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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life

Chapter 34

Extra chapter: Don't Stop the Play!

Translated by Hikaru
Edited by Mel


This is the backstory of episodes 27 and 28. It also contains the true intentions of Tweight.


I pulled Elysia’s hand and moved away from the attacker, who was actually a former colleague of mine.


“Oh, hey, what’s this? What the hell is going on?!”


“Just get out of here!”


I shouted to a confused Glan.


Glan and Mize were surprised but started to flee with me and Elysia.


Okay, so things are going according to plan for the moment.


Now for the first obstacle.


First, we had to get Glan and Mize away.


“I’m not gonna let you get away with this.”


Right on schedule, the man playing the assailant caught up with us. Then something unexpected happened.


Glan clenched his fist and confronted the attacker.


“Glan, don’t!”


Seriously, don’t!


“Oh, horaa aaaa aaa aaah!!”


The voice shouting for restraint was not in time. Glan thrust out his fist. I hurriedly looked at the man playing the assailant. I appealed to him with my gaze, “Be as gentle as possible,” and he replied with a fleeting gesture, “I can handle it.”


As he declared, he looked relaxed as he caught Glan’s fist.




“I’ll say it again. The only person I want is that girl.”


I gulped and cleared my throat.


Now that was impatient. I guessed I should have thought a little more about Glan’s personality.


“Glan, take Mize and run away somewhere.”


“…What are you guys going to do?”


“We’re running away too. Don’t worry, we’ll catch up soon.”


“Damn, I am not sure, but I believe in you, Tweight!”


After saying that, Glan escaped with Mize.


Okay. There were a few accidents, but somehow we managed to get back on track.


“You can run away, too. You give me that girl, and I promise you I won’t touch anyone else.”


“If I don’t hand her over, you are gonna take her away from me, right?”


“That’s right. ― Exactly.”


The man came to me.






I called out to Elysia, who was standing still, and the two of them ran away from the man.


“I told you, I’m not gonna let you go.”


Instantly, a crescent-shaped slash came from behind. There was no way I could defend myself in time.


Good timing. This way, I could protect Elysia in a natural way.


Then, I took the slash instead of Elysia.






I moaned ― but there was no pain. The slash I just received was a fake blow, but Elysia would think that I had received a near-fatal injury.


“Your movement is good, but ―after all, you’re just a student.”


The assailant said as a blade pierced my stomach.




A thud. I heard a heavy and unpleasant sound from inside my body. But of course, the blade that pierced my stomach was not a real blade.


It was a toy made for three copper coins.


It was not an exaggeration to say that it was not very sharp, and it was designed in such a way that even children could easily use it. By pressing the tip, the tip of the blade would be stored inside. Using this feature, I acted as if I had been stabbed.


As soon as the sword was out, I tore open the bag of gore I had prepared and let a large amount of red liquid drip from my stomach and mouth.


“Twei… Tweight…?”


Elysia looked at me as I fell as if she was looking at something unbelievable. My heart hurt a little. Even though it was an act, it was a fact that I was making Elysia feel bad.


“Ely… sia ………… Escape, run ……”


I spat out bright red liquid and spoke with a feeling that ‘I didn’t care if these were my last words’. 


…Well, it was not my last words. It was a matter of feelings.




She had finally realized how wonderful it was to have a future. I didn’t want to let her die now that she was trying to look forward to it. Even if it meant my death.


…Well, I am not going to die. It’s a metaphor.


“Quickly, run away…!!”




Perhaps the desperate words were so powerful, Elysia fled without a second thought.


After watching Elysia leave, I slowly stood up. The man who played the role of the attacker stared at me and muttered.


“You’re a great actor.”


“That’s right. Are we geniuses?”


It seemed that I was not only a pick-up artist but also a talented actor.


This was not the time to be talking nonsense.


“As planned, I’ll be the assailant from here on out. You got the heads?”


“It’s right here. Here you go.”


“Hey, don’t throw the―oh.”




I failed to catch the (fake) head of Glan that was thrown and accidentally dropped it on the ground.


It sagged. I heard an unpleasant sound. I fearfully picked up the head and found…


“… It’s bad. The hair on the top of the head has come off.”


“Wow, tragic.”


Glan has alopecia areata. It’s hard to be this bald at this young age.


“…I can’t put it in front of Elysia as it is.”


“Neither of us can use《Alchemy》, what should we do? Should we just take the head of this girl Mize?”


“No, it’s possible that if only one of us is still alive, she’ll have strange hopes. I’d like to take both of the heads somehow. By the way, you have brown hair, don’t you?”


“…Hey, 28. I’m asking you just in case, but then what?”


“I want your hair transplanted onto this head. This is your responsibility.”


“Ah? Isn’t it because 28 didn’t receive it properly?”


“What kind of idiot throws away a valuable prop? This is because of your carelessness.”






The man instantly activated his《Toughness》and tried to break away. But I was faster than him at this distance. I activated《Materialization》and thrust the blade from my palm at him.


I dove into the chest of the man who had stopped moving, and in the next moment―.

I grabbed the man by the head.


“Whoa!? You’ve got to be kidding! My hair is mine!”


“No hard feelings.”


Glan’s hair was a peach color. The shade was slightly different from brown hair, but if only a portion of it was transplanted, it might work.


“Ouch! I’m telling you it hurts!”


“No hard feelings.”


“You! You ― you’re gonna remember this! Next time I see you, I’m gonna kick your ass!”


“No hard feelings.”


He took out the bag of blood paste that he had placed in his oral cavity and used the viscosity of the liquid to transplant the man’s hair onto the raw head. It would come right off with a strong impact. From here on, it must be treated delicately.


And ― we immediately resumed our act.


We caught up with Elysia, we pretended to be assailants and faced each other. The man opened his mouth first.


“You’re late.”


“Oh. There were a couple of people in the way, so it took a while.”


Ignoring the man’s murderous gaze, I concentrated on my acting performance. I rolled the two raw heads to the ground at Elysia’s feet.


“Aaaa, aaaaaaahhhh!?”


When Elysia screamed, I had to admit, I patted my chest in relief.


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