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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life

Chapter 24

Heroes on the Table

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Chapter 24: Heroes on the Table

Translated by Hikaru

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On that day, two orders of knights arrived at the Royal Bildarz Academy. One was the Knights of the King’s Guard; A venerable order that protects the royal family of the Kingdom of Terraria. The other was the Knights of Orthodox. It was the most active knight order in the War of Heroes and Demons, held by the Duke of Telgande. After all the knights had gathered on the ground, the joint exercise then began.


Even for knights, basic training is essential. At first, the students did some basic physical training, such as running and sword swinging. Eventually, as the training became more serious, the students began to fight each other to make sure they had mastered all the kata (basic move patterns), and the mock battles began. Right in front of their eyes, a mock battle was taking place between the Knights of the King’s Guard and the Knights of Orthodox. The students of the school were very excited at the sight. 


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! That was awesome! Did you see that? Is that even human!?”


“They are the best knights in the kingdom. Their… movements are very sophisticated.”


Glan and Mize, who were observing the exercise, marveled at the movement of the knights. Some of the knights had fought on the front lines during the war. They were the next most respected heroes to the students after The Hero Party. It was only natural for Glan and the others to be excited.


“Tweight, let’s get a closer look!”




Mize and I followed Glan as he squeezed through the crowd and moved forward. Glan’s strength came in handy at times like this. There were few students who would not give way in the face of such a strong presence.


“But it’s nice, isn’t it, Elysia? You’ll be able to see this even closer than we can, right?”


At Gran’s murmur, I turned my gaze inside of the field.


In order not to interfere with the exercises, students were not allowed to enter the training grounds, the only exception was the executive committee members who helped with the exercises. Elysia, a member of the committee, was in the middle of delivering drinks to the knights during the exercise.


“Does Glan like knights?”


“Yes. After all, I’ve always admired them,” Glan said, somewhat embarrassed.


Glan described himself as a man who had been defeated by the battlefield. That was why he didn’t take the entrance exam for the Hero Department and applied for the Regular Department. I guess he isn’t longing to be a knight right now. Still, it seemed that the respect had not disappeared.


“Oh, so there are women here, too?” Mize said.


A blue-haired female knight was at the end of her gaze.


“That’s… Thalia Pendiente from The Knights of the King’s Guard. Last year, at the age of only 18, she was appointed as a Knight of the King’s Guard, one of the kingdom’s greatest talents.”


At Glan’s explanation, Mize muttered admiringly, “A talent, huh?”


Knights were not an organization where women were forbidden, but even so, there were fewer women than men. No matter how respected they were, a knights’ true calling was a bloody battle. There were few women who liked to set foot into such places.


Thalia was engaged in a sword fight with a man from Knights of Orthodox nearby. Her movement and strikes were light. She was probably the type who attacked with skill and precision, but there was a lot of waste in her movements. Indeed, excellent talent is the right word, but she is not fully polished yet.


“…is still developing.”


“Yeah. It’s definitely developing… but that’s the beauty of it.”


“You’re both saying the same thing, but aren’t you looking at something different?” Mize said. Her eyes were glaring at Glan. However, Glan ignored Mize’s gaze and stared at Thalia’s chest for a while.


At that moment, the students in the area erupted in cheers. Out of the corner of their eye, there were two men.


“It’s the top two of the Knights of the King’s Guard. Wow… I’ve never seen one in person before!” Gran said excitedly.


There they were, the Commander and Vice-Commander of the King’s Guard. They were genuine heroes who were active in the Great War.


“Eustice Akline and Bremen Evans, I believe.”


“Oh, yeah. Tweight, you know a lot about knights, don’t you?”


“No, I only know their names.”


Eustice, a young man with blond hair, and Bremen, a young man with red hair. The leader, Eustice, exuded a friendly atmosphere for a knight and was constantly smiling during the exercises. Bremen, on the other hand, had a serious look on his face. The Knights of the King’s Guard sometimes stand in front of the public together with the royalty. The leader of the order even more so. Eustice’s friendly atmosphere might have been intentionally created in order to be accepted by as many people as possible.


“Over there, you have the Commander and Vice Commander of the Knights of Orthodox. I think it’s Lauren Delight and Garm Easted,” Mize said, pointing in the other direction.


She was right, they are the top two of the Knights of Orthodox. Lauren, the man with silver hair, and Garm, the man with black hair. Unlike the two top members of the King’s Guard, both of them were elders. They had a dignified look on their faces, making them the target of admiration, but at the same time giving off an unapproachable vibe. I had heard that the Knights of Orthodox was merit-based, with many knights who have been trained. If you don’t have a hard attitude like that, you won’t be able to impress your subordinates.


All four of these men had fought on the front lines during the Great War, so I was somewhat familiar with them. However, I only knew them from my side, and they probably did now know me at all. When the headquarters of the agency was set up in the royal castle, we might have crossed paths a few times, but at that time I was probably known as an apprentice knight.


“Hey, seriously? Those four guys are going to have a mock battle!?”


Just as Glan had said, the four men gathered in one place, each holding a sword. It seemed that the top two of the two knight orders were going to have a two-on-two mock battle. The two members of the King’s Guard were on the left. On the right side of the room stood the two Knights of Orthodox. They stared at each other for a while and then moved.


“…so awesome!”


The students marveled as they witnessed the mock battle between the four of them. Of course they were on a different level from the students. The only magic they were using was the close combat style《Tough Body Rage》, but their movements were almost impossible to follow.


“Uh, they move so fast that you can hardly see it,” Mize said with a chuckle.


“I’m not sure either, but… the Knights of Orthodox probably have the edge at the moment.”


“Yeah. The Knights of the King’s Guard are on the defensive.”


I agreed with Glan’s words. Glan could barely see the attack and defense in front of him.


“Well, the attack power of the Knights of Orthodox is unparalleled in the world. The vice commander, Garm, is especially famous.”


“Vice Commander? Not the Commander?”


In response to Mize’s question, the knight-nerd Glan, gave a rambling explanation.


“Overall, Commander Lauren, is the better of the two, but when it comes to attacks, Garm is more famous. It is said that once he is on the battlefield, he will devour his enemy like a beast and will continue to fight without rest no matter how badly he is injured. His second name is Berserker. In the Great War, he was a hero who lead suicide missions many times.”


Glan’s explanation was correct. Indeed, Garm was often entrusted with the task of leading suicide missions. When he was not talking, he looked like a dignified warrior, but when he pulled out his sword, he revealed his fierce nature like a beast. The sight of Garm on the battlefield was so wild that it was hard to believe he was a knight.


“However, the Knights of the King’s Guard are not inferior,” I muttered, and Glan nodded. “That’s right. The King’s Guard is good at defending. You don’t know the odds yet.”


Gran was snorting with excitement.


“You both can see the movement properly, can’t you? It’s amazing…” Mize said with admiration.


Suddenly, I looked at Elysia. While everyone was admiring the mock battle between the top two of the knight orders, only Elysia was looking in a different direction. Beyond her line of sight, was a slightly overweight man with blond hair.


Robert Telgande.


He was the man who had Elysia’s father, Gaul, murdered.


She can’t touch him right now.


Two members of the Knights of Orthodox were standing by Robert’s side and Elysia did not have the skills to get past his guards.


Then, a loud cheer erupted – looks like the mock battle had ended. The result was a draw or something like that and it seemed that both sides had decided to call it quits once they had worked up a moderate amount of sweat. The four knights put away their swords and shook hands with each other and the students gave them a round of applause.


“Oh, I was so excited. It’s a pity that it didn’t settle well. I wish it had gone on a little longer,” Glan said.


“Maybe they didn’t want to settle it in the first place.”


“What do you mean?”


Glan tilted his head at my comment so Mize offered up an answer.


“If we decide on a winner or loser, depending on the result, it will imply the superiority or inferiority of the two knight orders. Aside from apprentices and mid-level knights, those four have a lot of influence on the group. They can’t afford to lose easily, even in a mock battle.”


Gran was convinced by Mize’s explanation and said, “I see.”


The exercise continued for a while, and certainly the students experienced firsthand the strength of the knights who protected the country.


In contrary, Elysia didn’t move an inch. Robert’s security was impeccable as he always had an escort with him, even when he was out of his seat. The crowded streets were a favorite hiding place for assassins and in front of this crowd, Robert must be wary.


Assassination during the exercise was impossible, so that means―


“…at night.”


I’m sure she would make her move tonight, however I had made a decision yesterday, so I was no longer going to stop Elysia anymore. Her hatred was not going to go away unless she killed Robert. I realized that it was impossible to persuade her now. I took my eyes off of Elysia and followed the students around me to observe the knight’s exercises.


It was alright.


There was no choice but to do this.



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