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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 54.1

    The Penniless and In-need of Good Clothes Lord Luo

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Huang Youbi immediately became furious when he learned of this matter. He pointed at Bai Zhenting and cursed: “You and I have been friends for so many years, I didn’t expect you to ignore our long-standing friendship to flatter the rich and noble. I’ve been truly blind!”


    Bai Zhenting was speechless. He pulled him over to explain again and again: “Brother Huang. I really didn’t intend to conceal it. This matter is because of Shiqi’s mischievousness. She ran away from home with those people, and it’s been awhile since I sent my people to look for her. If it weren’t for her injury, I wouldn’t even know her whereabouts.”


    Huang Youbi remembered that after Bai Shiqi was injured, the Bai family’s husband and wife rushed to the scene, and it did not seem to be fake. However, his anger was hard to dissipate: “You didn’t know it at first, but after you came here because of your child’s injury, why did you conceal it from me then?”


    Bai Zhenting pulled Huang Youbi away while winking at his subordinate, asking him to quickly find Bai Shiqi— Whoever starts the fire should put it out. Don’t tire one’s father!


    “Brother Huang, listen to me. When we rushed over, you had already started the treatment of that person. If I said it then, would you stop it halfway? Although you have certain rules, you have the heart of a healer, and have never given up halfway through treatment.”


    Huang Youbi sneered: “So, is it my fault?”


    Bai Zhenting: “It’s that unfilial child’s fault! I’ll beat her severely when she comes!”


    He had known Bai Shiqi since she was young. She would never bend although beaten, and this problem hasn’t been solved until now. She could even fight against Bai Zhenting. Huang Youbi didn’t know how much courage she had in that body.


    He slumped down on the chair, looking extremely tired: “When my father was dying, I promised that I would no longer treat those noble officials. How can I violate my father’s last words?”


    Huang Youbi’s father, Huang Yanbo, was very famous in Lianghuai. He was invited by Zong Heng from the marquis house of Huaiyang County to treat his beloved son. Not only did he fail to save Zong Heng’s son, he even lost his life.


    Zong Heng was young and vigorous, and he was the first choice of heir to the marquis seat. At that time, his concubine gave birth to an adorable and jade-like son. But nobody expected that the child contracted a disease after only a hundred days. Many physicians had been invited, but nobody succeeded. Finally, it ended at Huang Yanbo’s door.


    The child’s condition actually improved under Huang Yanbo’s care. However, the child suddenly died one evening. In anger, Zong Heng didn’t listen to any reason and sent Huang Yanbo to jail. He was beaten until only a breath was left before he was sent back to the Huang’s residence, and died the next day.


    At that time, Huang Youbi was a fourteen-year-old boy. He rushed to the county office to appeal for his father’s grievance, but was beaten out by the county magistrate. He recuperated for nearly two months before he could stand up again.


    Mother Huang knelt before his bed and pleaded bitterly, asking him to obey the last words of his deceased father. And so, from then on, Huang Youbi would not treat the rich and noble officials, only the common people.


    This incident was a painful and tragic memory in his life. Even decades later, he still remembered vividly the bloody appearance of his dead father.


    After Zhu Shoumei’s startled appearance, Bai Shiqi knew that this moment would come sooner or later.


    When Huang Youbi went to look for Bai Zhenting, Bai Shiqi simply informed Zhao Wujiu of what she knew about the tragedy in Huang Youbi’s family: “I agreed to this before because I thought Your Highness will immediately return to the capital after your legs are cured. By then, you will have no more communication with Old Man Huang in this life, and he can heal you without knowing your identity. Who’d expect…”


    Zhao Wujiu got up and said: “I will accompany you there. In any case, Mister Huang has been lied to. I’m also responsible.”


    Bai Shiqi pondered for a moment and suddenly asked casually: “I heard that Zong Heng is still alive now. I wonder what is the relation between Your Highness and Zong Heng?”


    Zhao Wujiu laughed: “This prince has no friendship with all the marquis houses in Jing, let alone a marquis house in Huaiyang. I’m afraid the old marquis doesn’t even remember what I look like.” When he was still a child, the Marquis of Huaiyang came to Jing to see the emperor. They had seen each other from a distance. At that time, Zhao Wujiu was young and didn’t even need to attend the palace banquet. After that, he went to the frontier for a few years.


    Bai Shiqi breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s fine if you don’t have friendship with him.”


    Zhao Wujiu: “What are your ideas? Can you tell me?”


    Bai Shiqi: “If the Marquis of Huaiyang is proven guilty of something, can you… avenge Old Man Huang?”


    The people of Jianghu could deal with each other’s life and death, but Huang Youbi’s enemy was a family with authority. Even if she had the intent, she was powerless.


    Zhao Wujiu touched her head: “If this happens, I will not tolerate it.”




    Bai Shiqi entered the door without a word, and rushed to kneel in front of Huang Youbi, holding his leg while crying to admit her mistake: “Old Man Huang, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t hide it from you, but I truly didn’t mean to!”


    Huang Youbi had never experienced the occasion where someone held his thigh to admit their mistake. This situation made him extremely uncomfortable: “Get up! Get up before you speak!”


    Bai Zhenting was sitting at the side, looking at his cub who was using the same trick she usually used to deal with him on Huang Youbi, making his furious friend almost unable to sit on the stool, and he sighed inwardly: Huang Youbi is such a good person!


    Zhao Wujiu stood at the door and stared blankly.


    Bai Shiqi spoke while crying, her tears fell successively, she knelt in front of Huang Youbi and confessed: “When I was young, my father told me about Uncle Huangs family. At that time, although I was young, I practiced martial arts seriously so after I grew up, I could find a chance to kill Zong Heng to avenge Uncle Huang!”


    She rarely called him “Uncle Huang” so politely, which showed the sincerity of her attitude of admitting mistakes today.


    Huang Youbi only had the apprentice Zhu Shoumei by his side. He was lonely for half of his life, and regarded his old friend’s child, this quirky cub, as his nephew and loved her.

    [T/N: Yes, it’s nephew and her.]


    “Get up!”


    Bai Shiqi still knelt on the ground and refused to get up. She said: “As I grow older, I found that Zong Heng is actually very powerful. I had no choice but to keep an eye on the movement of his family. After knowing the identity of His Highness Prince Zhou, I thought of this: Others may not be able to touch him, but what about the emperor’s son?”


    Huang Youbi’s stretched hands that were trying to stop her, paused.


    Bai Shiqi knew that she had reached the critical phase, so she continued to encourage him while wiping a handful of tears on her face: “His Highness Prince Zhou has a very good reputation. His legs were also injured to protect the country. Uncle Huang healed his legs without knowing his identity, this should not violate the elders’ last words. Since Uncle Huang has saved His Highness from pain for the rest of his life, then I’m sure… he will listen to your grievances and deal with Zong Heng’s wrongdoing… Isn’t this… killing two birds with one stone?”


    Still kneeling before Huang Youbi, she looked up. The normally unreasonable bastard suddenly admitted her mistake like a lovable cub. Huang Youbi was actually aware of her tricks.


    But the most terrible thing is that he actually thought that this little bastard’s calculations were quite reasonable.


    Huang Youbi fell silent.


    Bai Shiqi took advantage of the situation and gestured to Zhao Wujiu behind her.


    Zhao Wujiu cleared his throat and stepped forward to express his standing: “Mister Huang healed this prince’s legs. I don’t know how to express my gratitude, as the elder doesn’t love gold and material objects. However, this prince can get justice for you.”


    Huang Youbi’s attitude finally loosened: “That Zong Heng has been in Huai Yang for decades, and the matters had passed for so many years. Besides, there is no evidence, how can I get justice for my father?”


    If the prescription and testimony of that year were still available, they could still be checked. But after many years, even Zong Heng might not remember Huang Yanbo, let alone the servants in the Marquis Mansion.


    Bai Shiqi made a conclusion: “In any case, Zong Heng has committed more than one crime. We don’t have to bother to investigate what happened in the past. Since there are other people who died in his hands, we only need to pull out one of his current sins to pay off the grievances of Grandpa Huang!”


    Huang Youbi touched her head with his large, withered hand: “Get up, you little snake! I won’t blame you anymore!”


    I took a lot of effort to design this plan for him, why am I to blame?!


    Afterwards, Bai Zhenting also asked his child: “How did you know that Zong Heng has done illegal things?”


    Bai Shiqi: “Dad, did you not know that Zong Feng, Zong Heng’s second son has a strange hobby? Nobody knows how many maids were tortured inside the Marquis Mansion, but it is said that the older servants hear whenever Zong Feng goes out to drink, the female entertainers will tremble, unwilling to serve his needs. Whoever is forced to serve him by the old hostess will be bedridden for at least half a month… and some of them couldn’t even make it through.”


    Bai Zhenting glared at her, his breathing became rougher and rougher. His chest bulged as he spoke: “You… What kind of things have you learned outside?”


    Bai Shiqi jumped off and yelled as she fled: “I just listened to Zong Feng’s story when I was idle. I didn’t follow his way! He has a father who can cover the sky with one hand, if I’m the one who kills a lady, no one can cover up for me…”


    Bai Zhenting became furious and roared: “Are you saying your old man is not capable?”


    Su shi heard the movement and watched this familiar scene with a headache: “Can you two stop for a while?” It has been quiet for some time. Now it’s noisy again.


    Bai Shiqi grimaced: “I’m not the one who makes trouble, Mum. Why don’t you tell that to Dad?” Then like a wisp of smoke, she disappeared.


    Su shi: “… …”


    Bai Zhenting was fiddling with his beard when he saw the little bastard slipping away. It reminded him of the old days, and he felt a bit nostalgic. He then coughed twice because his throat felt uncomfortable: “Wife, make me a cup of throat-relieving tea.” It’s been awhile since he shouted, now his throat felt painful.


    Su shi stared at him: “You deserve it!”


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