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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    My name is Owen Pepper.


    I am the only son of Black Pepper.


    “By the way, Natalie.”


    “What is it?”


    “How do you write an afterword?”


    “Afterword is what you write after a story, right?”


    “Oh, yeah, that.”


    “Generally speaking, it’s about your feelings about your work and the story behind the writing process. More importantly, you… you wrote a novel?”


    “No, hahaha, I thought I’d write about it sometime.”


    “Haha …I haven’t even written a novel yet, so what am I supposed to think about postcards?”


    “That’s true, too.”


    It is true that it is a kind of raccoon without a raccoon.


    “What kind of story are you trying to write?”


    “It’s about a protagonist who gets transferred to another world and goes on an adventure, and the protagonist’s abilities are mediocre, but with the perks of transferring to another world, he gets special powers and blows away the bad guys, like that?”


    I don’t have a detailed plan in mind.


    I just have a vague idea of what I want to write about.


    From my previous life, I loved stories such as manga, anime, dramas, and movies.


    One of my favorite parts of the book was the otherworldly story.


    “It sounds interesting, and I like that it’s an alternate universe, too.


    “Ah haha…”


    That unrealistic thing is happening right now, isn’t it?


    I never thought I would be reincarnated in another world.


    “Let me read that story when you write it.”


    “Yeah, it’s …a bit embarrassing for people to see.”


    “You’re embarrassed to show your novel to …what are you writing it for?”


    “I want people to read it, but I’m embarrassed for it to be read …Kuh… it’s annoying.”


    “Either you want it to be read or you don’t want it to be read…”


    “Both of them!”


    Right after I say that, Natalie sighed grandly.


    And at that moment, the bell rang, signaling the end of the day.


    Class is about to start.


    “All right, let’s go.”




    With that, Natalie got up from her seat.


    I followed suit and got up from my seat and left the rest area.


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