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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Owen and Shallot are playing in the river, while Emilia and Natalie are in the woods.


    The girls are not doing anything but wandering aimlessly through the forest.


    “Why did you come with me?”


    “Because Natalie’s gonna be alone.”


    “I can do this on my own.”


    “I’m sure you’re aware that it’s all in the name of research.”


    In the first place.


    This is, as Owen said at the beginning, a picnic, not a survey.


    In the event you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are a few things you can do.


    Emilia and Natalie, of course, understand such things.


    The point is, they’re here to play.


    “I’m just here for fun, but the name of being part of the student council activities is working in the wrong direction.”


    Owen, who proposed the idea, probably thought that he could kill two birds with one stone by playing and working for the student council at the same time.


    However, the current situation is one of “those who chase two rabbits will not get one.”


    There’s no way Natalie would be able to relax if she was told it was student council business, ……resulting in a goof up.


    Instead of trying to achieve both halfway, it would have been better to focus on one or the other, and the result would have been better.


    Owen’s suggestion was a bad idea, but Emilia, who agreed to the proposal, can’t complain.


    In addition to that, it’s no use saying that after all this time, making Natalie’s mood better is what Emilia should do.


    Emilia looked at Natalie, who was in a bad mood.


    “Why are you so angry?”


    “I’m not mad at you.”


    “I’m not angry; as Shallot said, I’ve been in a bad mood lately.”


    Emilia could somehow guess why Natalie was in a bad mood.


    The closest thing Natalie has ever had to a pure friend is Emilia.


    Perhaps more than anyone else, surely she can understand Natalie’s feelings better than Owen, she is proud of that.


    “You mean Owen.”


    The only reason Natalie is in a bad mood is because of something related to Owen.


    “What …… are you talking about? Are you trying to be funny?”


    “Natalie is quick to get emotional when it comes to Owen, which is something Natalie herself understands.”


    Natalie doesn’t reply to Emilia’s words, and she walks faster.


    Emilia, who was following Natalie’s back, suddenly thought.


    It’s easy to just follow —- someone’s back.


    Emilia has been following Owen’s back the whole time.


    No one in their year, or perhaps in any year, had the same talent for magic as Owen.


    Berg is a good fighter, but he’s not a wizard.


    Farren can also handle very powerful holy magic, but being a saint is a different level of existence.


    For a long time now, Emilia has had Owen’s back.


    I’m desperately chasing his distant back.


    It’s much easier to just admire them.


    It would be a lot easier to look at Owen with respect like many students do.


    All you have to do is look at Owen from a step away and say, “He’s a genius.”


    But she, Natalie, is different.


    Emilia thought as she stared at the back of her head.


    Natalie is the only one who is willing to stand next to Owen.


    It’s not about following his back, much less admiring it.


    It is Natalie who is standing next to him, looking in the same direction and struggling to move forward together.


    That’s what Emilia knows.


    Knowing her efforts, Natalie’s frustration is palpable.


    It’s a long way.


    I’m not sure what to say, but I’m sure you’ll understand.


    Owen’s back is far away.


    If I’m not careful, they’ll leave me in a heartbeat.


    Even Emilia is feeling impatient.


    In addition, Natalie, who is able to stand next to him, is probably experiencing more frustration than Emilia.


    “I want to be by Owen’s side, and I know that’s what Natalie wants.”


    Natalie stopped walking, not looking back, but looking forward.


    She became quiet.


    But not denying it immediately means affirming it.


    Emilia took this silence as such.


    Owen will probably be a three star.


    Perhaps, he might even achieve the feat of becoming a three-star student during his time at Sanzar Academy.


    Not only that, but he has the potential to go even higher.


    How hard a road it is to want to stand next to him.


    Thinking to that extent, Emilia realizes with a huff.


    I don’t know that I have a firm understanding of Natalie’s feelings.


    After all, Emilia is just a person who follows.


    She even feels relieved about that.


    “I want to stand next to him; I want to be his equal, because the next thing I know, he’s going to be somewhere far away.”


    Natalie slowly turned around and finally spoke up.


    It was a somewhat lonely voice, and Natalie’s expression was shadowed.


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