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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Over the past few days, I have generally solved the mystery by investigating the Seven Wonders.


    By the way, the seven wonders are [laughing painting], [flying Owen], [secret room], [ringing piano sound], [black shadow moving in the corridor], [13 stairs that become one less step at night], and [witch’s plague].


    [Laughing Painting] and [Flying Owen] have already been resolved.


    So I investigated the remaining five.


    First up is the [Secret Room].


    I asked Katharina-sensei about it and the mystery was immediately revealed.


    There is a room with no windows that Chris-san took me to when I was in the first grade of elementary school.


    It is used to talk about things that you don’t want to be heard, and there is one room for each of the elementary, middle, and high schools.


    Basically, only the teacher has the authority to use the room, and a magical ward has been put up so that the students cannot recognize the existence of the room.


    That room is probably the [secret room] that appears in the Seven Wonders.


    Next, [the sound of a ringing piano].


    There was a girl in last year’s graduating class who loved to pull the piano.


    The kid was practicing secretly and …that’s all.


    I concluded that [the shadow moving in the corridor] looked like a black shadow of the teacher who was patrolling at night.


    This is a story about a staircase in the back of a school building that originally has 14 steps, but at night it is hard to see the stairs, so the stairs are counted wrongly and become 13 steps.


    And the seventh [witch’s plague].


    A witch has enchanted the school to sink the Royal Capital, and it’s a thing of beauty.


    It’s no longer a Seven Wonders, but more like a conspiracy.


    There was surprisingly little material left on witches, and even after researching them, I found very little information.


    The perception that witches = fear has become common knowledge in the world, and the Seven Wonders were probably created out of fear of her.


    In a manner of speaking, we finished our investigation by saying that we had investigated all the Seven Wonders.


    In the latter half of the survey, the investigation became tedious, so we put it away as if to say, “No!”


    Because I’ve got better things to do than investigate the Seven Wonders.


    “Come on, let’s make a plan!”


    I slam the table in the student council room with a bang.


    Then Natalie scolded me, “Don’t be violent.”


    Sorry …….


    “So let’s start planning another social event.”


    Everyone nodded at Natalie’s words.


    As a high school student council, social events are one of our biggest events.


    The social event is held every year with Central School, and this year, Sanzar School is the host.


    Following the precedent, the workload of the student council is not that much.


    Invite the students of Central Academy, have a party on the first day, get to know each other while taking classes together, and have a mock battle on the last day to see how good each other is.


    This is how the exchange has been going so far.


    This year, however, we decided to change things up a bit.


    The reason for this was the opening of the four great festivals.


    Since they already knew each other’s abilities, Natalie suggested to the teachers that they should do something more meaningful than a mock battle.


    Her opinion was accepted, and the student council decided to organize the event.


    One month to the exchange meeting.


    I’ll be busy planning and preparing until then.


    “The first thing you need to know is the purpose of the event. It’s called a social event, so it’s okay if you want to get to know others…… students better, right?” I asked with confirmation.


    Just like at work, it’s important to have a clear purpose.


    If you run with no sense of purpose, you can get lost along the way.


    “Well, social events are meant to inspire and improve each other’s magic, so it’s best if it’s something that involves magic and competition, and even better if it’s an event that’s more geared towards actual combat.”


    Natalie expressed her opinion while expressing her agreement.


    “You mean we’re going to compete in magic other than mock battles?”


    Shallot said as she twirled her fingers on the desk.


    “Hmmm …then how about we do a mock battle in teams, 3 on 3 or something, oh but that’s no different than a mock battle.”


    “Not necessarily, because in a team game there’s a lot of coordination and stuff, and it’s a different kind of fight than an individual game.”


    A 3-on-3 team fight is not a bad idea.


    The wizard who has the power of single combat as an [individual] can be a strategic weapon by itself.


    That’s why martial arts competitions and the four major festivals involve individual battles instead of team battles.


    In fact, against a three star level wizard, no matter how many ordinary people there were, it wouldn’t matter much.


    Then what’s the point of a team game if you can just master the individual?


    That was the right way to think about this country until now.


    However, it is also true that an individual cannot win against a group.


    The day will come when a group of ordinary people will defeat a genius.


    That’s why you need to learn to play the team game.


    “How about a game where we fight for position?”


    Natalie looked at me and asked me to continue.


    I explain using the two magic stones I had on my desk.


    “We have each other’s positions and the two teams fight for them, for example, we put a flag on our position and if they burn it, we lose.”


    “Putting aside the detailed rules, if we’re attacked in each other’s territory, we lose.”


    Emilia popped her hand and agreed.


    “Well, something like that, what do you think?”


    “Not bad, I guess.”


    Shallot seconds the motion.


    “What do you think Natalie?”


    “Yes, I think that’s a very good idea, but the flag thing is a bit of a turn-off, so instead of flags, how about making the target a person?”




    I asked back, and Natalie nodded, saying, “Yeah.”


    “Most battles end when the opposing commander dies, so why not have one person as a hypothetical leader and have that person die …How about if the leader takes the item you gave him?”


    “Sure, …that might be more like a real battle.”


    “What about the rest of us?”


    “Yeah, that’s good.”


    “Yes, I think that would be fine.”


    Emilia and Shallot replied at the same time.


    “Let’s go with that.”


    Now it’s time to set the rules.


    “By the way, what’s the date, time and place?”


    “I think the date should be the last day, it’s only the last day of the interchange.”


    “The location of the city center is dangerous, right?”


    “Well, …would you like to go to a nearby forest that doesn’t have any demons?”


    A student with a reasonable level of ability will attend a social event, but we want to eliminate the risk.


    In case the demons don’t cause any damage, you know?


    I mean, I’ve been going to the forest a lot since I came to the academy.


    It’s like going to the park and saying, “Let’s go to the forest.”


    It’s like, if you’re lost, just go to the woods and you’ll be fine.


    In this world, the forest is the biggest theme park.


    The forest is always voted as one of the top places for children to play.


    Well, …it’s a lie.


    When it comes to places where you can bang out magic, your options are limited to begin with.


    The school grounds aren’t that big, and when it comes to extracurricular activities, it’s mostly held in the forest.


    “In the meantime, we need to do some field work.”


    “We’ll have to see if there’s any danger, what the terrain is like, and which part of the forest we’ll be using.”


    Natalie started to feel stiff.


    It’s not that.


    I wanted to take it easy and go to the woods.


    “Let’s have a picnic in the woods!”




    “You’ve never been to a playdate with the student council, so let’s call it a preview and have a forest picnic!”


    “I agree!”


    Shallot raised her hand quickly.


    “Sounds fun!”


    Emilia followed suit and looked thrilled.


    Finally, Natalie showed some signs of being a little lost.


    “It’s not a game, …but it’s not that bad either.”


    She shook her head.


    This is how we, the student council members, ended up going out to the forest.


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