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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    It has been a while since the four major festivals ended.


    The time is the end of summer.


    I feel a little chilly.


    It’s the time of the year when the seasons change and we’re all prone to catching colds, so be careful!


    By the way, I haven’t caught a cold since I came to this world.


    Maybe it’s because of the magic?


    Instead, he is injured in a way that is incomparable to his previous life, but…


    I was in the student council room …as usual.


    The student council members are sitting around a long table.


    “What are we doing today?”


    “You’ve got a lot of work to do, and since you’re the vice president, …you should be a little more firm.”


    Natalie is seated at the end of the table, closest to the window.


    And I’ll sit next to her as her assistant.


    “Yes, yes.”


    Natalie’s eyes narrowed lightly as I replied inappropriately.


    It’s a little scary…


    Me and Natalie are in the student council.


    Natalie is student body president and I’m vice president.


    Emilia is the secretary.


    And then there’s one treasurer, for a total of four.




    The accountant is a girl.


    I’m the only guy, the rest are all girls!


    So what I’m trying to say is: …Harem!




    This is the harem I’ve always wanted!


    “Owen, do your job well, or go home.”


    Emilia, sitting in front of me, was angry with me.


    “Isn’t being vice president just a title?”


    Natalie also gave me a strong stare.




    My position is …unfortunately low in the student body.


    This is not the harem I was hoping for!


    What’s with the uncomfortable…


    Where’s the harem of my dreams?


    You’ve got to pamper me more!


    “All right, I’ll do it.”


    Lately, the people around me have been treating me like crap.


    No, seriously.


    I’m the kind of kid who thrives on praise. …Long live the generous generation.


    With a grudge against this, I tried to stare at Natalie.


    But …… Natalie was beautiful.


    I can see her blue eyes following the material.


    I can’t help but admire the way she pulls her long hair over her ears.


    Oh, no, no, no.


    …..Let’s get to work!


    The job of the vice president is simply to support the president.


    It’s called being on the edge.


    But alas, Natalie is too good.


    And Emilia is just plain good.


    This student council can get along just fine without me!


    I can say with confidence.


    That said, it doesn’t mean there’s no work at all.


    Part of this is to reflect the opinions of the students in the management of the school.


    There were several messages sent to the student body today, and as I flipped through them…


    “This again……”


    I pouted and Natalie looked at me.


    “Seven wonders?”


    “Oh, I heard this topic is all the rage these days.”


    The seven wonders that every school would have.


    But unlike my previous life, there is magic in this world.


    So I can’t even kick it off as ridiculous……


    “That’s ridiculous.”






    Don’t be so quick to deny it.


    “But you know what they say, there’s no smoke without fire.”


    “It’s not that I doubt the Seven Wonders themselves, it’s just that it’s ridiculous to ask the student council to do it for you, why don’t you do it yourself?”


    I want you to investigate the authenticity of the Seven Wonders. …We’ve been getting requests like that frequently.


    “I bet you’re afraid to go see for yourself.”


    Emilia returns and Natalie sighs in disgust.


    “You’re afraid to look it up yourself so you want us to look it up for you? We’re not handymen. …We’re busy too.”


    “I understand what Natalie is saying, but isn’t it our job to make sure the school isn’t in danger?”


    Well, I don’t think there’s any danger in the Seven Wonders.


    I’ll give you a reason that sounds like it.


    “Well, for example, one of the Seven Wonders …is the mysterious flying object …[Flying Owen] that can be seen in the schoolyard in the evening?”


    “No, that’s not even a mystery anymore, is it?”


    “Haha!” Emilia laughed amusedly.


    For some reason, it seems that my name is one of the Seven Wonders.


    No, why not?


    I mean, a mysterious flying object isn’t a mystery when you’re using …my name.


    It’s just me flying around.


    “Don’t laugh, so how about it Natalie, if we’re going to be getting more requests like this in the future, we might as well get it sorted out sooner rather than later, don’t you think?”


    “That’s true too. ……”


    And at that moment.


    “Senior Owen, please help me.”


    The doors of the student council were suddenly opened.


    There is a girl with a ponytail, gathered in one peach-colored back.


    She approached me with a wisp of tears on her pretty face that made me want to protect her.


    Her name is Shallot.


    She’s one year younger than me and a member of the student council.


    “Oh, …what is it?”


    As Shallot approached, the scent of the flowers tickled my nostrils.


    “Owen, your nose is getting larger.”


    Natalie looked at me more coldly than usual.


    I smelled a little good, so I went to …and…


    “I walked by the art room earlier and it was so scary…”


    Shallot made a frightened sound.


    Men are so simple.


    I want to bother girls who are weak.


    “So …… well, you were scared …that was a disaster.”


    “He was laughing like a madman.”


    “One of the Seven Wonders?”


    “Yes, I was passing by on an errand, and I heard laughter …and it reminded me of the Seven Wonders. Senior Owen …will you go with me to see them?”


    Shallot said.


    Natalie interjected before I could reply to that.


    “Was that really a laugh, and not a misunderstanding?”


    “I could be wrong, but I did feel scared.”


    Shallot said firmly.


    Shallot is an excellent junior and the highest achiever of the high school freshmen…


    And she’s solid and reliable in her work.


    But …a little bit Natalie and I don’t seem to be on the same page.


    “You felt scared, that’s your business, right?”


    “It’s true what the student council president said, but if I felt scared, it’s not surprising that others would feel scared as well, right?”


    “That doesn’t mean we need two people from the student council to go.”


    “With the Four Great Festivals over, it shouldn’t be too busy now, and besides, senior Owen seems to be free.”


    What, do I look that bored?


    There’s not much to do, though.


    “Well, well, Natalie, why don’t you just go and have a look?”


    “Because Owen’s like that, …, oh well.”


    Natalie exhaled generously.


    Natalie has been in a bad mood for more days since she became student body president.


    I guess it’s because she has that many responsibilities.


    I want to help her as much as I can.


    But in this case, I can see where Shallot is coming from.


    I mean, it’s worse for my stomach to be sitting here without a job.


    “Let’s go check it out.”


    “Ye- …Yes!”


    “So, Natalie and Emilia…, I’m off.”




    Natalie made a slight hesitation, but nodded reluctantly.


    “Have a good day.”


    Emilia followed with a small wave.


    This is how I ended up going with Shallot to find out the truth behind the laughing paintings.

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