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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    I don’t want to lose.


    How much easier it would be if I could win with just that thought.


    If all the efforts and talents could be surpassed only by feelings, I am sure I wouldn’t be suffering like this.


    Berg thought about that as he looked at Owen Pepper in front of him.


    A bullet fired from Owen.


    The blow, which was released from an all too natural movement, accurately struck Berg in the thigh.




    I thought I had taken precautions against Owen.


    Owen, who has two names, is not only a flying magician.


    If Owen could just fly, Berg would never have had to compete with him.


    The scary thing about Owen is the power of his magic.


    Even a rudimentary level fireball is a killing blow when he handles it.


    Even one hit from Owen’s magic could be fatal.


    And Berg had been dealt a fatal blow.


    —A thumping sound roared through the hall.


    Immediately afterwards, a bullet is fired from Owen’s finger.


    Berg barely avoided it, —but he had no more means of closing the distance between him and Owen.


    Blood is flowing from his thigh sluggishly.


    A certain pain is claiming Berg’s defeat.


    Oh, how far away it is.


    The distance between Berg and Owen is a few meters.


    If Berg uses body enhancement in a perfect state, he can close the distance in an instant.


    But these few meters are endlessly far for Berg.


    “Ifrit, with scorching heat: —.”


    Owen started chanting [Ifrit].


    And hearing that, Berg strengthened his body and put more power into his legs.


    His thigh is in extreme pain.


    His face almost contorted in pain.


    But Berg, who had driven the pain out of his consciousness, kicked the ground as soon as Owen finished his chant.


    Scorching flames loomed in front.


    If you were to be enveloped in those flames in the flesh, you would be reduced to ashes in an instant.


    Berg felt that much heat.


    His instincts told him to avoid it.


    But Berg suppressed his instincts …and his fears.


    Then he threw himself into the flames.


    His breath is hot.


    All the water in his body is going to evaporate.


    The match had only been underway for a few seconds.


    Despite this, Berg is torn to shreds all over his body.


    He’s in the flames for just a few tenths of a second.


    But in the scorching heat that was burning his body to the ground, the moment felt like tens of seconds to the senses.


    And Berg, who endured it, was out of the flames the next moment.


    Owen is in front of him now.


    Berg gripped his sword tightly.


    Even if the body is torn apart, the body enhancement is activated to the maximum extent.


    Time is concentrated to the extreme.


    ‘I’m going to put everything into this moment.’


    With that thought in mind, Berg took a step forward.




    Hard work, talent, and feelings all go into this one blow.


    Berg was about to swing his sword at Owen —the next moment.


    “—gravitational pull.”




    Berg’s blow failed to reach Owen.


    Instead, Berg found himself slumped over on the ground.


    His body doesn’t move a muscle as if a heavy stone is on it.


    ‘Oh, I lost.’


    Berg recognized that fact.


    He was one step closer.


    But that step is an endlessly long one.


    But he was filled with a strange sense of relief.


    ‘I’m disappointed to have lost. But I was able to fight Owen with everything I had.’


    That was what filled Berg’s mind.


    Berg closed his eyes as he slept in peace.


    ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■


    The final of the middle school division was held hastily.


    It’s a few seconds of the match.


    It was such a short fight that if you didn’t strain your eyes you would have missed it.


    Berg is on the ground and Owen is standing.


    “The winner: —Owen Pepper!”


    The headmaster declared in high spirits.


    The crowd was stunned by the moment.


    But there was no atmosphere of mockery about the fight.


    A moment when everything is packed is definitely worth more than being shown a mediocre match for tens or hundreds of seconds.


    The people in attendance were quietly excited to be able to watch this fight right here and now.


    And there’s no way that the elation I’m feeling in my chest isn’t going out.


    “Whoa, whoa, whoa.”


    The whole venue was filled with thunderous applause and cheers.


    It was not only for Owen, the winner, but also for Berg, who gave his best game.


    Owen vs Berg in the final.


    It was such a dramatic match that it will go down as one of the best matches of the Four Great Festivals.


    And so, with Owen’s victory, the long, long quadrennial festival came to a close.

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