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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life

Chapter 23

Revenge Demon

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Chapter 23: Revenge Demon

Translated by Hikaru

Edited by Mel


“Elysia, we need to talk.”


The day before the joint exercise, I found Elysia after school. She had just finished the executive committee meeting and was heading back to the dormitory.


“What? I’m busy. Or are you going to help me with my training?”


“I’m not here to train with you. I just want to talk to you about what you are going to do in the joint exercise tomorrow.”


When I said that, Elysia looked at me with questioning eyes.


“…I’m not sure what you mean by what I’m trying to do. Tomorrow, I’m just going to do my normal committee work.”


“There’s something else.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Elysia told me with her normal expression. She turned on her heels and was about to leave, but I called out to her again.


“Elysia Espeland…”


Hearing that name, she stopped.


“I will say it again. We need to talk.”


“…let’s change the place.”


Elysia took me to the courtyard. This was the place where Elysia and I had talked about the pros and cons of revenge just a few days ago. As before, we sat down on a bench and Elysia opened her mouth.


“How do you know who I am?”


“I know a guy, an informant.”


“You have finally stopped hiding your suspicious nature.”


Elysia glared at me and I averted my gaze. Right now… that is not what I wanted to talk about. I do not want to be pursued for the source of that information. 


“The revenge goal is Robert Telgande, right?”


“…that’s right.”


Surprisingly, Elysia readily admitted.


“The purpose is revenge on Robert Tergande.”


“When… Zeke asked me to duel, did you agree because you felt compassion for him as a fellow avenger?”




I remembered that time. Elysia’s attitude changed completely as soon as Zeke used the word “revenge”. I thought that Elysia had agreed to that duel to see how good I was, but that was not the case. It was a simpler, more emotional reason appropriate for her age.


“Abort the plan,” I told her in short.


“What you’re about to do is an act of catastrophic revenge. Even if you succeed, you won’t be able to survive afterward. You’ll be captured by the Knights of the Orthodox or some other group that adores Robert, and you’ll be tortured and then killed.”


“That’s not very polite of you. You don’t know anything about my plans.”


“You’re going to assassinate him during the joint exercise. That’s why you are on the committee, to get as close to Robert as possible on the day.”


Elysia fell silent. It seems that I hit the mark.  It was easy to guess this from her recent behavior.


“I don’t know the specifics of your plan, but… I’m sure you’re aware that you’re not really prepared enough for it. So, at the last minute, you asked me to be your training partner. Even if we train now, nothing will change. You were just trying to distract yourself from the uncertainty of the day― the anxiety.”


In other words, it was an escape from reality.


If you are confident that you will succeed in your plan, you wouldn’t be running away from reality.


“I don’t have a choice… I’ll never get another chance like this again. Robert never leaves the Duke’s territory, and he’s the kind of petty person who always keeps his bodyguards at his side. It’s not every day that a man like that gets the chance to appear in front of the public in all his glory. I really wanted to improve my skills at the academy and then have my revenge. At the very least, I wanted to be strong enough to fight against the Knights of Orthodox on equal terms.”


“On par with the Knights of Orthodox, huh? By the way… how long did you figure it would take?”


“One year.”


I couldn’t hide my surprise at the response. I lost my voice and was stunned. In just one year, she was going to become strong enough to fight against the Knights of Orthodox on equal terms? I understood now, I got the point. No wonder she was so tenacious.


“It’s only been a month since we started school. You can’t shorten a year to a month.”


“Even if I can’t, I have to do it. Even if it means my death.”


“I told you before. That way, there’s nothing left.”


“I’m not going to leave anything behind. I remember everything… you said to me. Still, I don’t think I can stand the feeling.”


Elysia clenched her fists tightly as if to hold back her hatred. However, she must not be consumed by its intensity.


“It’s not always easy to die. You might die a miserable death.”


“I’m prepared for that. As long as I get my revenge, I’ll accept whatever the consequences are.”


“What happens to those who are left behind? What about Mize? What about Glan? They’ll be sad when they hear Elysia’s dead.”


“That’s… we’ve only known each other for a month. You’ll forget about me soon anyway.”


“…Are you seriously saying that?”


Do you really think they are the kind of people who rate their friends based on how long they’ve known each other?


No, of course not. Elysia must know the personalities of those two. I regretted it now. I should have tried to persuade her properly when we had that conversation about revenge before. In the past few days, Elysia has made up her mind to take revenge. Her desire for revenge was burning so hot, that even she couldn’t control it.


“It’s not like I’m leaving my family and loved ones behind. I will not stop for that reason. Or―” Elysia came closer to me. “―will you be my lover?”


As our noses touched, Elysia said those words. Her distorted eyes were right in front of me.


I felt the hatred in them, and I answered, “If it would stop Elysia.”


We slowly brought our faces close to each other and kissed. Neither Elysia nor I closed our eyes. We kept our lips touching each other just like that for about thirty seconds, and then Elysia slowly pulled her face away.


“Is that how you treat your girlfriend?”


“What are you talking about?”


“I can’t believe you didn’t even let your guard down while we were kissing.”


“I’m nervous.”


“…I’ll leave it at that.” Elysia pulled away regretfully.


If I had shown an opening, I would definitely have been attacked. I was the one who wanted to ask if that was the way to treat a lover.


“See you, Tweight. See you tomorrow.”


Elysia turned on her heel, but before she walked away, she added more without looking back…


“If you can, don’t stop me.”


Having those as her last words, Elysia left the courtyard.


“I’m in trouble though, because… it will not stop even if I stop you.”


After Elysia was completely out of sight, I muttered with a sigh. I’ve talked to her and I understood. I could not stop her. No, probably no one in the world could stop Elysia. I could force her to stop moving, but that was only a temporary solution. That hatred would not disappear until Robert died.


“I can’t help it.”


I did not have a choice. Feeling heavy, I put my hands in my pockets.



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