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    South Wind Knows My Mood

    Vol. 1 Chapter 8.4

    Moore is just like a star that willing to keep one person in heart

    Translated by Lian
    Edited by Shera


    Jiang Shuning went silent. She knew exactly that Fu Lingtian was not dead yet, all of them were still watching.


    “Mom, I have done everything I should do. No need to worry, we just have to wait.”


    “If it’s still a long time ago, I have nothing to worry about!” Jiang Shuning said, “Hah! The shares that the beast holds are now equal to you. He should never win over you with my shares, who ever thought that he would marry that Ruan’s girl! Ruan Rongsheng’s shares are no less than mine!”


    Fu Yunshen looked at her deeply, “Do you think that old fox Ruan Rongsheng will easily transfer his shares to an outsider?”


    Jiang Shuning was a little hesitant, “No matter what happens, they are also a family now. Moreover, she is Ruan Rongsheng’s favorite.” Her voice getting higher, “Yunshen, you need to be really really sure this time, do not take this easily!”


    He nodded, “I know.”


    When the storm surged up in Lingtian’s group, Fu Rong stood quietly beside the hospital bed, looking at his father in a coma, worry showing on his face. Although his father always controlled his life, and he hated it, at the moment of life and death like this, he was the only one who had no interest in the old man’s wealth. He prayed that his father would wake up soon.


    And perhaps, his sincere prayer was heard, Fu Lingtian woke up after half a month in a coma. All the movement in the dark that Fu Yunshen and Fu Xizhou did temporarily stopped.


    Ruan Ruan was the happiest to hear this news. Although she didn’t get along well with Fu Lingtian, and because of Fu Xizhou’s past, she couldn’t get close to him, but after all, he was still their grandfather. It was naturally worthy of joy if he was able to wake up.


    More importantly, Fu Xizhou always came home late these days with the smell of alcohol still lingering on his shirt because of his endless socializing schedule. Although she never asked about work affairs, she knew that once Fu Lingtian passed away, there would be a fierce battle between those two brothers.


    Ruan Ruan didn’t want to see such a situation happen. Her husband would be tired and hurt.


    Fu Lingtian survived the catastrophe with a lot of sorrow. Just in time, his birthday was almost coming. And it was not even a significant birthday year in the Chinese calendar, but he wanted to host a big banquet.


    Ruan Ruan asked Fu Xizhou what gift would be the best for his grandfather, but Fu Xizhou let her figure it out by herself. This was the worst for her, so she had to ask Fengling for help. After not seeing each other for a long time, Fengling finally didn’t have to work overtime this weekend, so they made an appointment to go shopping and hangout together.


    First thing Feng Ling did when she saw her was to glance at her abdomen.


    Ruan Ruan understood Feng Ling’s intention and just scolded her, “No need to see it, I will tell you the first if anything happened.”


    Feng Ling twitched her eyebrows and commented straightly, “Ups, I’ve been thinking, you have prepared the pregnancy for a long time, why didn’t it have any improvement? Is it you or your husband failed you?”


    “Feng Ling! What are you talking about?” She stared at her best friend.


    Feng Ling continued, “I am serious, why don’t you go to see the doctor?”


    Ruan Ruan said in a low voice: “No. I believe it’s fate to have a baby. It won’t happen right away once you want it. Besides, we are not in a hurry. However, Ding Dang, I think there is something wrong. My period has been late for a few days and I always feel a little sleepy. What do you think? “


    “Can’t it be? Have you checked? “


    Ruan Ruan shook her head.


    “Let’s go to the hospital after our dinner,” Fengling said.


    However, during the dinner, when Feng Ling gave her favorite braised pork ribs, Ruan Ruan felt nauseated and vomited suddenly.


    After it calmed down, Ruan Ruan raised her head and looked at Feng Ling, in both of their eyes, there was a pleasant surprise. Then, right after the meal, Feng Ling brought her to the hospital. And as per their expectation, Ruan Ruan had been pregnant for thirty-five days.


    When the doctor congratulated her, Ruan Ruan put her finger on her stomach and patted it gently with full joy.  Fengling hugged her and congratulated her while wiping her tears. She said, “Pregnant Lady can’t cry. It’s not good for the baby.” Her own eyes filled with tears.


    Ruan Ruan nodded, but she couldn’t stop her tears falling down her cheeks.


    Twelve, we will have a baby. Our baby, our own blood and bone.


    Her heart suddenly became very soft. She couldn’t wait to see him and share this wonderful news with him.


    She had long forgotten about buying gifts. She pulled Fengling out of the hospital in a hurry and started walking  very fast. When she went down the stairs, Ruan Ruan bumped into a woman who was walking up. Fengling held her steady and apologized to the women. At the same time, she scolded her: “Gu Ruanruan, please slow down! Now you’re two. Please be careful!”


    Ruan Ruan nodded and stroked her flat stomach. The corners of her mouth curved gently.


    The woman who bumped into Ruan Ruan before stopped suddenly once she heard Feng Ling’s words. She turned her body and walked over to her already . She looked at the face clearly and recognized Ruan Ruan.


    She looked stunned.


    Jiang Shuning stood on the stairs, thinking of a document that Fu Yunshen showed her last night, and the sentence that Feng Ling said: Now you are two.


    Is Gu Ruan Ruan pregnant?


    With a look in her eyes, she raised her foot and went straight away to the obgyn department.


    It was pass midnight when Fu Xizhou finally arrived home. When he entered the house, he found out Ruan Ruan had slept on the sofa.


    He picked her up and was about to bring her to the bedroom, but once he touched her, Ruan Ruan woke up immediately and complained, “Why are you coming back so late. I’ve been waiting for so long.”


    When she called him in the afternoon and asked when he would get off work, he said it should be on time. She was very happy and said she had something to tell him when they’re having dinner. But, he didn’t expect there was a problem with a batch of foreign raw materials when they were checked by the customs. He needed to deal with it in person. Ruan Ruan called him twice when he was on the way. He asked what was the matter, but she refused to say it over the phone. She said she had to wait for him to go home to tell it in person.


    “You don’t have to wait for me, just sleep on the bed.” He looked down at the sleep mark on her cheek and said.


    When he was about to put her on the bed and went to take a bath, Ruan Ruan held him back. And it makes him remember that she had something to tell him on the phone, so he sat down and waited. Unexpectedly, Ruan Ruan suddenly pulled his body towards her, holding his face against her abdomen.


    Fu Xizhou was a little stunned. He didn’t know what she was doing, but he didn’t move either, leaving her to do whatever she wanted.


    Ruan Ruan, using a soft voice, asked him, “Did you hear anything?”


    Er? Indeed, there was a slight noise in her stomach. 


    He looked at her deeply, “Are you Hungry? Haven’t you eaten?”


    Ruan Ruan was speechless, she rolled her eyes, “Twelve! How could you be this stupid!”


    “Um?” He stood up, his eyes focused on her.


    She stroked her abdomen with her fingers and looked at him with her bright eyes. The corner of her mouth curved gently, “I’m pregnant, thirty-five days. Twelve, we will have a baby. Are you happy?”


    Intentionally looking at him, Ruan Ruan waited for his reaction. 


    But after a long time, he did not say anything.


    Ruan Ruan stretched out her hand and shook it before his eyes.


    Fu Xizhou suddenly grabbed her hand, put it to his lips, and kissed deeply. He choked, “Really? Is it for real? Ruan Ruan… Is it true?”


    Ruan Ruan nodded with a smile.


    He hugged her into his arms, held her tightly. But he suddenly thought of something, immediately let go of her, his eyes fixed on her belly.


    Ruan Ruan said, “Idiot, my belly is still flat now, it won’t hurt the child.”


    Fu Xizhou thought about it for a moment and pinched her face, “You’re a fool. You’ve only  been pregnant for 35 days. How can you hear the baby’s heartbeat?”


    Ruan Ruan couldn’t help herself laughing. She was so happy, like a little fool.


    Fu Xizhou asked her to lie down, covered her with a quilt, then got up, closed the window, and went back to bed. He held her in his arms, wrapped his finger around her belly, and patted her gently.

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