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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 52

    Showing Weakness

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    During the days when Bai Shiqi was recovering from her wounds, Zhao Wujiu’s confidential letter was quickly sent to the capital, and within a month, it was delivered as an Imperial case from the current emperor.


    Prior to this, the news of the death of Yu Ang, the Imperial censor, was passed back to the capital. The emperor became furious and sent another official to Lianghuai to investigate the salt roads.


    The official who was assigned to inspect the salt road had just barely left the border, when Prince Zhou’s confidential letter arrived at the capital.


    After reading the confidential letter, the emperor felt heavy in his heart, and had a deeper understanding of the dirtiness of Lianghuai’s salt road.


    He urgently summoned the Crown Prince to discuss the matter: “If not because of an unexpected grace, Yu Ang would’ve been buried at the bottom of the river. The banditry in Lianghuai is so rampant, do you know that they’re in collusion with the local guards? Wujiu has personally asked for a thorough inspection of the guards, and offered to aid Yu Ang in investigating the salt road. What is the Crown Prince’s opinion regarding this?”


    The Crown Prince and Prince Zhou were born of the same mother. Their appearance was similar, except that because he had been living in the capital, the Crown Prince’s face was inclined to an elegant and noble side, his temperament was calm and gentle, very different from Prince Zhou who had experienced the wind and frost of the frontier.


    “Has 2nd brother’s legs been healed? Asking him to personally check Lianghuai’s salt road, can his body stand it? The whole Jianghuai knows that Yu Ang has passed away, and the new official has left the capital, otherwise… do we summon Yu Ang back to the capital?”


    Yu Ang’s external image had always been upright. Even before he reached Lianghuai, the local officials panicked and already prepared plans to eliminate him.


    If he stays in Lianghuai and continues to check the salt road, after the arrival of the new official, who will be the main inspector and who will act as the assistant?


    “Since Yu Ang survived a catastrophe, considering his nature, he must want the local officials to die. It is better for him to stay in Lianghuai. As for who will take the orders at that time… is Wujiu not at Lianghuai?”


    “What Imperial Father means is… to let Wujiu make the decision?”




    There was a turmoil in the capital because of the confidential letter. Zhao Wujiu, who was away in Baoying, didn’t know that the emperor had sent a separate decree because of this matter, and only busied himself every day in Bai Shiqi’s room.


    Zhu Shoumei and Zhao Wujiu checked in to Bai Shiqi’s room every day. The person involved, Bai Shiqi, simply pretended to sleep and hid under the quilt.


    Zhu Shoumei had excellent patience. In addition to making decoction, he also cooked some medicinal food to accelerate wound recovery, he even wanted to feed her personally.


    Bai Shiqi: “My hands are not injured.” After receiving the soup bowl and smelled the medicinal smell, her stomach immediately refused to accept it. She frowned: “… you didn’t put a lot of yellow lotus, right?”


    Zhu Shoumei said angrily: “Don’t worry, even poison won’t kill you!” He had never submitted to any kind of maltreatment or lowered himself in front of Bai Shiqi. This was probably a shortcoming because of his childhood. However, even though he had a huge fire in his heart, when it was passed to the other party, the fire wouldn’t be as big.


    Zhao Wujiu’s face was much thicker. He could neither concoct medicine or cook medicinal food, and Bai Shiqi did not care about his power and wealth that came with his status, so he could only do rehabilitation in Bai Shiqi’s room every day, which is the trick offered by Shu Changfeng: “Woman are usually soft-hearted, Your Highness might as well show your weakness. Perhaps it will make Bai Shiqi worry about you?”


    Zhao Wujiu: “Is Shiqi an ordinary woman?”


    Zhao Ziheng drifted past and said faintly: “Shiqi is a man among women!” She’s even a man among men!


    Shu Changfeng was speechless.


    Zhao Wujiu didn’t agree with Shu Changfeng’s plan, but he implemented it according to the situation and proceeded smoothly.


    For example, while he was rehabilitating, he would walk staggeringly, not even as dexterous as a child.  After checking his surroundings, he got up and walked ten steps in front of Bai Shiqi’s bed, and moved five steps towards her. His step was already shaky by the 6th step, and he even shouted: “Shiqi, be careful, get out of the way so I don’t hit you!”


    Bai Shiqi: Are you a cannonball?


    Watching his tall body falling towards her, she didn’t care about her own injuries and stretched out her hands to help him—like a good youth helping the old and disabled. Moveover, there is no such thing as a scam in this era, so she wasn’t afraid of being charged for doing something she didn’t do.


    Zhu Shoumei exclaimed: “Shiqi, be careful!” and rushed to help Zhao Wujiu.


    Zhao Wujiu’s control was just right, and he fell directly onto Bai Shiqi’s bed, looking upset: “I’m sorry, my leg… I still can’t control it well.” His expression was filled with bitterness because of his situation. Zhu Shoumei’s anger nearly broke out: You’re just faking it!


    Didn’t you take more than a dozen steps just a few days ago?!


    He was quiet by nature and was not a tattletale. However, he was so angry at the moment that he stabbed Zhao Wujiu directly: “A few days ago, didn’t Helmsman Zhao say that his symptoms have been greatly reduced?”


    Zhao Wujiu lied without changing his expression: “Perhaps because I’ve practiced a lot a few days ago, the pain has been severe these few days. Why don’t you take a look at it for me?”


    His wounds are in the bones, and everything can only be known by the patient himself. Even if his pulse is checked, if he says the pain is severe, the physician himself cannot be sure. What if it’s really painful?


    Zhu Shoumei’s face turned red, and he cursed him secretly for being treacherous and cunning, however, he couldn’t accuse him of being a liar.


    After he got back on that day, Zhao Wujiu patted Shu Changfeng’s shoulder and said: “I didn’t expect this trick to work so well.” Although Bai Shiqi is not an ordinary woman, and has a stubborn and headstrong temperament, she is a person with compassion. Upon seeing him almost falling, she reached out to him regardless of the danger of her wounds reopening, and even asked several questions with concern.


    Zhao Ziheng ruined his cousin’s delusion: “If it was me or Zhu Shoumei who was injured and fell like Cousin Brother, Shiqi will also care about it. She is such a person.” You’re excessively happy!


    Zhao Wujiu froze.


    The truth is always unacceptable, especially anything concerning Bai Shiqi’s heart which is difficult to grasp. It always makes people clueless.


    Bai Zhenting and his wife were like appraisers. They always went to Bai Shiqi’s room four or five times a day. The two people and their four eyes just couldn’t wait to pick out any problems with the young men.


    Su shi was more tolerant, but Bai Zhenting was a picky person, and he always had so many questions every time they came back: “… It would be good if these two people can be neutralized. Zhu Shoumei’s temperament is not very good, but he is not weak like Qiu Yunping. In case the two quarrel in the future, he can keep Shiqi out of the bed with a single pill; while Zhao… his status is too high. If there’s a dispute between the two in the future, our Shiqi may not be able to beat him. Shiqi is a little troublemaker, but this person… killed people on the battlefield with real weapons. No one knows how many lives were in his hands.”


    Leader Bai thought through many different angles, became worried, and finally found that Qiu Yunping, who did not even have the strength to truss a chicken, would be the easiest to handle.


    Su shi became angry: “Can’t you expect a better one for Shiqi ah?”


    Bai Zhenting told her the situation as it is: “She even fights tooth and nail with me, her own father. Who knows how many contradictions will arise between a husband and wife? Without early consideration, do you think Shiqi will just bear with it, considering her terrible temper?”


    In other words, Bai Shiqi couldn’t even stand her own father, so would you expect her to be patient with other men?


    One afraids there is no “bearing with something” in her dictionary.


    Su shi sighed: “Is it not because of you that she’s accustomed to being fearless and headstrong since she was a child. Do you regret it now?”


    Bai Zhenting: “How can a child born to Laozi be bullied by others? Rather than letting her submit to humiliation in this life, it is better to teach her to avenge!” He had climbed his way up, participated in many fights on the river, even when he was at his lowest, he had never been afraid. He’d rather smash his head than kneel down and admit his mistakes.




    Bai Shiqi didn’t know her father’s worries. She got up from the bed and walked a few steps, wrapped in thick furry clothes, and went for a walk in the courtyard. She also tried to practice her fists and kicks, but Zhu Shoumei stopped her: “Don’t try to overexert yourself. The wound hasn’t healed properly.”


    Zhao Wujiu had been sitting behind her in the wheelchair. He got up and walked a few steps before saying he was tired. His steps faltered, and he reached out to Bai Shiqi: “Shall we take a break?”


    Bai Shiqi had forgotten that he was also sick, so she stretched out her hands to support him. Suddenly, an arm was stretched out from the side and held onto Zhao Wujiu: “Since Helmsman Zhao is tired, why don’t I send you back to your room to rest?” Said Zhu Shoumei smilingly.


    Bai Shiqi: “Go back and rest quickly, you don’t have to come to see me.”


    Zhao Wujiu: “… …”


    Zhu Shoumei supported him back to the wheelchair, and Shu Changfeng pushed the wheelchair back to send Zhao Wujiu back to the room to rest.


    Bai Shiqi, who was laughing while watching his leaving back, was caught by Zhu Shoumei: “… Are you so happy watching the two of us fight every day?”


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    Wook's notes:

    Zhao Wujiu can be shameless too, apparently. Love is blind. :lmaocry:


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