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South Wind Knows My Mood

Vol. 1 Chapter 8.2

Moore is just like a star that willing to keep one person in heart

Translated by Lian
Edited by Shera


After they had been married for so long, he finally formally introduced her to his mother, and regarded her as his family.


Lin Zhi looked at Ruan Ruan with a sense of examination. After a long time, she took the pot of green mint in her hand, and then glared at Fu Xizhou, “Son, you have puppy love!”


Fu Xizhou and Ruan Ruan could not help laughing.


“Ouch, Itch…” Lin Zhi suddenly reached for her hair and looked at Fu Xizhou like a child, “It’s itchy!”


Lin Zhi had to sit in the sun to wash her hair, so Ruan Ruan had to move the hot water from the bathroom and lift it to the balcony. She refused to let the nurse help and wanted Fu Xizhou to help her wash her hair. Ruan Ruan was worried that Fu Xizhou would not know how to do it. Unexpectedly, he was great at it.


Ruan Ruan leaned against the door and watched as he scooped up water and slowly soaked it on his mother’s hair, then gently applied the shampoo. After it was done, he wrapped her head in a large towel and rubbed the hair to dry it slowly.


When he was doing it, his movements were gentle and meticulous, full of patience and tenderness.


Many people said that he was cold and heartless, but Ruan Ruan understood Fu Xizhou was not a cold person, his tenderness only shown to the people he cared for.


And this kind of tenderness was really precious.


Both of them accompanied Lin Zhi for dinner. Ruan Ruan cooked it by herself, two simple dishes and one soup. It was light and delicious. Lin Zhi’s appetite was also very good, she ate two big bowls. And they left only after Lin Zhi fell asleep.


When they were on the way home, Ruan Ruan said, “Twelve, let’s accompany Mom more often. Even if you are busy, I can do it by myself. She seems to like plants very much. I’ll bring them more often.”


Fu Xizhou helped Ruan Ruan tighten her seat belt and kissed her forehead right after, “Ruan Ruan, thanks a lot.”


He was indeed very busy. To spend a whole afternoon in the sanatorium like today, it was like finding a moment of leisure in his busy life. The development plan for the fragrance series had been officially launched. And the investment was very huge, so there would be no room for mistakes. He started his life as a trapeze again, and flying abroad had become a trivial thing. Getting less and less chance to meet each other had become their life marriage. 


In a blink of an eye, it was early summer already.


And May would be their first anniversary.



On the night before the anniversary, Ruan Ruan got a phone call from Fengling. She was on a business trip in Milan and asked her if she wanted any gifts. After talking for a while, Feng Ling asked her before hanging up the phone, “What are you planning to do for the anniversary?”


Ruan Ruan turned silent for a moment before she said, “He is still abroad. I think we are not going to celebrate it together.”


She understood the situation, but she couldn’t help the sad feelings in her mind. So, she decided to sleep early. Up to midnight, she suddenly felt something strange. It woke her up and she was shocked when she saw what was going on. 


Ruan Ruan was still in a daze when she sat up suddenly and looked at the person who sat on the bedside, “You… Why are you suddenly coming home?”


Fu Xizhou lay down beside her, stretched, and reached out to her, his chin rested on her head and his voice full of tiredness, “Let’s sleep more, we need to catch up the flight tomorrow morning.”


She was even more shocked than before, “Catch up the flight? We?”


“Yes.” He closed his eyes, hugged her tightly, “To Italy.”


Until they arrived at the airport the next morning, Ruan Ruan still felt like she was dreaming. Fu Xizhou went home in the middle of the night and packed her luggage in the early morning and took her to the airport.


He handed the ticket to her and said, “Happy first anniversary, my wife.”


He didn’t forget their anniversary, which was the first-anniversary gift he gave her.


They would be flying to city B, then to Florence, Italy, and then to Tuscany.


That was their honeymoon trip that she planned carefully last year.


He still remembered and now is doing it for her.


No wonder he asked for her passport a few weeks ago. So, this was his plan.


On the plane.


Ruan Ruan glanced at Fu Xizhou who was closing his eyes to make up for his lack of sleep. He came back from abroad at midnight and hasn’t rested for a few hours, now he needs to fly again for a long time. He looked tired with the black circles around his eyes.


She stretched out her hand and gently stroked his dark circles. Tears rose in her eyes as her heart moved and felt touched. She took his arm and put her head on his shoulder.



After landing in Florence, they stayed there for half a day. This city was the birthplace of the Renaissance which has a long history and rich cultural heritage. There were many attractions for them to visit, but Ruan Ruan only took Fu Xizhou to the antique market. Compared with museums and art galleries, she loved the bustle of the streets more.


The market they went to was quite large, with many alleys crisscrossing like a labyrinth. And since they went on weekends, there were a lot of people and the street was very busy. There were a variety of goods. At a glance, most of them were as beautiful as works of art. Ruan Ruan was not particularly interested in jewelry and decorations. She never wore them on weekdays, but Fengling liked them very much. She wanted to bring her some chic gifts, so she shuttled around the shops and stalls to choose them carefully.


In the meantime, Fu Xizhou received a phone call. It was a work matter. Although he had repeatedly told Mr. Lin not to disturb his vacation, but for a complicated matter he still asked for Fu Xizhou advice. He went to a quiet place to talk. The phone call lasted more than ten minutes. When he hung up the phone and walked back, he couldn’t find Ruan Ruan.


He quickly scanned the whole area  but there was no trail of her presence in the crowd. When he was about to call her, Fu Xizhou suddenly remembered that Ruan Ruan’s phone number had not been activated for international roaming, so she didn’t bring her mobile phone around.


Although he knew that Ruan Ruan was only strolling around and wasn’t in danger, he was still worried for her. She can’t speak Italian, and her English also average. If she needed him and looked for him at this time, then she would be so worried.


He looked for her in the crowd. He looked for her figure, went into every small stall as the worries in his heart increased.


After about ten minutes, he finally saw her in another, more secluded lane. He stood a few steps away and took a sigh of relief.


Ruan Ruan was sitting in front of a boy, signaling with her finger, “OK?”


“OK!” The boy with blonde hair and blue eyes said with a smile.


She got up and walked behind the boy. When she could see the drawing board, she couldn’t help but gasp a “wow”. It really looks as if a real person leaped on the paper.


When Ruan Ruan was about to pay, the boy handed the picture and shook his head. He said in English, “For you, it’s a gift.”


Ruan Ruan was a little surprised, but she didn’t refuse and even said thank you.


The boy suddenly reached out and hugged her. Before Ruan Ruan had time to react, she was pulled away from the boy and her body fell into a familiar embrace.


The boy was stunned. Seeing Fu Xizhou’s face and the hands they held, he understood.


Ruan Ruan feels embarrassed. In fact, she knew that the boy probably wanted to give her a goodbye hug.


Fu Xizhou pulled her around and left.


“Thank you and Goodbye.” Ruan Ruan said to the boy.


The boy’s voice was very clear. But she couldn’t understand the language. He asked Fu Xizhou, “What did he say?”


Fu Xizhou pursed his mouth. After a while, he said faintly, “Oh, he said goodbye.”


Ruan Ruan doubted, Goodbye? A goodbye in Italian doesn’t seem to be that long…


Fu Xizhou glanced at her sideways. Seeing the expression of her that was still thinking about it, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curled up slightly. He definitely wouldn’t tell her that the blondie boy was actually saying “Hey girl, your eyes are very nice.“


Then, Ruan Ruan said, “Twelve, you were a bit impolite just now!”

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