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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    “Huh, Natalie’s alone?”


    “Yes, the other two have left, saying they have to get ready for the day after tomorrow, and they’ve taken their things with them, so they won’t be back today.”




    Nodding, I sat down in my chair in place.


    Natalie spread out a pile of paper and wrote.


    I look at her like that.


    “It’s about time.” I’m talking about the social events, of course.




    Natalie replied shortly, concentrating on the paperwork.


    After the short conversation, silence prevailed and time passed.


    Normally I’m a man of leisure, but lately I’ve been busy preparing for the social event.


    The sounds of writing on documents and turning over papers echoed in the quiet space.


    We barely spoke to each other as the evening wore on.


    “It’s time to go home”, I said, putting my strength into my shoulder blades to relieve my stiffness.


    In my previous life, I worked at a desk a lot, so my shoulders were always stiff.


    My shoulders are not so stiff now, probably because I’m young, but I turn both shoulders as an old habit.


    Then, after a big stretch, I stood up.


    “Have a good day.”


    Natalie nodded, “Yes,” and put down her pen.


    “I’m coming home with you.”


    She looked at me and said.


    “I’m a little surprised to hear you say that.”


    “You’re not going to stay late today, are you?”


    “It’s because I can afford it.”


    For a time, Natalie was busy moving around on her own.


    But she’s learned to rely on us and seems to be calming down a bit.


    I don’t know what kind of change of heart it was, but the atmosphere in the student council improved a lot because of it.


    When I left the school building, it was dusk outside, and the dusk in the cold season was somewhat lonely and melancholy.


    I rubbed my arms to warm myself and white breath spilled from my mouth.


    We started walking towards the dorms.


    For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m going home with Natalie.


    “We’ve done a lot of preparation, but …… I’m still worried.”


    “We’ve done all we can.”


    Natalie blew into her hands to warm them, as if to warm her bare hands.


    “It’s almost over.”


    In response to Natalie’s murmur, I question and ask back.


    “The social event hasn’t started yet, though?”


    “No, I wasn’t talking about the social event.”


    Natalie made small movements, shaking her head slowly.


    “School life.”


    She said, staring at the sky in the distance.


    Under the cold sky, a sky full of stars is twinkling.


    “It seems like a long time, but …… it all happened so fast.”


    On such a cold evening, I felt a trace of desolation.


    “Hey, Owen.”


    Natalie called me and then stopped walking.


    Then I took a step in front of her.


    When I turned around, I saw Natalie standing there all alone.


    “Do you want to go to the commercial area now?”


    “At this hour? We have school tomorrow. ……”




    Natalie nods her head slightly.


    I’ve been busy lately and Natalie and I haven’t been able to talk much.


    So I thought it would be nice to do that once in a while.


    The social event is coming up soon, and it’s not a bad idea to have a two-person kickoff party.


    “Yeah, let’s go!”


    I shook my head.


    And so it was decided to head to the commercial area in a hurry.


    The direction we are walking remains the same, aiming for the commercial area beyond the dorms.


    Natalie is shivering coldly and rubbing her bruised hands to warm them.


    I removed the lumpy leather gloves that were covering my hands.


    “Here, let me give you this.”


    With that, I offered it to Natalie.


    “But wouldn’t that make Owen cold?”


    “I’m used to the cold.”


    It’s true.


    It may be a little cold, but it’s bearable.


    And when Natalie looks cold, we get cold, too.


    Natalie showed signs of being troubled for a moment, but she quickly thanked him and accepted the gloves.


    She then fits the gloves that don’t fit her size before muttering.


    “It’s big.”


    Natalie, who is a head shorter than me.


    Likewise, her hands are small and my gloves are too big for her.


    “Natalie’s getting smaller.”


    She used to be about the same height as me, but the difference started to show when we started middle school.


    “You’ve grown up.”


    “That’s true, too.” I laughed.


    Even though we think our relationship with each other is going to stay the same forever, it does change.


    That’s because our perspective on each other is changing, and it’s probably inevitable.


    Thinking about such a natural thing, I felt sentimental and thought that the cold season is not good.


    Just the fact that it’s cold makes me feel sentimental, even though it’s just an ordinary day.


    After a short walk alongside Natalie, we entered a commercial area.


    “Let’s get some dinner, I’m hungry.”


    That said, we went into a fancy little restaurant that I’ve used a few times.


    The price is a little high, but it’s easily affordable for people of my and Natalie’s status.


    I don’t usually waste money, so I guess I’m allowed to splurge once in a while.


    As we took our seats, a waiter approached us.


    He showed me the menu and I ordered the recommendation of the day.


    While we’re waiting for the food to come, I ask her a question without any context.


    “What does Natalie want to do in the future?”


    “Out of the blue, what’s going on?”


    “We’re graduating now, and I’m wondering what Natalie’s going to do.”


    “I’m …….”


    Natalie looked distressed and turned her long lashes down.


    Then she said in a mutter.


    “I want to join the Order of Magic.”


    “Then you’re with me.”


    “Yeah, ……, so what’s up with all that talk all of a sudden? Did you talk to my brother about something, by any chance?”


    I laughed deceptively at Natalie’s suspicion, “Haha.”


    But, of course, there was no fooling her, “I knew it,” Natalie muttered.


    “He’ll keep me away from the Order, he always has, he’ll deny me everything I want to do or accomplish, and I’m sick of it.”


    Natalie let out a deep sigh, and at that moment, the food arrived.


    Starting with an appetizer, bread, soup, and the main course, duck in wine, were served in order.


    Using a knife and fork, I brought the duck meat to my mouth and it melted softly in my mouth.


    As usual, the body’s energy consumption is so high and I’m always hungry, so I flop down on the food that’s brought to me.


    Emptying the plate in front of me, I placed my knife and fork on the plate and wiped my mouth with a napkin.


    “Hey, Natalie.”


    With that preamble, she raised her gaze.


    “Tomorrow, why don’t we show Mr. Julian what Natalie can do and make him squeal?”


    Whether or not Natalie will be able to join the Mages depends on her ability, but I think she should have the chance to show her ability.


    Natalie placed her spoon and fork in a / \-shape on her plate as she was still eating.


    And elegantly wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.


    “Good, that’s it, I’m no longer bound to you.”


    Natalie’s mouth hangs up in a smile.


    She smiled a bit of a bad smile before she made her mischief.


    Later, over dessert, I began to formulate a plan to give Julian a run for his money.


    And the next day.


    Me and Natalie are going to ask Katherina-sensei for a favor.


    The only person I can rely on in a situation like this is Katherina-sensei.


    In this way, a plan with an indescribably subtle name, the ‘blowing bubbles big brother plan’, was launched.


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