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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    We’ve been waiting a long time.


    You may not have waited that long for it…


    I’ve written as far as I can go, so I’ll resume posting.


    It’s been three weeks since the end of the investigative meeting known as the picnic.


    There are only 3 days left until the exchange meeting, including today.


    We were ready to create the field for the team competition, divide the teams, flow of the exchange meeting, and so on.


    All that’s left is the final touches, like preparing for the party on the first day.


    Maurice-sensei dropped a bombshell at this time, just before the exchange meeting.


    “The Order will be here tomorrow for an inspection.”


    It was just evening homeroom time.


    The reactions of the students are mixed, but the student council members look grim.


    Natalie was the one who showed the most frustration in her face.


    “Isn’t that too abrupt?”


    She prods Maurice-sensei in a slightly spine-tingling way.


    I nodded in agreement with Natalie’s statement.


    “In this period of time when you are busy, the inspection of the magic group overlaps with the inspection of the magic group, without choosing a word, it is only a hindrance.”


    “It’s what they want, not what I want.”


    Maurice-sensei wrinkled his brow.


    The expression on his face, which shows his age, reveals his own hardships.


    “From the teacher’s point of view, I guess they don’t want us to come at such a busy time for social events.”

    However, it seems that the magicians really want to inspect at this time …… and have said so.


    “It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what’s going on in your life and how you can help.”


    “I understand what you’re saying, but isn’t a three-day visit a long time?”


    I followed Natalie’s lead and asked the questions.


    “If the three-day inspection starts tomorrow, it will inevitably run into the first day of the exchange meeting.”


    “I don’t see the point in coming all this way at this time of year.”


    “They want to show up to the party.”


    Maurice-sensei gives a troubled look, then says with a sigh.


    “They may have some kind of agenda, but for the student council, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”


    Seeing the tired look on Maurice-sensei’s face, I knew I couldn’t take it out on him.


    There’s no point in saying more, I look at Natalie.


    She also muttered one “I understand” and reluctantly accepted the doctor’s words.


    And so it was the next morning.


    An inspection team from the Mage Order visited our classroom.


    There were two inspectors, one of whom was Julian.


    I glanced over at Natalie and she’s clearly twitching.


    She still seems to have a hard time with Julian.


    The other was a strangely beautiful woman who called herself Farah.


    The two of them used one of the lecture periods to briefly introduce themselves in front of the A class members.


    Farah’s manner of speaking and gestures were so erotic that they held the gaze of the men.


    Her gaze turned towards me for once, so I gave her a small bail and returned it.


    The purpose of the inspection is to confirm the abilities of the students of Sanzar Academy and to scout for promising talents.


    In particular, the level of our entire generation is higher than in previous years, and it is no wonder why the magicians come to inspect.


    By the way, it’s time for me to make a decision about my career.


    More than half of the students have jobs lined up, and of course, most of them end up in magic-related jobs.


    And I had already decided to go to the Order of the Magic.


    I was scouted directly by Julian when I won two consecutive championships at the Four Great Festivals.


    The answer, of course, is yes.


    Naturally, there were calls from people outside the mage corps as well.


    However, I thought that joining the Order of Magic would be most beneficial to me.


    The main reason is that it is not possible to take over the title immediately after returning to the family home.


    If you accumulate achievements as a mage group, you can become a talent that can be used wherever you go.


    That’s why I’m working for a mage group after I graduate from the academy.


    “Owen, it’s been a long time.”


    After introducing himself, Julian was surrounded by students, but he slipped out of them and came to us.


    “It’s been a long time, Mr. Julian.”


    I bowed my head lightly in greeting.


    “I can’t wait to see what happens next year.”


    “Don’t expect too much.”


    It’s a heavy burden to be expected from a group of monsters, half of whom are said to be in the Order of the Magic.


    “Not excessively, because Owen is a gem, even more so than Captain Chris.”


    “Captain Chris, ….though it doesn’t feel right.”


    After Chris-sensei went to the magic group, she quickly rose to the position of captain.


    It’s a reasonable decision considering her ability.


    I’ve been calling her Dr. Chris, but I guess I’ll have to start calling her Captain Chris next year. ……


    Well, I’ll get used to it.


    “Captain Chris’s squad is a stiff fighting group, you’ll most likely be deployed too, congratulations.”


    “I’m a fighter?”


    I asked back, tilting my head.


    Sure, I’m good at fighting, but …… or rather, the only thing I’m good at is fighting, but …….


    “You’re not stupid, but you’re better off using your extraordinary fighting skills than using your head, I think that’s how they’ll judge you.”


    “I’m sure you’re more suited to intelligence than the behind-the-scenes …… type.”


    I still can’t read what Julian is thinking, and I probably won’t ever be able to read his thoughts.


    On the contrary, I show my emotions easily and I’m the complete opposite of Julian.


    Even if you’re an ally, Julian only gives you the minimum amount of information you need.


    Although this can backfire, Natalie told me that his thorough secrecy is valued in the mage corps.


    In fact, there is a section where he was working alone even when Monet was feeling suspicious.


    Whether it’s good or bad is another matter, but that’s who Julian Alderath is.


    “By the way, who are you here to scout for on this inspection?”


    There is no other student besides me who has been chosen to join the Order of Magic.


    Because the Mage Order is a group of super-elite wizards, there are years when there are no members.


    In terms of simple combat power, Berg is on the right track.


    However, he is out of the question because he is constitutionally incapable of using magic in the first place.


    So, Natalie and Emilia should be the next candidates.


    “What about this girl Emilia?”


    Julian asked, turning his gaze towards Emilia.


    “She’s talented and hardworking.”


    “I don’t like words that are hard to evaluate.”


    I guess I can’t decide if I deserve to join the Mage Order or not, even if the reply is called talent or effort.


    “A little more detail is needed.”


    “Emilia can use versatile magic, and while she’s not an offensive specialist, she can handle a lot of magic and has a good sense for magic manipulation, and I think her dexterity will allow her to play an active role in the Mage Order.”


    “Thank you for the information,” said Julian to my answer.


    “You’re not going to ask me about Natalie?”


    He glanced over at Natalie and saw that she was talking to a woman from the mage group.


    “I’m not going to let her in.”


    With an immediate response, Julian denies it.


    “Why not? I’m sure she’s more than capable.”


    “She’s stopped growing since middle school, she’s not good enough, she’ll never make it in the mage corps.”

    “Isn’t that favoritism on your part, Mr. Julian?”


    “Of course, it’s bad favoritism.”


    “Natalie is growing up well, and most importantly, a lightning magic user is valuable.”


    “It’s not your place to tell me who to recruit.”


    Julian gives me a cold look that sends a chill down my spine.


    “I don’t give a shit about Natalie.”


    Julian forced himself to end this conversation, then held up his index finger.


    “I have one piece of advice for Owen.”


    He made a serious face, then lowered his voice and whispered at a volume only I can hear.


    “Be careful at social events.”


    He said to be careful…


    What do I need to take care of? That’s what I’ll ask Julian.


    However, immediately after Julian said that, he returned to his usual aloof face, and I couldn’t ask him any more.


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