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South Wind Knows My Mood

Vol. 1 Chapter 8.3

Moore is just like a star that willing to keep one person in heart

Translated by Lian
Edited by Shera


Fu Xizhou didn’t say anything afterward. He held her hand all the way back to the Hotel.


But Ruan Ruan suddenly stopped. Fu Xizhou also stopped and asked, “What happened?”


So, Ruan Ruan took a chance, she grabbed his arm, pressed her whole body against him, and looked up to his face. Her eyes were bright, her mouth widened with a smile, and she said word by word slowly, “Twelve…you are not jealous, right?”


Being seen through by someone made him slightly embarrassed. He then pushed her away and continued walking in silence.


Ruan Ruan cheered in his heart and followed him briskly.


The next day, they were heading to Tuscany.


The pastoral scenery in Tuscany was gorgeous, and its essence was in the Vald’Orcia valley. The best way to travel here was to take a road trip.


As the car slowly drove on the silent Road, the idyllic scenery outside the window made Ruan Ruan felt like they had crossed the film called “Under the Tuscan Sun”.


Under the May sun, the soft rolling stone hills, the winding cypress road, and the fairytale-like countryside, everything was as beautiful as a dream.


That night they stayed in a mountain town called Pienza. The hotel was booked by Fu Xizhou in advance. It was a very old castle. Standing in the castle, you could overlook the entire Vald’Orcia valley. Under the sunset, the silent valley was like a colorful oil painting with a distant artistic conception.


Ruan Ruan loved this place so much.


They went to the open-air restaurant of the castle for dinner. This restaurant served authentic Italian food. Steak and pasta, as well as rich red wine from Tuscany.


When the waiter spoke in Italian, Ruan Ruan couldn’t understand at all, but Fu Xizhou answered fluently.


When they first arrived in Florence and Ruan Ruan listened to him speak Italian, she looked at him with admiring eyes, “Wow, twelve, you can speak Italian?”


“I learned a few words in everyday life when I learned it half a month ago.”


Ruan Ruan admired him even more. He just started learning for half a month and he can speak that fluently! There was a slight movement in her heart. He was intentionally learning Italian only for this trip.


The night in Pienza was extremely quiet. There was no neon flashing of the city in the mountain town, only the stars were quietly looking down at the night. After dinner, Fu Xizhou brought Ruan Ruan to the rooftop attic of the old castle. On the top of the low attic, there was a transparent glass window. The starlight poured down from the window, and the bright white light was on the old wooden floor, as if a natural spotlight hit the center of the stage.


He took her to sit on the ground under the starlight.


Such quietness gave Ruan Ruan an illusion that she went back to Muyun many years ago. When he lost his memory. They did the same on the midsummer night. Sitting in the yard, quietly looking up at the stars.


She leaned in his arms, raised her head, pointed at the stars in the distance, counting it one by one, and she said softly, “Twelve, look, the brightest one there, I think it’s like you.”


And she suddenly remembered a sentence she had read, ‘Moore is just like a star that is willing to keep one person in heart, like to go together from dawn to dusk, walk with you until the grey hair.’


Twelve, I am also willing to accompany you, from dawn to dusk, from the bright spring day until our old age.


Fu Xizhou stared at the night sky and said nothing. He just hugged her more tightly.


You are wrong, Ruan Ruan, you are the brightest star in the sky that illuminates my dark night.


It was still a slight cold in the country at the beginning of May. Fu Xizhou worried she would catch a cold. So, they didn’t stay for too long and went back to their room. There was a fireplace in the castle, and the flames were bouncing with warmth.


Ruan Ruan wanted more of the red wine that she had for dinner, so Fu Xizhou called and asked the waiter to open another bottle and bring it over, and they drank by the fire.


Ruan Ruan’s flushed face was reflected in the fire. She squinted her eyes and said, “Twelve, I really like this place. It’s just like the home of my dreams.”


She whispered, “I… I want to have a house in the mountains, with rose-colored, dark roof tiles, the roof covered with many white pigeons. And the windows, the windows are blooming with geraniums. It also has a fireplace in each room so it won’t be cold during winter.” 


“Hum, with a dog. You’ve said it.” He laughed.


She shook her head, felt a little drunk, “Yeah, a samoyed. It’s beautiful, isn’t it, like a dream… “


Fu Xizhou grabbed the glass from her hand, “Don’t drink anymore. You’re drunk.”


Ruan Ruan was not willing to finish it yet. She reached out to grab the wine glass and shrunk her head on him, “I’m not drunk. I’ll take another sip, just one!”


Fu Xizhou took the wine cup away and flicked her forehead, “Drunkard! Go to bed. We’ll go to Montalchino tomorrow. “


But Fu Xizhou was woken up by a phone call from secretary Lin in the morning. The call broke all his plans. He hung up the phone and stood quietly by the window for a long time. Then, he went to the bed and gently patted Ruan Ruan that was still sleeping. 


He looked at her apologetically, “Let’s hurry, we have to go home immediately. My grandfather suddenly fell into a coma and was hospitalized.”


The seven-day trip was interrupted on the fourth day. That afternoon, they flew back home.


When Fu Xizhou and Ruan Ruan arrived at the hospital, Fu Lingtian was still in a coma.


He suddenly fainted while fishing by the reservoir. He had a party before and drank a few glasses of wine. In the afternoon, when fishing, he sat there for a long time, not even making a single move. When it was getting dark, he tried to get up and fainted. He was found by his secretary ten minutes later.


It was a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.


After the surgery, he remained in a coma. And because of his old age, the doctor said it was so dangerous. He asked everybody to prepare for the bad news.


As soon as the doctor’s words fell, the entire Lingtian group exploded.


Lingtian daily chemical group was founded by Fu Lingtian, but later to expand the scale and listing, they implemented the shareholder system. Currently, not only Fu’s family has the shares, but there are several shareholders too. Once the news broke, the group undoubtedly needed to re-elect the top executive between Fu Yunshen and Fu Xizhou, who hold the most shares. These shareholders have the right to vote and make decisions, so they are also the targets they strive for.


When he first entered Lingtian, Fu Xizhou’s shares were far less than Fu Yunshen’s, but in a few years, he brought great profit to the company several times. As a reward, Fu Lingtian gradually gave him some, but it was still far from Fu Yunshen’s. 


The key point that made their shares equal was the transfer of shares by Fu Rong. It was not clear whether it was because he felt guilty for Lin Zhi’s mother and son or because of his resistance to Jiang Shuning domineering and power. Fu Rong gave Fu Xizhou his shares as a birthday gift. This was the reason Fu Yunshen wanted to kill Fu Xizhou and orchestrated the car accident.


Fu Xizhou stood by the window, looking out at the bright sunshine and the traffic, his cigarette was about to burn to the end.


Secretary Lin stood behind him and reported all Fu Yunshen’s actions after his grandfather was hospitalized.


“After Mr. Fu came out in a coma, he visited several shareholders right away, except for Mr. Ruan.” 


Fu Xizhou didn’t say a word. As he expected, Fu Yunshen always seemed gentle and have a smile on his face, but he was plathings in private.”What’s their attitude?” Fu Xizhou asked.


“They didn’t make a clear statement. After all, Mr. Fu was just in a coma for the time being…” 


Fu Xizhou was silent.


Secretary Lin continued, “Beside Mr. Ruan, among those five shareholders, two are closed with Fu Yunshen. One is at your side, and the other two had always been neutral. Mr. Fu, if we can get those two…”


Fu Xizhou said, “Call Lan Jing Hotel, book a room tonight.”


“Noted.” Secretary Lin went straight away.


On the other side in Fu Yunshen’s office.


Jiang Shuning was sitting on the sofa, looking at her son slowly brewing tea, she could not help but frown,  “You still have the mood to make tea?”


Fu Yunshen bowed his head and kept moving. He handed the tea to his mother with a smile, “Mom, try it. It’s the spring tea that just came out this year.”


With a glared at his son, Jiang Shuning took the cup but did not drink it. She stared at him and asked, “Are you sure you can handle everything? What do those old guys mean? “


Fu Yunshen took a sip of tea and said, “Those old men are like human spirits. Do you think they will make a decision easily at this juncture?”


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