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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 57

    Do You Believe Me?

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Wook


    Bai Shiqi was forced to fill her stomach with sour soup early in the morning. When she stepped into the small living room of Qiu Ying’s house, her hiccup felt sour.


    She suspected that she’d even produce that sour smell when she sweats today. Fortunately, although the sun was high in the sky, the temperature was still low, and it was not hot enough to make one sweat.


    Qiu Ying was different from yesterday. When he saw her coming today, his eyebrows and eyes were full of familiarity: “Suan Pan told me that we both grew up together. Shiqi, I’m glad that I met you!”


    He came over to hug her. Bai Shiqi suspected that there was a sour smell on her body, so she couldn’t help but retreat two steps back, leaving him standing in place with his arms raised in embarrassment. With a look of disappointment, he said: “S-Shiqi?”


    They were originally childhood playmates, and even almost became husband and wife, but at this moment, the two looked very awkward. Bai Shiqi bitterly cursed Zhao Wujiu’s heart and eyes that were smaller than the tip of a needle. However, after she said several unpleasant words secretly, the sour soup inside her stomach retaliated: “I… I drank sobering soup earlier. It made my body smell somewhat sour, I’m afraid it will make you feel uncomfortable!”


    Zhao Wujiu must have deliberately wanted to embarrass her!


    The loss in Qiu Ying‘s eyes dissipated, and he became happy again: “Shiqi, I won’t despise you!”


    He stepped forward and took Bai Shiqi’s hand and held it firmly: “After I woke up four years ago, I was covered with wounds, and I didn’t remember anything. Suan Pan said that my parents were both dead, and I always felt lonely and alone. Although I still don’t remember you, I feel close and happy whenever I see you.”


    Recalling the old days, Bai Shiqi gave a fierce look at Suan Pan: “The extremely daring kid over there, why didn’t you send him back to the shipping group?”


    Suan Pan flinched and couldn’t help but apologize: “This small one heard before that Young Sir wanted to be a scholar, so I thought… If he returns to the shipping group, he definitely will not be able to study. It’s better to take advantage of this opportunity to realize his dream… I’ve acted on my own initiative!”

    Bai Shiqi stared blankly at the young man in front of her, separating him from the young man in her memory. The young Qiu Ying was still alive in her heart. He was a shy child, although the young man in front of her had similar eyebrows, he felt a little strange.


    She always felt that something was wrong, and subconsciously reached out and touched her pouch. There was something hard inside of it. She finally realized what was wrong, but she scolded Suan Pan with an expression filled with anger: “Since when is it your turn to decide on Ah Ying’s matter? Were it not for him standing here perfectly all right, I would’ve broken your dog legs!”


    After cursing, she asked with concern: “You’re fine, right? Did you suffer any injuries?”


    Seeing her angry, Qiu Ying quickly laughed: “Don’t scold him, he’s simply stupid. He kept the things I don’t remember. That year, my head was hit and I hurt my shoulder. I only woke up after recuperating for a long time. Suan Pan must have been scared at that time.”


    Bai Shiqi was still angry: “It doesn’t matter if you forgot the past, but Suan Pan hasn’t forgotten.” She sat down and asked sharply: “Let’s talk about it, what happened at that time?”


    Qiu Ying also looked at Suan Pan with curiosity: “After you left yesterday, Suan Pan knelt down. He knelt all night last night, saying that he was very scared and pulled me, who was unconscious and injured, towards a thicket of reeds to hide. I’m also not clear about what happened that year, you can ask him in detail, I also want to hear about it.”


    The two sat down together with a high table between them, and he let go of Bai Shiqi‘s hand.


    Suan Pan knelt on the ground, with his head hanging down almost reaching the ground, and said intermittently: “… In the middle of the night, some people got on the ship. The brothers on guard didn’t send any warnings. The people who got on were pirates. There were many of them, more than our numbers. There were killings everywhere, the ship was in chaos. I saw a pirate hit the back of the head of Young Sir and he lost consciousness.  I pretended to be injured, and slowly pushed him towards the water to escape. Then I swam and pulled him towards a thicket of reeds. Later, after the pirates ransacked the ship and left, I went to a physician with Young Sir on my back. He woke up after a fever and 4-5 days of coma, but the physician said that the wound on his head caused him to forget a lot of things.”


    “Why didn’t you return to the shipping group to find me?”


    Suan Pan’s reason was very valid: “Young Leader, at that time… I saw Xiao Shi standing at the bow of the ship while holding a torch, He… He was talking with the leader of the pirates. It was clear that he was a traitor. And after what happened that night, Young Sir lost his memories. If Xiao Shi went back to the shipping group to make a false countercharge, Young Sir wouldn’t be able to defend himself. So I could only conceal the matter, find a place for Young Sir to settle, so that he will no longer wander in the muddy waters of the shipping group. Just keep his life safe and secure!”


    Xiao Shi was the eldest among Bai Shiqi’s playmates. His parents had long since passed away. He had always considered himself as a big brother. After the incident, Bai Shiqi did not find his body in the waters.


    “I did not find Xiao Shi in these years. Are you saying that he’s been following the pirates to plunder?”


    Suan Pan looked at her with a blank face: “Are you saying that Xiao Shi didn’t return to the shipping group?” There was annoyance on his face: “Had I known that Xiao Shi did not return, I would’ve brought Young Sir back to the group. I thought that Xiao Shi must have returned there. I was afraid of him, so I withdrew and didn’t dare to take Young Sir back all these years. As for… when I said that he wanted to be a scholar, I made that up to coax him. I was afraid that he… he would really go back…”


    Bai Shiqi took a deep breath, seeming to accept Suan Pan’s explanation, but still remained angry and said coldly: “You don’t have to kneel. You saved Ah Ying’s life and took care of him all these years. You’ve worked hard!”


    Suan Pan: “It is what this small one should do.”He lowered his head and stepped back quietly.


    Bai Shiqi turned her head to stare at Qiu Ying, her eyes filled with the joy of regaining what was lost. She stretched out her hand on the table: “Ah Ying, do you know? Every year, I avenge you by eliminating pirates along the river!”


    Qiu Ying smiled bitterly: “Suan Pan, this stinky boy. I’ve been treating myself as a scholar. He’s been instigating me to study hard over the years and almost became a top scorer in the palace examination.” He clasped Bai Shiqi’s hand tightly: “Although I don’t remember the past, I feel like I’ve seen you before. Shiqi, do you believe me?”


    Bai Shiqi answered: “Since childhood, you’ve never kept anything from me, why would I not believe you?” Then she asked in worry: “Was the injury from that year severe? Can you show me?”


    Qiu Ying quickly untied his belt and pulled down his clothes to show her the injury on his left shoulder.


    Even though the wound had healed a long time ago, there was still a hideous scar left. It looked like it was made by a sharp weapon from the left shoulder to the back. The culprit must have been powerful, it looked like his shoulder was almost cut in half.


    Bai Shiqi touched the hideous wound on his back: “At that time… it must be very painful, right?”


    Qiu Ying smiled and said: “It’s okay. It’s… It’s been a few years, and I still can’t put strength into my left arm. This arm can be considered useless…” He lowered his head, and his voice contained humility: “Suan Pan said last night that the brothers of the shipping group whose arms or legs are injured and can no longer work on the ship, have a harder life and are easy targets for their old enemies, so he simply took me away to hide. Shiqi, I don’t blame him, so don’t blame him anymore, alright?”


    This tone was the soft, begging tone of the shy young man in the old days. Bai Shiqi was the kind who is amenable to coaxing but not coercion. Being asked earnestly like this made her anger disappear, she snorted coldly: “Only because of your kind heart.”


    Qiu Ying pursed his lips and said after he stopped smiling: “Did you… also say that to me before?”


    Bai Shiqi touched his head and said angrily: “Otherwise?” Then she poked at the wound on his back: “Does it get itchy in cold weather?”


    Qiu Ying felt itchy because of her touch. He couldn’t help but twist his body and leaned forward. Bai Shiqi’s mischievousness was almost triggered when someone broke in all of a sudden. The first to appear was Zhao Wujiu, who was pushed in the wheelchair by Shu Changfeng. When he saw the shirtless man in the living room, his brows frowned: “What the hell are you doing shirtless in the daytime?”


    Bai Shiqi still hated him for the bowl of sobering soup he had poured. Her stomach felt like a half-filled wine jar. Everytime she moved, the liquid in her stomach sloshed, making her feel uncomfortable: “What the hell are you doing breaking into the room for no reason?”


    Zhao Wujiu was pissed off to death.


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