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    Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life

    Chapter 36

    Two Eight! ??

    Translated by Hikaru
    Edited by Mel


    “Then everyone, try to formulate the herbs as taught.”


    At the instruction of Sylphia-san, the students replied with a joyful “Yes.”


    It is the first week of June, two months after the entrance ceremony…


    Today Bildarz Academy high school students were taking special lectures.


    A special lecture is a class whose content differs depending on the department to which a student belongs.


    It seems that the hero department takes a class called ‘Combat Training’ and mainly learns physical arts from the swordsman teacher Farnese Evans.


    On the other hand, we, the students of the general course, were taught magic pharmacy by the blue-haired teacher, Sylphia Makina.


    “It’s surprisingly unpleasant to mix. This is how the grass is ground…”


    Glan, a muscular man with short peach colored hair, crushes the herbs in a mortar with a pestle. About three bundles of green grass were forcibly crushed by Glan’s strength and gradually liquefied.


    “Glan-san, it’s time to add water.”


    Mize, a petite girl with long silver hair, looks into the mortar and said.


    “Oh, that’s right. My bad, take the beaker there.”




    Mize gave Glan the water beaker that was on the table. Glan carefully tilted the beaker and poured the water in.


    Glan is trying to make a versatile remedy called ‘potion.’ If you drink it, you can recover from disease or trauma to some extent.


    Normally, the potion should turn light green once completed.


    “Ack…what’s this?”


    The potion made by Glan was black for some reason.


    With Glan tilting his head in confusion, Mize calls Sylphia-san to ask about the identity of this mysterious black liquid.


    “This is… a failure to formulate. You probably made a mistake with how much water you added. The herbs that are the source of the potion are delicate, so be careful about the amount of water and the amount of force used when you grind them.”


    “Hey, can you drink this?”


    “You can drink it, but it’s just a bitter liquid, right?”


    “Just a bitter liquid…”


    Glan was lifting the mortar to his mouth, but after hearing the teacher’s explanation, he put it back on the table.


    “Next, I will take up the challenge!”


    Mize said with motivation.


    She’s a girl with a petite, delicate, and innocent look that can be mistaken for an elementary school student, but she’s surprisingly curious. In terms of conduct, she may be better than me or Elysia.


    As taught in advance, she put the herbs in a mortar and grinds them slowly.


    After that, she carefully added water, but… Mize took her hand off the beaker when she only had half the water in it. She mixed the water and herbs thoroughly, then added the rest of the water.


    “Mize, what’s your arrangement now?”


    “Oh, I was wondering if this would give a better result…”


    Mize said, returning the empty beaker to the table.


    By the way, I think the herbs she put in the mortar was five bundles. According to the method taught, we should have used three.


    At first glance, she seems to be working diligently, but behind the scenes she is actually trying various things to satisfy her curiosity.


    “Unexpectedly, Mize doesn’t listen to people.”


    “That’s not true!”


    Mize shook her head and denied it, but I agreed with Glan’s words.


    After that, Mize mixed the potion while adding some arrangements. Eventually, it was completed. It seemed to shine slightly.


    “This is… a level 2 potion.”


    Looking at the potion made by Mize, Sylphia said.


    There are five levels of potions, and the higher the number, the more effective it is.


    What we learned in this class is how to make level 1 potions. Why did it become a level 2 potion?


    “Does Mize have any knowledge about magic pharmacy?”


    “No, no, it’s a coincidence. I just thought that it could be done better if I did it like this…”


    “…Sure, you had all the ingredients you needed, but I can’t believe you made it by accident… No, I have to admit you did as I can see the finished product…”


    Sylphia-san looked surprised while inspecting the potion made by Mize.


    Glan and I also stopped working and observed the potion.


    “By the way, the higher the level of the potion, the more delicious it tastes. So why not try it?”




    With Sylphia-san’s words, Mize tilts the mortar to her mouth.


    “Oh, it’s delicious.”


    Mize said with round eyes. Sylphia smiled and nodded.


    “Knowledgeable people can make it, but don’t create dangerous things.”


    The students replied to the teacher’s instructions.


    “Well, Mize, can you give me a little bit?”


    “It’s okay. If you would like Tweight, please go ahead.”


    I nodded to Mize’s favor.


    To tell the truth, I know the taste of potions because I have been drinking them for a long time.


    Certainly the potion tastes better in proportion to the level, but when you drink a high-level potion, you usually don’t think about the taste. In fact, on the battlefield “whether or not the potion tastes stingy” was used to determine if the soldier could still fight. If you are really dying, the taste will be the worst, so you hope your wounds will heal as soon as possible.


    In that sense, it was my first experience to calmly check the taste of potions.


    Glan and I silently gazed at Mize, who picked up two empty beakers and carefully poured.


    Mize pours potions politely, like a noble daughter who enjoys a tea party.


    “What is it…?”


    “Oh… You just have very elegant pouring skills.”


    “Eh!? That’s right!? I don’t think that’s the case…!”


    Immediately, Mize poured a potion very loosely.


    Shining liquid splashed from the beaker and caused droplets to splash wetting the table. Glan’s face is also wet.


    “Sorry! Sorry!” Mize apologized. Glan and I laughed then drank the potion.


    “Oh, taste like Ume…!”   (t/n – a yellow fruit like apricots but a little sour.)


    Glan is impressed.


    It tasted like herbal tea. There is a slight odor, but the aftertaste is not bad. It has a slightly strong taste.


    “Well then, next is me.”


    I washed the empty mortar and prepared for compounding.


    “Aim for a level 3 potion!”


    “It’s impossible because I don’t know how to make it… If I can arrange it, can I make something a little more interesting?”


    I have no knowledge of magic pharmacy, but I have knowledge of making special drugs.


    There are several ways to make potions of the same level. Now in this classroom, several kinds of herbs were prepared to try each method. Among them are medicinal herbs that changes interestingly in response to water and fire.




    I ground and liquefied herbs. After soaking the roots of a different herb in the liquid for a while, they were picked up with tweezers and cooked over a fire. Soon white smoke rises.


    “What are you making?”


    I answered Sylphia-san’s question.


    “Sleeping gas.”




    The students around me suddenly gave me space.


    “No!? Why do you make such a dangerous thing!?”


    “No, this is not dangerous if you do not mishandle it. In fact, in other countries it is used as a sleep inducer to treat insomnia.”


    “Give it here!! Give it here!!”


    Cough, Cough.


    Sylphia-san picked up the mortar containing the herbs and extinguished the fire with water.


    Don’t worry, the effect is infinitely diminished. With this concentration of smoke, even if you inhale it, your consciousness will only be a little stunned.


    “You… as usual.”


    “Tweight-san… as usual”


    Glan and Mize, who had been evacuated with the other students, stared at me with blaming eyes.


    Recently —- I was often looked at with these kinds of eyes.


    I remember when Elysia said, “You are a suspicious person.” Apparently I haven’t escaped from being a “suspicious guy” yet.


    “Glan and Mize also tried out different things, why am I the only one who you’re angry at?”


    “No, that… the width of the arrangement…”


    “I mean, I didn’t intend to arrange it.”


    Each of them still blamed me with their eyes. It seems that I need to do some reflecting on my actions.


    “I can’t help but make something else.”


    I prepared some herbs again and started compounding. Sylphia was staring at me the entire time.


    I’m not convinced, but I’m reflecting on it. I don’t feel like making the same mistake, so don’t worry.


    “But this potion is really good.”


    While I’m formulating, Glan sipped a potion made by Mize.


    “Because this is level 2, what kind of taste is a level 5 like?”


    “Well… it tastes like heaven.”


    Actually, it’s not so delicious, but it’s probably a flower.


    While listening to the conversation between the two, they silently ground herbs.


    Then, Sylphia-san joined Glan’s conversation.


    “Technically, the top of the potion is not level 5”


    Sylphia nodded to Glan who had seemed like he had a question mark above him.


    “The top potion is a medicine called Elixir of Life. It is made by blending a special ingredient… Reishi Exa, but it is said that any disease can be cured with it, and in the past, even raise the dead.”


    “Wow, there is such a thing…”


    “Yes. However, in modern times, the ingredient used as a material is rarely found, and the number of elixirs manufactured in the last decade is only five. Even if the elixir is made, It is mostly used for critically ill patients, so no one knows about it. “


    Glan and Mize nodded with deep admiration to the teacher’s polite explanation.


    “By the way, what are you making?”


    Sylphia-san asks.


    I roasted the roots of herbs with fire and confirmed white smoke had risen before answering.


    “Tear gas.”



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