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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Due to the arrival of the two mages, the content of Professor Katherina’s lecture was suddenly changed.


    A lecture on practical skills will be held at the training center with the aim of having the inspection team verify the students’ abilities.


    At the edge of the training center, Katharina-sensei and Julian were talking.


    I moved closer to them and listened.


    “You said it was a real-world lecture. What exactly did you teach them?”


    Julian turned his gaze to Katharina-sensei.


    “Isn’t Master Julian getting enough exercise?”


    “Me? No, not at all.”


    Julian scowled and shook his head from side to side.


    “I’m sorry to hear that”, Miss Katherina said quietly.


    “I had arranged a match between a promising student and Master Julian. ……”


    “What makes a promising student?”


    Julian asked, raising one eyebrow dexterously.


    “This is Natalie.”


    “Is that …… what a joke?”


    Hahaha, he’s laughing, but Julian’s eyes aren’t smiling.


    “I’m not joking, we thought a fight between the two of you would be inspiring for our students.”


    Katharina-sensei’s proposal is a plan that me and Natalie came up with.


    I’m aware that it’s a sloppy plan, full of holes.


    But hopefully it’s the most effective way.


    She can show that she is different from the Natalie that Julian fought in the past.


    “So me and Natalie, it seems to me that there are other reasons ……”


    “As a teacher, it’s natural to want to help as many students as possible get what they want.”


    “Reality isn’t as sweet as you wish it to be, is it, Miss Katherina?”


    Farah interrupted their conversation.


    “Are you comparing this to your past?”


    Katharina-sensei calmly replied to Farah’s venomous question.


    “This has nothing to do with my past, I just want you to judge fairly.”


    Katharina-sensei said and opened her mouth to say haha and Farah started laughing.


    “You make it sound like you didn’t get a fair shake, that you weren’t good enough to be taken seriously by anyone.”


    ‘We are not talking about me now, could you please shut up for a moment?”


    Katharina-sensei said with an unusually angry tone.


    “Did I make you mad? I’m sorry.”


    Farah meditates with one eye, clasps both palms together, and apologizes.


    But it’s clear to anyone who looks at her that she doesn’t really mean it when she apologizes.


    Katharina-sensei turned her body to Julian, ignoring Farah.


    “Please see what Natalie is capable of and give her a chance, she’s working hard.”


    “As a teacher, your job is not to make people dream, but to teach them about reality.”


    Julian gives Katharina-sensei a cold stare.


    Julian, more talkative than ever, conveys a feeling of indignation.


    The color of his eyes is still a cold blue, but ……


    “Are you trying to tell me that she doesn’t have the strength to make it in the mage corps?”

    “I’m afraid so.”


    Julian said clearly.


    Before I knew it, all the students had stopped to listen to them.


    With a quick glance at Natalie in the middle of it, she slinks over to Julian.


    “What do you know about me?”


    “There’s a lot.”


    Julian says in a calm tone.


    This may have upset her, but Natalie took a shot at Julian.


    “You don’t know anything, don’t you always deny me …… and talk like you know.”


    “Can you please not be so angry?”


    Is he appeasing her or making fun of her, from Julian’s expression, I can take it as the latter.


    I put my hand on Natalie’s shoulder and whispered in her ear to keep her calm.


    She takes a big breath in and lets it out slowly, as if trying to get her mind right.


    ”Julian-san, from my point of view, she’s what the Mage Order needs.”


    “You’re only a student, so don’t get carried away.”


    “Are my words so light coming from a two-star?”


    The weight of a two-star’s words is different from that of a mere student’s proposal.


    Julian looked at me silently.


    “Fight Natalie, and then you can judge for yourself.”


    Julian shook his head and stubbornly refused to fight.


    “Oh, my God, isn’t that nice?”


    Then a helper came in from an unexpected source.


    “But ……”


    As expected, he choked on his boss’s words, and Julian shifted his gaze to Farah.


    “Just because she’s your sister doesn’t mean you should patronize her.”


    “That’s not true, the fact is she’s just not good enough.”


    “I don’t care what you think, but injustice is not good.”


    “I don’t care what they say, my answer is still the same.”


    ”You’re mixing public and private ………oh well, I think your little sister is qualified to join the Mage Order, so I’ll let you find out.”


    “If that’s what you want to do, there’s nothing I can say about it, but it’s a bit far-fetched for me and Natalie to be fighting, so if you’re going to find out, please do it some other way.”


    “All right,” Farah muttered, looking at Natalie thoughtfully.


    She then moved her gaze towards me and clapped her hands with a pop.


    “Then let’s do it this way, Owen, who has been accepted into the group, and his sister will have a mock battle and then we can decide…what do you think?”


    “It’s okay.”


    Farah asked, looking at me, and I didn’t hesitate to reply.


    “Let me fight, I want to fight too.”


    Natalie then says with a determined look in her eyes.


    That’s what makes Natalie’s eyes so dignified and powerful.


    She then turns to Julian and declares.


    “Watch me, brother, and acknowledge me as the bearer of House Alderath and as a wizard of one, so will you allow us to fight?”


    “Do you need my permission for you two to fight?”


    Julian said, then took a glance at Katharina-sensei.


    The teacher met his gaze, looked at me and Natalie in turn, and then nodded.


    “Let’s acknowledge the match between the two.”


    Thus, a mock battle between me and Natalie was to take place.


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