwhelming strength.


    But, however, it’s time for Natalie to be disarmed.


    Understanding this, she began to chant.


    “A torrent of thunder, in the form of a white tiger, unleashes its power.”


    Natalie raised her right arm to the sky, and at that moment, a white tiger appeared above her head.


    Like Natalie, the white tiger was radiating lightning from his entire body.


    The white tiger howled at the heavens, glared at me, and pounced on me.


    Definitely an all-out blow by Natalie.


    Then I’ll respond in earnest.


    “Burn with burning heat, Ifrit!”


    The incarnation of lightning and the flames of karma collide and shook the atmosphere.


    The sound exploded and a large cloud of dust flew up.


    I was able to offset Natalie’s serious magic with Ifrit, and I was confident of victory.


    A moment later.


    “—Thunder, thunder, thunder, lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning.”


    Natalie’s words, muttered in a whisper, reached my ears on the wind.


    Immediately after, an overwhelming violence swung from the sky.


    Sensing the danger, I was kneading my magic faster than I could think.




    Improved technique of physical enhancement.


    If it is body strengthening that strengthens the functions of the whole body, then it is body hardening that transforms the whole body into a strong body.


    It is a technique that is solely dedicated to defense, and instead of increasing defense, it loses mobility while the magic is active.


    I took a painstaking measure in the face of a blow that I just couldn’t avoid.


    A flash of shimmer, lightning piercing the body.


    “Gaaaaaahhhh ……”


    No matter how much I hardened my body, the pain from a direct hit of lightning is unimaginable.


    A scorching electric current runs through my entire body, almost melting my brain.


    I got down on one knee and grit my teeth.




    By screaming, I could barely stay conscious.


    Then, fighting the pain, I shifted my gaze to Natalie.


    Then she smiled and opened her mouth.


    “I lost …….”


    She is mostly unharmed, with only a single cut on her cheek.


    I couldn’t do any damage to Natalie.


    However, Natalie’s magic power may have been depleted, and she fell to the ground at the same time as she declared her lost.


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