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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    I can’t go on like this – a sense of intimidation overcame Natalie.


    Walk with Owen.


    It was her determination.


    Owen always moves in places Natalie doesn’t know, hurts her, and solves things on his own.


    He doesn’t need Natalie’s help as if he needed it.


    Don’t try to do everything on your own.


    Even if she makes an appeal to it as such, he will soon disappear somewhere else.


    It was frustrating and sad.


    At the same time, she was very anxious.


    She wanted him to be able to turn to her if he needed help.


    But Natalie also understood that she was not the one to be depended on.


    ‘And I’m the eldest daughter of a duke.’


    In addition, the pressure of being the Duke of Alderath’s daughter.


    The Alderaths are the first royalist dukes.


    There are three factions in the kingdom.


    Royalists concentrate power in the hands of royalty.


    The noble faction tries to disperse power to their respective fiefdoms.


    And neutrals who belong to neither of those groups.


    The royalists are the most powerful now, and you can see the weight of responsibility on Natalie, the eldest daughter.


    Perfection shouldn’t exist, but she’s forced to strive for perfection.


    I have been brought up in a strict educational environment since I was a child, and I can’t change my behavior or thoughts now.


    Always seek results above others without mistakes.


    It was her duty as the eldest daughter of the Duke of Alderath, and it was also her pride.


    Natalie couldn’t help but feel impatient as her feelings for Owen combined with the pressure of the Alderath family.


    “I know, ……, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but aren’t you taking it too far?”


    If you look at Natalie from the point of view of an average student, you would see her as a brilliant and talented superwoman.


    She does the job of student body president well, has good communication skills, and has an excellent magical talent.


    And yet, it is Natalie who looks for her own flaws and constantly pushes herself to fall short.


    “I’m not ready, I need to do more.”


    Emilia is dismayed to see such a stubborn Natalie, “Haha …….”


    Honestly, Natalie is thinking too much, Emilia thought.


    She’s responsible to the point of being stupid, ambitious without being too much of a shoulder to lean on, and she’s …… thinking of Owen, which is how Emilia described Natalie.


    In short, she’s clumsy.


    You can do some things with a large amount of capacity for nothing.


    That’s why Natalie looks so dexterous despite her clumsiness.


    You really are an idiot, Emilia thought to herself.


    “I think Natalie needs to give herself more credit, it’s one thing to run like hell, but when you calm down and look at yourself, you’ll see that you can do it.”


    “That’s what —-“


    That’s not true, Natalie denies to herself, but Emilia interrupts her.


    “You see, ……, you’re trying to underestimate yourself again. it’s normal to have strengths and weaknesses in the first place. There are limits to what we’re capable of, and no one’s a superhero who can do it all. So let’s relax our shoulders, let’s relax ourselves, because it’s such a sunny day and we’re in such a calm space.”


    Emilia is the one who knows exactly what she can and can’t do.


    There are geniuses in Emilia’s generation.


    Natalie is among those geniuses.


    People who, no matter how hard they try, can’t catch up.


    Because of them, Emilia had more opportunities to look at herself.


    “I envy you Emilia.”


    “What was there to be jealous of?”


    “Nah, it’s my story, and I’m sorry Owen and Shallot felt bad about it.”


    “Yeah …… well, I guess it’s good that they’re having fun over there ……, should we go back?”


    “No, I prefer to be alone with Emilia, it makes me feel more relaxed.”


    “Emilia is the person Natalie is most comfortable with.”


    “When I’m with Owen, he makes me think a lot.”


    “He’s a good match for Shallot.”


    “Really ……Natalie is not on the same page with Shallot.”


    “That said, I’m trying not to let it interfere with my business.”


    “We’re going to have fun today, okay?”


    “Yeah, let’s do that.”


    Natalie nodded and then looked at Emilia closely.




    Emilia, who was suddenly stared at, crossed her hands in a faltering manner.


    “Thank you for being my friend.”


    An abrupt thank you from Natalie.


    In response, Emilia showed an embarrassed reaction.


    Natalie giggled, amused by the sight.


    “That’s the first time you’ve smiled properly today.”


    “Yeah, ……?”


    “Yes, it’s better to smile, you’ve been looking so scary lately.”


    Emilia said, her lips pursed and her brow wrinkled.


    “Did I look that scary?”


    “You had so many wrinkles between your eyes, you looked like an old man.”


    “You’re overreacting.”


    “I’m not exaggerating, but I’m glad ……you’re in a better mood.”


    Emilia was able to have a pleasant conversation with Natalie for the first time in a long time, and she naturally smiled.


    After that, Emilia and Natalie enjoyed their time together to the fullest, and before they knew it, the sun was starting to set.


    Just as they were about to leave, Owen appeared from the sky, and today’s picnic was over.


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