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South Wind Knows My Mood

Vol. 1 Chapter 8.1

Moore is just like a star that willing to keep one person in heart

Translated by Lian
Edited by Shera



Moore is just like a star, Willing to keep one person in heart.  I’d like to go with you from dawn to dusk, walk with you until the grey in our hair.



In the early morning, Fu Xizhou asked Qiao Jiale to come to his office.


He threw all those photos in front of her, and clearly showed how disappointed he is, “Where did you learn these low tricks?”


Qiao Jiale looked at the photos and her expression changed a bit. She didn’t expect Ruan Ruan would confront Fu Xizhou directly. Didn’t Fu Yunshen say that Gu Ruan Ruan is just a patient steamed bun?


“And Jiaqi committed suicide that time, that was also your plan, right?” He had been wondering how Jiaqi got the knife.


Now that she had been exposed, Qiao Jiale didn’t want to find another excuse. She looked at him and said, “Yes, that’s all mine! I told Jiaqi you would get married, then I intentionally left the knife. I was also the one who sent the birthday photo to Ruan Ruan! It was unfair to my sister!”


Fu Xizhou raised his hand to the air, but he held himself back. “Is this the way you care for your sister? Are you willing to put her in danger?”


“I was beside her all the time. She wouldn’t be in any danger!”


“You!” His emotion almost took over him, pointing to Jiale’s face, speechless for a while.


Qiao Jiale spoke, “Xizhou Ge, I’ve said it before, you can be indifferent as a person, but you can’t be heartless. You know better than anyone what my sister had done for you. Her life is so miserable now, while you’re living happily. Do you live at ease?”


“I owed her, I know it for sure. And I will repay it to her. But,” He glared at her, coldly said, “Jiale, I warned you, never do this silly thing again. Also, do not ever create trouble for Ruan Ruan. Don’t ever try to meddle in our life. These are two different things.”


He paused for a while before continuing, “And also, resign immediately. If you are not leaving, then I will ask the HR department to fire you.”


Qiao Jiale bit her lip and looked at him resentfully. She turned and left the room without saying anything.


She went to the quiet staircase to call Fu Yunshen.


“Don’t look for me again. It’s useless. Fu Xizhou must have told Gu Ruan Ruan everything. Now, she knows  my sister doesn’t have that kind of relationship with him. “


The other side went quiet for a while, then Fu Yunshen plainly said, “Really?”


His reaction was very calm, there was no surprise in his tone.


Qiao Jiale was just waiting for a word he didn’t say. When she was about to hang up the call, Fu Yunshen’s voice rung out, “Are you willing to let him go?”


Now, Qiao Jiale was the one in silence. Of course, she wasn’t willing to let him go. Once her sister’s miserable condition crossed her mind and how Fu Xizhou is living happily, she gritted her teeth with resentment. But what can she do? It was because of her lack of power that she decided to work together with Fu Yunshen. 


Fu Yunshen laughed slightly, “Heh, it is really not fair for your sister.”


He didn’t wait for her reply and hung up the phone.


Qiao Jiale.


Qiao Jiale clenched her lips. There was a shadow covering her beautiful eyes, making it gloomy, and her hand slowly clenched into a fist.


No, it can not end like this! Fu Xizhou, you made my sister that pathetic, my family was hurt because of this. Who gave you the right to have a happy life?


She calls Fu Yunshen once again.


“Mr. Fu, I took back my words. Let’s continue to work together. But I have one condition.”


“Say it.”


“Fu Xizhou wants me to leave the Lingtian design department, I need your help.”




Fu Yunshen hung up the phone, a faint smile bloomed at the corner of his mouth. The most destructive thing in this world is obsession, whether it’s love or hate. Once the obsession was born, its power can destroy the whole world.


After several consecutive raining days, the sun finally came out, the temperature also improved. It finally has the breath of spring. 


Ruan Ruan hummed a song and began her inspection of the flower shed, her mood was as bright as the weather outside. Since Fu Xizhou opened his heart that night, all the misunderstandings between them disappeared, like being blown away by the spring breeze, all have been blown away.


Fu Xizhou finally opened his heart, welcoming her to enter his world. Her husband said that the world is dark, cold, scary, but she didn’t feel a little bit afraid, because he was there. He said it won’t be easy to walk into his world. If that happens, she can hug him when he feels cold.


“Wow! You’re in a great mood today,” Qi Jing smiley said when he walked in.


Ruan Ruan turned her head. Her hand was still full of mud, but she lightly said, “This batch is growing better and better. I feel relieved at last.”


Qi Jing nodded satisfied, “Yes, thank you for your hard work.”


“This is my responsibility. Oh yeah, I need to ask for leave this afternoon.”


Qi Jing didn’t ask the reason, he immediately approved it. This was one of the reasons Ruan Ruan liked to work with him. Qi Jing was never bossy, he was more like a friend that shared a similar hobby.


Two o’clock in the afternoon, Ruan Ruan brought a pot of mint and drove away from the farm. After one hour, she arrived at the sanatorium outside the city. Fu Xizhou had arrived earlier and waited for her in the parking area. 


“She must like it,” he said once he saw a mint on her arms.


Xizhou held Ruan Ruan’s hands and they went up together.


Ruan Ruan suddenly got a little nervous. This was the second time she met his mother. The first time she came was the day after they confirmed the date of their marriage. He brought her to say hello and left in a hurry.


Fu Xizhou seemed to feel her uneasiness. He shook her hand and encouraged her, “Don’t worry.”


She looked up at him with a smile and nodded.


Lin Zhi stayed in the most luxurious ward in the sanatorium. It was a suite with excellent light and ventilation. The living room, kitchen, and toilet are all equipped, and there was even a small terrace. All with complete daily necessities. It was no different from home. She also had professional care to take care of her.


To put his mom at the best sanatorium in Liancheng was the first thing he did once he graduated and entered the Lingtian group. It was to make up all the time he was away from her. He gave her the best. The best medical environment, the best doctor, the best caretaker. Nevertheless, he knew that many things could not return. Her best time will never come back.


It was just like the first time she met her, that pale yet beautiful lady still seemed to be living in her own world, confused and not clear with her surroundings. The only person she knew was Fu Xizhou. But in her heart, her son would always be the fourteen-year-old Fu Xizhou.


“Mom, how was your day?” Fu Xizhou knelt in front of his mom, held her hand, and softly asked.


Lin Zhi touched her son’s face and said, “Why did you come so early today? Is the school dismissed earlier?” It was just like she had thought of something, she frowned, “You did not skip your class, right?”


Fu Xizhou shook his head, “No, Mom. Today we have early dismissal.”


“Ruan Ruan, come here.” He waved his hand.


As Ruan Ruan came closer, she also knelt down in front of Lin Zhi.


He used a very soft tone to introduce her, “Mom, this is Ruan Ruan. My wife. Your daughter in law.”


Lin Zhi hesitantly looked at Ruan Ruan, and that girl also foolishly looked at her. Then, she smiled.


“What are you doing?” Fu Xizhou poked her shoulder, “Come, call her.”


“Mom, this is for you.” Ruan Ruan handed her the mint pot, and when she called out “Mom”, she was a little shy, but her voice was filled with a lot of happiness.

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