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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    The moonlight coming through the window makes the room slightly brighter.


    There is one man in the room, a man in a black hat.


    An expensive bottle of wine was placed on a round table and the man brought the glass to his mouth.


    The wine’s acidity spread across his palate and he tasted it as he rolled it around on his tongue.


    After enjoying a glass of wine, the man narrowed his eyes.


    “Hmm, not bad.”


    He tried to intervene a bit in this quadrennial.


    He didn’t expect Berg to take me up on the man’s offer.


    He appeared before Berg on the assumption that he would be refused.


    Why did he go to the trouble of appearing in front of Berg so prominently?


    Of course there is a reason.


    Because the fact that I talked to Berg in that place is what makes it meaningful.


    Suppose by chance …that there was someone watching that place, that is, the negotiations between him and Berg.


    All that person has to say is “Berg had some kind of deal the day before the final”.


    Owen abandoned the next day and Berg wins the tournament.


    What will people really make of these facts?


    There should have been a rumor going around that Berg cheated to win the championship.


    Because for people, it never matters whether a rumor is true or not.


    It’s more interesting to be so, and the crowd likes information that spices up their boring lives.


    And so the foolish people are led astray by rumors.


    That’s what the man wanted.


    And by the way, I wish I could have killed Owen Pepper.


    If we went to the trouble of, um, losing the Pepper family and Owen comes into play, it’s not going to make sense.


    I would have eliminated it here if I could.


    But that’s not the point this time.


    Black’s bad reputation has already spread, and it will take time for Owen to regain the Pepper family’s trust once it has fallen, despite his best efforts.


    Besides, “I don’t believe that fickle Jack and unfeeling Monet could kill Owen.”


    If Owen dies, it’s good.


    If not, it doesn’t matter as long as Owen isn’t in the finals.


    There was also the possible option of Owen not going to help Monet.


    Then you can make good use of the fact that you didn’t go to help.


    It’s not to the man’s detriment no matter how it turns out.


    But at the last minute, the man’s intentions were thwarted.


    “I didn’t expect the final to take place, you know.”


    An unprecedented event.


    That Berg wanted to fight Owen more than he wanted to win.


    That’s one miscalculation.


    And it was a miscalculation for Owen to win.


    There is no rumor going around that Berg cheated to win the championship.


    “Does it happen that way?”


    The result was certainly not what the man had in mind.


    But it’s nothing to be pessimistic about.


    This time it’s the front.


    There are other ways to drive a wedge into a magic supremacist society.


    And, “Because the day when the capital is stained with blood is not  far away.”


    The man in the black hat superimposes the burning royal city on the red of the wine.


    Imagine people’s faces contorting in fear …and the man laughs, revealing his amusement.


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