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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Just as I was finishing my conversation with Julian.


    The mage woman who had been talking to Natalie – Farah – approached us.


    “You must be Owen, I’m Farah, nice to meet you.”


    “Yes, it’s nice to meet you.”


    Farah asked for a handshake, and I put out my hand in response.


    Her moist skin remained as a feeling even after I shook her hand.


    The skin is very fine, and I am convinced that I do not understand well.


    After greeting her, I chatted with her for a while.


    When the conversation breaks up, Farah started glancing around.


    “Is Casalina here?”


    “You mean Dr. Katherina? I think so.”


    I followed her and checked my surroundings, but I didn’t see Dr. Katherina here right now.


    I mean, this is the time of Dr. Maurice’s lecture, in case you were wondering.


    There’s no way Dr. Katherina is here.


    “Do you know Dr. Katherina?”


    ‘Well, we’re classmates, and I thought I’d say a few words, but if she’s not here, it’s fine.”


    “I’m sure you’ll see each other again at a different time, and being in the same class as Dr. Katherina means I’ll also be seeing Chris sensei at …….”


    I was a little surprised when Fara nodded, “Yes.”


    Because Farah looks much younger than Dr. Chris and Dr. Katherina.


    Of course, it doesn’t mean that Dr. Chris and Dr. Katherina looks old.


    Those two are also quite beautiful, but I get the impression that they are older than Farah.


    “Were you two close?”


    “Are we close? …Yes, Chris and I were rivals with each other.”


    “How are things going with Dr. Katherina?”


    Farah’s eyes narrowed and her mouth twisted into a grin.


    “Come to think of it, Katherina was always losing to me.”


    “Is it ……?”


    I can kind of imagine that Farah was excellent because she was good enough to join the Mage Order.


    But when she says that Dr. Katherina lost to her, it makes me feel kind of …hazy.


    I’m not sure what to make of this.


    Farah’s words show her contempt for Dr. Katherina.


    I was a little ……, no, a lot annoyed at the spine-tingling, condescending remark.


    Pushing the frustration down inside.


    “Dr. Katherina is a great person.”


    I turned my gaze to Farah in a quiet tone.


    “Oh my, you shouldn’t look so scared, what’s so great about her that she’s just taking Chris’s largesse just because she’s incapable?”


    Farah tilted her head and made a heartfelt expression of wonder.


    “It’s Captain Chris.”


    Julian, who was next to her, pointed out to Farah.


    “Well …..I just called her what I used to call her, I’m ……, I’m sorry.”


    It’s not as if she felt bad about it, Farah said.


    I didn’t like her attitude, because it seemed to imply that she was equal to Chris sensei.


    I don’t like the air of being haughty and condescending.


    “Dr. Katherina is not a follower of Dr. Chris, nor is she someone to be dignified by such things, and no matter what you say, Dr. Katherina is a great person and my lifelong mentor.”


    Farah turned her cold gaze on me and shot me a look with her light blue eyes.


    ”I hope that a child with such a great talent as yours was Katherina’s apprentice, and that it will not be a great loss to the Order ……or to this magical world.”


    I can’t hide my annoyance at her words and try to raise my voice.


    However, Farah laughed mischievously and put her finger to her mouth in a bewitching gesture, saying, “Mmmm, I’m just kidding.”


    I couldn’t take my anger out on Farah like that, and I held my half-hearted resentment back in my heart.


    She said, “Well, I’ll see you later,” and then quickly turned around and left the place.


    She then headed towards the men who were looking at her.


    “You bitch,” I inwardly venom as I glare at her posterior.


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