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    South Wind Knows My Mood

    Vol. 1 Chapter 13.8

    As long as you are by your side, I will not be afraid of the world

    Translated by Lian
    Edited by Eris


    Ruan Ruan laughed out loud.


    Ruan Ruan booked a restaurant to have a date with Fengling, and Fu Xizhou would come after getting off work.


    But even though they waited until the food was served, Fu Xizhou still didn’t show up. They couldn’t even go through his phone.


    Feng Ling didn’t mind, and said, “It’s okay. He must have been delayed by his work. It’s better with just the two of us. With him, I can’t talk to you without scruples.”


    Ruan Ruan called again several times, but no one answered.


    Somehow, her heart beat faster and she slowly felt anxious.


    This anxiety continued until very late until she got the phone call. Fu Xizhou’s voice was extremely tired, “I’m sorry, Ruan Ruan, I missed the date. I also won’t go home tonight.”


    “What happened?” she asked urgently.


    He said softly, “Something has happened in the company, don’t worry, go to sleep first.”


    Ruan Ruan didn’t sleep well all night.


    Early the next morning, she called Secretary Lin.


    Secretary Lin’s voice was also infinitely tired, and it seemed like he hadn’t slept all night, “It’s Mrs. Fu.”


    Ruan Ruan went to the office and asked him straightaway. He hesitated at first, but since he thought that the incident had already become a huge problem, newspapers and TV would broadcast it soon and he couldn’t hide it.


    Secretary Lin deeply sighed and said: “The company’s newly developed fragrance series was exposed to quality problems. Two customers used the body fragrance lotions and had serious skin allergies. Now they have initiated a lawsuit against the company.”


    Ruan Ruan completely understood.


    Although she didn’t care about the business world, she knew the serious consequences this incident would bring. It can be a devastating blow to the credibility of a product.


    Soon, some big media exposed the incident.


    In an instant, Lingtian Daily Chemical was pushed to the cusp of the storm. Not only was the fragrance series taken off the shelves in all shopping malls across the country, but all daily chemical products under Lingtian Daily Chemical were also seriously affected, and customers asked for their return.


    Lingtian group’s shares fell sharply due to the turmoil.


    Fu Lingtian was furious. In front of the Secretary, he hit Fu Xizhou with his crutch. He couldn’t dodge and suffer the blow.


    The pain on his body was nothing. The crutch hit him hard in the face and destroyed everything he worked hard for. All his previous achievements were wasted.


    The whole group was in jeopardy.


    Fu Lingtian was very angry and was admitted to the hospital. His physical condition was getting worse day by day.


    “Mr. Fu, I have confirmed that the two customers with allergies are true because they used our ‘Rose Series’ body lotion.” Secretary Lin hurriedly walked in and reported to him.


    Fu Xizhou stood by the window, watching the dimly lit night outside the glass, the noisy traffic under his feet was still the same, and the world inside was already earthshaking.


    “It’s weird that the customer does not have allergic skin. Our raw materials are pure natural floral fragrances. It is absolutely impossible to cause such severe allergies.” Secretary Lin continued.


    It was silent for a long time.


    Fu Xizhou said lightly: “There is only one possibility, the two allergic customers were bought.”


    “What?” Secretary Lin opened his eyes in shock. Who is so bold?


    Fu Xizhou sneered, “There are people who are so bold and want to die.”


    At the same time.


    Fu’s house, in Fu Yunshen’s bedroom.


    The man in the wheelchair slammed a bottle of deodorant cream, the glass bottle was torn apart, and debris was splashed on the ground. Jiang Shuning, who was standing beside him, trembled with fright.


    Fu Yunshen pointed at his mother, the corners of his mouth crooked: “You! You! Why are you so stupid!”


    If it weren’t for their relationship, he would really want to slap her.


    Extremely stupid!


    They even bought off the customers and added other ingredients to “Rose Series” body lotion, which caused skin allergies all over the body.


    Even up to this point, Jiang Shuning still stubbornly said: “I did this all for you! Haven’t you seen the attitude of the old man? He definitely chose that bastard to be the heir after the success of the fragrance series.”


    Fu Yunshen’s chest heaved violently, he gritted his teeth: “Don’t you know that you can touch the whole body by pulling a hair! Lingtian is making a product. If one product has quality problems, can the others be unaffected? Lingtian has slipped over. Even if I sit in that position, is there any meaning?”


    He really didn’t understand. His mother was born in a business family, and she was influenced by it since childhood. After marriage, she entered Lingtian with a director position. How could she do such a stupid thing?


    In fact, when someone is occupied by a demon of hatred, that person would become crazy and desperate.


    She had only one purpose, and that was to destroy Fu Xizhou!


    In a single thought, it was hard to recover. It is impossible to gather spilled water on the ground.


    Fu Yunshen took a deep breath, calmed himself down. He took his cell phone, called the secretary, and said, “Use all resources, no matter what it is, do good public relations for this crisis!”


    Fu Rong, who had been standing outside the room and heard all the conversation, quietly left.


    Fu Xizhou has not been home for five days.


    Ruan Ruan made dinner, packed it in a thermos, and sent it to Fu Xizhou’s office.


    He bowed his head to eat, and while eating, he always got distracted.


    Ruan Ruan looked at his tired face, with darkened eyes. He must have not had a good sleep. She was very distressed, but she was helpless and could not help him.


    “Ruan Ruan, I’m sorry. I can’t go home again tonight.” He sent her downstairs and hugged her.


    Ruan Ruan shook her head: “I know you are upset, but Twelve, your health is important. Only when you sleep well and eat enough, will you have the strength to fight! I believe in you, but you must have confidence in yourself too. This difficult crisis will definitely be over quickly.”


    She did not go home, but went to find Ruan Rongsheng and called Gu Hengzhi.


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