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Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~!

Chapter 11


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Chapter 11 : Kidnapping

Translated by: NotBlueYet

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“I didn’t think there would be anyone here, but it looks like someone beat me to it,” a voice said. 


‘Who is…?’


Her shiny golden hair… this is the daughter of the Duke of Alderath.


She greeted, “Nice to meet you. I am Natalie Alderath. And you are?”


“Nice to meet you too. I’m Owen Pepper.”


“Speaking of…the infamous Pepper…”


Yes, she’s right.


I am the legitimate son of the infamous and incompetent Pepper family.




“That rumor is pretty widespread,” I claimed. 


“Your family consists of aristocrats who can’t use magic, yet you are still very arrogant nonetheless.”


“That’s right.”


“Oh my, you even admit it. And I heard that rumor has it, Owen has a very bad temper…”


Oh, come on, why would you do anything to piss off a dangerous person.


So I guess that’s me, huh?


“Or maybe because I am the daughter of the Duke, you are taking all the blame,” she continued.


“No, it’s just the way I am. Besides, I’m mature enough not to get angry with a kid.”


“You talk like you think you are an adult.”


Oh, right.


I am just a kid.


“Phew… He’s at the age when he wants to act like an adult.”


“Are you saying that to yourself?”


Natalie’s eyes turn deadpan.


I replied, “I’m just a kid who can look at himself objectively.”


“You’re pretty different from what the rumors say… what a strange guy,” she murmured.




Is that a good thing?


Well, it is better than being an incompetent fatty. I simply responded with, “Thank you.”


However, she said quite blankly, “I’m not complimenting you… But it’s a good way to pass the time.”


“You were bored, huh?”


She’s being celebrated in such a fancy place.


You would think she’d say, ‘Gee, guys – thanks for doing this for me!


But no, I guess not.


“Yeah. No, it is nothing. I was born into a ducal family, and this is my role. I have no choice.”


Natalie looked as if she had given up on something.


Come on, that is not a good expression for a 10-year-old to have.


It is also Natalie’s birthday today.


She should be more excited, don’t you think?


“Kids should act more like kids.”




“That’s what my teacher said. You only have a short time to be a kid. Don’t throw away that precious time and act like an adult.”


How long will I be able to purely be a child?


Until I get a job?


Until I come of age?


I do not know the average lifespan of a person in this world, but in any case, the time you get to be a child is short.


And that period is very important in our lives.


I am fine with it because I went through a childhood phase in a previous life, but Natalie is different.


As we grow older, there are more and more things we must comply with.


It becomes harder to say what you truly feel.


Because of the responsibility that comes with actions, we become timid.


That’s how it works; you can only do what you can do.


So, people should enjoy being a child to the fullest while they still can.


Well, I am quoting that from Katherina-sensei.


“It’s not as simple as that. My actions will reflect the actions of the entire dukedom. I can’t just live as I please like you…”


“I don’t know about that. I was taught by one of the greatest and most respected teachers I’ve ever had. She told me that kids should be kids. So be a kid.”


The instructor’s teachings are absolute.


I was spoiled by such a teacher.


“You’ve met the right person,” she said wistfully.


I had to agree, “That’s right. Katherina-sensei is the best teacher I’ve ever had.”


“Fufufu. I am so jealous.”


“So, let’s go and play right now.”


“Eh? …What are you saying?”


“You’re bored at your birthday party, aren’t you? Then let’s do something fun together.”


Ghehehehe, little girl, come do something fun with your big brother. I am sure it’ll be fun! I’ll give you candy, too… 


I’m just kidding.


“I’m the star of the day. I have to go back now…” Natalie resigned.


“Why does the star of the day, the one who is celebrating her birthday, look so bored? Aren’t birthdays supposed to be very special days for that person?”


“Yes, it’s a special day. A special day where I have to entertain everyone else.”


“I don’t think you enjoy doing that, Natalie.”


“That’s just the way it is.”


“Come and play with me.”


“Did you even listen to me?” she sighed. 


“Listen, I don’t know anything about that. Besides, you and I are friends now. Friends enjoy going out with their friends. That’s all that matters.”


“Friends…? Where do you think you’re going with that idea?”


“Let’s explore! Let’s explore that garden over there!”I point to the garden that can be seen from the balcony.


Since we’re on the second floor, there are two ways to get outside: through the venue or directly downstairs.


However, we cannot go through the venue.


It would be conspicuous, and Natalie would most likely get called over.


But even if we wanted to directly go to the balcony, no stairs were leading down from it.


Suddenly, an idea popped into my head, ‘I can make stairs!’


I gather all the magic power I could muster in my right hand.


“Earth, guide us,” I chanted.


I used generated soil using magic to make the stairs.


The stairs lead from the balcony to the garden outside.


I jumped over the railing and invited Natalie to join me, “Come on, let’s go.”




“We’re just going out for a bit. We’ll be right back.”


After a beat, she hesitantly agreed, “Just for a minute.”


Natalie showed a small sign of concern, and then came closer to me.


And as she tried to take my hand, a voice called out, “Natalie! What are you doing here? Why aren’t you coming back in?”


A man came out from the hall.


“Fa- Father…” Natalie stuttered out.


By her father, she means Ralph Alderath, the current head of the Alderath family.


This is not good.


The situation looks like a suspicious man is kidnapping Natalie, doesn’t it?


I hugged Natalie’s body.


“Eh, Wai- Owen!?”


“Hold tight”


“What the hell are you doing to Natalie?” Ralph growled as he tried to grab Natalie’s arm.


“Release from gravity!” I yelled.


I held Natalie in my arms and used my magic to fly us up in the air.



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