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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    After walking for a few minutes, we came to a point where the river bends.


    If you look at the terrain here from the sky, it should be an arc.


    Since earlier, I’ve just been sloppily walking along the river, chatting with Shallot.


    I’m not doing any field research at all.


    To be honest, there’s not much to do when it comes to research.


    There doesn’t seem to be any particular danger in the forest either.


    If we came here to just play and all, we’re going to make Natalie feel even worse.


    It’s time.


    It’s time to go into the woods, and that’s when I was about to suggest it.


    I heard Shallot’s voice say, “Eek.”


    Then, water is splashed from the right side.




    My body reacted involuntarily to the coldness of the water against my cheek.


    I looked at Shallot and she was laughing happily.


    “What the hell?”


    “Because, senpai, it’s a picnic today, right?”


    “No, that’s true, but ……”


    “You look like you’re thinking ……, ‘Can I just play?’”


    Well, I’m here to investigate, after all.


    “Are you feeling sorry for the student body president?”


    That’s not why I’m here. ……


    “Well, let’s play… just for a while… we’ve come to such a beautiful river, it’s not wrong to have a little fun.”


    Behind Shallot was a river that reflected the blue of the sky.


    I’m convinced by her words.


    Let’s enjoy this moment.


    “Have you ever played with skimming stones?”


    “Skimming stones……?”


    Shallot asked back, tilting her head slightly.


    “It’s a game where you throw a stone toward the water and it bounces off the water.”


    I said and picked up a flat 5 cm stone from the gravel.


    Then take a low stance with my right knee on the ground.


    I spun and threw the stone toward the river.


    The stone spun sideways, touching the surface of the water and bounced with a pitter-patter.


    It flew over the surface of the water three times and fell into the river with a plop on the fourth.


    “It’s called skimming stones.”


    “That’s amazing! How does it work?”


    “The angle and speed and rotation and all that crap when you enter the water- I mean, I don’t know, it bounces.”


    I don’t know anything about the principle of skimming stones.


    I’m not the king of trivia.


    “You should try it. It’s fun.”


    “Yes! I’ll try.”


    Shallot lifted with both hands a stone that was at least thirty centimeters in diameter and clearly unsuitable for skimming.


    “Whoa, stop, what are you trying to do with that?”


    It’s a stone that looks like it could kill someone, that’s what it is.


    If there was blood on it, it would definitely be determined to have been used as a murder weapon.


    “Oh, really? You should have said that from the beginning.”


    Shallot looks a little sulky.


    “No, I don’t have to tell you, the stone you use for skimming is, you know, a smaller, flatter stone, like …….”


    I found a stone that looks just right and picked it up and gave it to Shallot.


    “Something like this, throw it once.”


    Shallot nodded cockily and received a small stone in the flat.


    Then she swings over with the stone in her right hand.


    Oops, Shallot! She sprinkled it and threw it! She threw a stone at the river in a beautiful form that seemed to be alive.


    Immediately after, a thumping sound reached my ears.


    The stone stabbed deep into the ground in the shallow river.


    “Hey ……, did you use body enhancements by any chance?”


    “Oh, yes, I thought it would be better to throw hard.”


    “Isn’t that too strong? You’ve made a hole.”


    “Hmm, skimming is difficult.”


    Shallot tilted her head a bit.


    “Let’s try without the physical enhancements for now, so we don’t have to pretend.”


    I picked up a reasonable stone and threw it, once again setting an example.


    Just like before, the stone bounced three times off the surface of the water and disappeared into the water.


    “Throw from a low position, giving the stone a sideways spin, with about …… force.”


    I’ll give her the tips in a nutshell.


    Shallot picked up a reasonable sized stone and threw it like I told her to.


    Pichan…… pichan…… pichan…pichan, pichan, pichan.


    The stone bounced five times over the water before falling into the water.


    “It’s done!”


    Shallot looked back at me happily.


    “Oh, five times out of the blue, ……”


    It’s kind of frustrating.


    Well, well, …… I can afford to do it 10 times if I’m serious.


    I just haven’t gotten serious yet.


    Let’s see what I’m really made of for a minute.


    The selection of the stone is important for skimming.


    The stone is flat and looks like it would be easy to add rotation.


    I look at the stone, I pick it up, and I say, “This is it.”




    Throwing stones at each other with a strange shout.


    Pochan …….


    What ……?


    0 times …… would be ……!


    Because I put too much effort into it, I neglected angles and rotation.


    “Senior, I’m not jumping, hurry up and show me your true intentions.”


    Shallot gave me a smirking, teasing look.


    Damn, that’s embarrassing.


    “No, it’s just that sometimes things like this happen. ……I’ll get serious next time.”


    That said, I picked up a stone and threw it, but ……the result was disappointing.


    It only bounced three times.






    There must be something different about the water in this world than the water in the previous life.


    I’m sure it is.


    It must be.


    He threw a flat stone that Shallot had picked up some time ago towards the river.


    Then the stone bounced six times.


    “Hey, senpai, what’s wrong?”


    Shallot is agitated.


    This is how blue comes from indigo and is bluer than indigo.


    “You’ve surpassed your master, my disciple.”


    “What are you talking about?”


    “A little escape from reality.”


    He then threw a solo effort to surpass Shallotte’s record of six.


    After several attempts to break Shallotte’s record, the stone bounced off the water eight times.


    “Mmm-hmm. How’s that?”


    I look at Shallot proudly, with the thought that even I can do it when I have to.


    “You’re a bit childish, aren’t you?”


    “A man will always have the heart of a boy, you know.”


    “Oh ……yes, yes, yes.”


    Shallot said with a barb as she turned to gaze at me.


    Apparently, women don’t understand how men feel.


    Is this the difference between the brains of men and women?


    Men and women are forever unable to understand each other, and I looked diagonally into the void and tried to make it wild.


    Well, ……it’s not wild at all.


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