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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Shallot has no talent for magic.


    She’s admitted that to herself.


    If we talk about the amount of magic power, it is at most B class level.


    She finally moved up to Class A in her third year of elementary school.


    From there it didn’t take her long to climb to the top.


    It was easy to be the best in this grade.


    Just make the effort.


    If you devote yourself to your studies while others are busy playing, you can reach the top.


    Those people who talked about talent and efficiency were not her enemy.


    It’s Shallot who doesn’t consider studying to be an effort in the first place.


    Even if the amount of magic power is a little low, it’s not much of a handicap.


    That’s why Shallot is scouring the books in the library today.


    She loves this moment.


    She cherishes those moments when she comes across a good book.


    It is difficult to find really valuable information in the jumble of stones.


    But when you get valuable information, you can feel elated like you’ve found a treasure.


    Her own personal book.


    Her own personal information.


    To be able to find a book out of many books.


    It was, as it were, a meeting of fate.


    Looking at the book with sparkling eyes, she found an interesting title.


    “Fundamentals of Magical Engineering.”


    It is a field that a certain genius is said to have created in only a few years.


    As the field is still in its infancy, there are very few books on the subject available in the world.


    Magical engineering is the theoretical proof of a part of magic that is understood by the senses.


    However, because the content is advanced and includes things that overturn long-held magical theories, it is sometimes ridiculed as “the shallow wisdom of barbarians” by those with old-fashioned values.


    “Let’s do this today.”


    Shallot believes in things expressed in numbers rather than in what is considered common knowledge or the words of famous people.


    Without hesitation, she picked up a book on magical engineering.


    She sat down in a nearby chair and flipped through it.


    “Awesome. ……”


    A gasp of admiration naturally escaped her mouth.


    Although she has only read the opening chapters, Shallot is convinced that this book is worth reading.


    It is shown by data and experiments, omitting ambiguous expressions and the author’s subjectivity as much as possible.


    She was engrossed in reading it, and it was getting dark outside.


    “I’m still trying to read this…..”


    She can come back here tomorrow, but ……she can’t wait to read on.


    So Shallot decided to borrow the book.


    It’s been a while since she’s found a good book.


    Delighted by this, she ran to her dorm with excitement in her heart.


    The sun has completely set and it’s hard to see what’s around.


    It’s a school district, so she doesn’t see any great danger.


    However, Shallot still finds the darkness of the night scary.




    A black cat walked past Shallot.


    But that’s all it was, and yet her heart was beating fast.


    Logic, facts, data, and numbers have nothing to do with darkness.


    She’s afraid of what she’s afraid of.


    Shallot quickens her pace, knowing she must get to her dorm quickly.


    And that’s just when she turned the corner.


    She bumped into someone with a thud and she shouted, “There…”


    She took a step or two back …and then she looked up.




    A disgusted sound escaped from Shallot’s throat.


    The person she bumped into was the perm boy who had taunted Shallot earlier.


    “You did it on purpose.”


    The boy said, glaring at Shallot.


    “It couldn’t have been intentional.”


    “No, I’m sure you did it on purpose.”


    “You’re so persistent.”


    “What’s with the attitude, you bumped into me and instead of apologizing, you’re upset?”


    “Uh, yes, yes, sorry.”


    “Do you think I’m stupid?”


    A boy with a low, intimidating voice.


    Shallot shakes her shoulders and atrophies at that attitude.


    Normally, she wouldn’t care about this level of threat, but the darkness of the night created an opening in her mind.


    “Just in time for me to give you a lecture.”


    The boy said and squeezed Shallot’s arm.


    Shallot’s face contorted in fear.


    Shallot is the best in her grade, including classroom work.


    She has enough combat experience to be selected as a contestant for the Four Great Festivals.


    But the state of having a man closing in on her until she was right in front of him reduced her ability to think.


    “Ya …… stop!”


    “I hate that.”


    The man then brings his face close to Shallot’s.


    Shallot felt a physiological disgust.


    “You’ve got a pretty face too, if you look hard enough.”


    The man gives her a vulgar look.


    She doesn’t even want to look at a man who is inferior to her because it is disgusting.


    But afraid to close her eyes, Shallot remained rigid, looking at the man.


    And when the man’s face was close enough to breathe on…




    Shallot let out a small scream.


    And that’s when.


    “What are you doing?”


    Before she knew it, a man with brown hair was standing behind the perm boy.


    “Who the fuck is…?”


    The perm-boy tried to look back.


    But before he could, the brown-haired man grabbed the boy by the shoulders forcefully.


    And the perm boy is sent flying backwards.


    “What the fuck?”


    The boy shouted angrily at the brown-haired man.


    The brown-haired man’s face is illuminated by the moonlight.


    “Owen Pepper……”


    Shallot told him his name in a daze.


    The perm-boy shuddered at the mention of Owen’s name and ran away with a pitiful “Hyah!”


    Owen doesn’t pay any attention to that and looked at Shallot.


    “Are you okay?”




    Owen’s straight eyes stared at her, and Shallot was thrilled.


    A living legend, he has left behind many anecdotes since he first entered the school.


    There are many who admire such Owen.


    Shallot is no exception to this, and has a great deal of respect for Owen.


    And for the …very …very simple reason that he helped her out of a pinch, Owen looked like the prince in the story.


    Yes, Owen looked like a prince!


    “Are you sure…? You’re looking a little flushed, maybe it’s because you’ve just been ……”


    “Yes …… no, it’s nothing!”


    Shallot then left the place as if to escape.


    Then she ran, holding her chest for a while.


    The night breeze glided across her cheeks.


    She doesn’t fall in love with someone over something as simple as this.


    Because Shallot is a believer in numbers and data.


    Shallot doesn’t know such data …… to fall in love within seconds of meeting.


    She made up excuses for this and that, and denied the excitement in her heart.


    In the first place, love itself is a logical fallacy.




    She doesn’t believe in that stuff.


    She doesn’t want to believe it, but her blushing cheeks won’t cool down for a while.


    By the way, Owen was left on the spot.


    “Could it be that …she hates me?”


    It is a secret that he was disappointed in himself.


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