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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    After afternoon class, I left the classroom to find Julian leaning against the wall, waiting for me.


    Farren had just left the classroom with us, and we were both approached together.


    “What’s going on?”


    I asked, and Julian said, “I have a few questions for you guys, do you have time now?”


    Me and Farren looked at each other for a moment before replying, “Yes.”


    After this, I have to go to the student council room to fill out paperwork for the exchange, but I’m okay if I’m a little late.


    I followed Julian into an unoccupied room.


    “I need you to tell me about a case that happened seven years ago.”


    As soon as I entered the room, Julian asked me point-blank.


    “Is that what happened to Dominic when he went off the rails at the …… school?”


    Farren asks Julian back.


    Seven years ago was when we were in our first year of primary school, which inevitably brings to mind the incident with Dominic.


    “Yes”, Julian said in the affirmative.


    “It’s all I told you at the time, and I’m sure I explained it to the mages…”


    “You’re right, the Mages did do some research ……, but of course I wasn’t involved in the research at the time, so I just thought I’d take the opportunity to ask since I got to meet you guys.”


    “What exactly is it you want to hear?”


    Farren nodded, then looked into Julian’s face.


    “Did you say about Dominic’s…… about his demonizing phenomenon?”


    It is called the demonization phenomenon because Dominic disappeared as a demon miasma stone, leaving no body but his face.


    Farren said, “Okay,” and then went on to detail the events of that day.


    I’m listening to her talk next to me, and I remembered the scene.


    The memory of the time I shot him with a bullet came back to me and I clenched my fist tightly.


    I don’t regret that day anymore.


    But I’d like to keep the vivid memory of killing a man locked away if I can.


    Julian, who had heard the whole story.


    “It’s still …….”


    He lowered his eyes thoughtfully.


    I asked, looking at Julian’s long eyelashes, which resemble Natalie’s, “What’s going on?”


    “No. ……”


    Julian shook his head lightly once.


    But he quickly reconsidered and said, “I’ll let you know.”


    “There have been a string of incidents similar to the one that happened at the academy before, with demonization occurring all over the place and the Mages spending all their time dealing with it.”


    Dominic’s case was far from over…


    That’s how it works.


    “Do you think …… that an incident like the one seven years ago will happen again at this school?”


    I asked, remembering Julian’s warning the other day.


    “I don’t know about that, but something is about to happen, so you’d better be careful.”


    “What makes you think that?”


    “I don’t know what else to say.”


    Julian clapped his hands lightly on his arms and tried to leave the room, smelling that this conversation was over.


    He murmurs a final word, as if to add.


    “Insane mercy Folly Misericorda, I heard that saints with unhealed wounds die years later, may you not be one.”


    Julian left the room, and I, who was left behind, wondered if there was any connection between the insane mercy Folly Misericorda and Farren. I looked at her face.


    Then Farren expressed her unconcealed indignation and glared at the door through which Julian had left.


    Seeing the look on her face I couldn’t ask her anything.


    After that, Farren and I parted ways right then and there, and I walked towards the student council room.


    Meanwhile, I was thinking about the insane mercy Folly Misericorda.


    The insane mercy Folly Misericorda was a famous case, caused by a madman.


    An incident in which a madman attacked Sanzar Academy and slaughtered students, teachers, and even wizards who came to the rescue.


    The fact that he wiped out an entire squad of mages was particularly shocking, and it was because of this incident that he was identified as a disaster-grade criminal.


    What does that incident have to do with Farren?


    The lunatic should already be dead to begin with.


    Hmmm, I groaned, but he didn’t get an answer …… and so I arrived in front of the student council room.


    I opened the door to the room and stepped inside.


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