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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Shallot sighed.


    She has a pretty, sheltered face, but now she has cold eyes.


    “They’re all …idiots.”


    She is one generation below Owen.


    Owen and his generation are said to be the most talented generation ever.


    The Golden Generation, as it is commonly called.


    Just the standouts like Owen, Berg, Natalie and Farren are amazing, but it’s a generation of high level individuals in general.


    Emilia Totem, for example.


    Although they are inferior to geniuses like Owen and the others, it is because they were born in the same generation as them.


    If she was of the same generation as Shallot and the others, Emilia would have been at the top of her game.


    The level of the other students is also high, and it is even said that the B class of the older generation is comparable to the A class of the Shallot generation.


    On the contrary, though, that’s how far they say their generation has fallen.


    A generation of dropouts who lost all their best talent to the one above them.


    That’s the generation of Shallot.


    No one will pay any attention to you.


    If anything, most of the best teachers are following the older generation.


    The teachers who teach Shallot and his friends are …none of them.


    In this meritocratic academy, it can’t be helped.


    In fact, Shallott’s grade is terrible.


    “It’s enough to get me to the top.”


    Shallot’s family are not nobles, but a family that makes its living as moneylenders.


    In this society, the profession of lending money is regarded as a job for those of low status.


    The public perception is that they have no choice but to lend money because they have no other job.


    Even with that kind of perception prevalent, though, there are still many noblemen who come to borrow money from the Shallots.


    People also know that these nobles are making fools of themselves behind the scenes.


    She doesn’t care about those circumstances, but that means Shallot is a commoner.


    Although their family is wealthy, Shallot is the only one in the family who can use magic.


    The one who is born with a rare gift of magic …is Shallot.


    Her parents are sending Shallot to school, saying it’s an upfront investment.


    In fact, if she can graduate from Sanzar Academy, she can earn more money than the high tuition alone.


    That’s how she got into Sanzar Academy, and Shallot quickly realized that their generation was a bunch of dropouts.


    A Class A aristocrat with no ability is just being dignified.


    Shallot is willing to put in the effort because she knows how much the effort he is putting in now will be worth in the future.


    She considers investing in herself to be the greatest investment she can make.


    In contrast, there are many in Class A who believe they have the talent and do nothing about it.


    They really are all idiots.


    With that thought in mind, a group of men surrounded Shallot as she walked down the hallway.


    “Hey, Shallot, where are you going?”


    Saying that, the one who has been looking down on Shallot is the third son of some marquis family.


    He’s a boy with a curly hair.


    He is the one in Shallot’s generation with the most amount of magic power alone.


    However, Shallot’s performance was better.


    “The library.”


    Shallot replied bluntly.


    “‘Hahahahaha, the commoner is desperate today!”


    The boy with the curly hair laughed, and his cronies laughed with him.


    “Go away, I don’t have time for you.”


    Shallot sighed inwardly, wanting to study as much as possible for a second rather than talk to a man like this.


    As the best school in the country, there are many wonderful books in the library here.


    Since she can read that for free, she wants to absorb as much as she can while still a student.


    With no time to waste, Shallot reacted to the troublesome boys with more sting than usual.


    “Hmph, a person with just a few good grades who has no friends and only studies and gets top grades, that’s miserable.”


    “Yes, yes, I get it, just go away……”


    Shallot gave the boy a pitying look.


    After all, they are the ones who can only be dignified by their herd and authority.


    Besides, Shallot is fully enjoying this environment where she can work hard on her studies.


    She’d rather think men who don’t know the joy of learning are miserable.




    The curly-haired boy stood in front of Shallot and threatened her.


    “It’s a sham.”


    He mouthed the words and glared tightly at Shallot.


    Certainly, to them, the nobles, Shallot might seem a no one.


    The amount of her magic power is not much either.


    However, the ability that she has accumulated is much more valuable than the talent that she was born with.


    Shallot thought, but does not say it out loud.


    “Let’s go.”


    Bored with Shallot’s silence, the boy left with his cronies.


    Shallot quickly turned his back from view and walked hurriedly towards the library.


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