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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 51.2

    Broken Hearted Little Bastard

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Before Zhu Shoumei could answer, Zhao Wujiu entered with the wheelchair, and said loudly: “Leader Bai, I, myself, am proposing a marriage!”


    Bai Zhenting: “… …”


    This time, he was genuinely frightened: “You… What nonsense are you talking about?”


    Zhao Wujiu’s expression was no longer solemn: “Leader Bai, Zhu Shoumei can propose a marriage, so why can’t I?”


    Bai Zhenting said in his heart: Can this be the same? Zhu Shoumei is a bachelor, his master is Laozi’s old friend. How about you? Your backing is today’s emperor!


    However, from Zhu Shoumei’s point of view, he could only reject him like this: “Shoumei has no parents, but Helmsman Zhao is different. I’m afraid that you will have to consult your parents about your marriage. You can’t make the decision yourself, so why bother to join in the fun?”


    Bai Zhenting had never dreamed even once that Prince Zhou would propose a marriage to him.


    He had been worried that there would be hidden dangers when Prince Zhou and Bai Shiqi got too close, but this hidden danger did not include Prince Zhou’s proposal of marriage.


    The said Prince Zhou’s attitude was very resolute: “Leader Bai must not be aware, but my parents have been worrying about my marriage all these years. Unfortunately, I’ve never intended to get married, so they said and agreed in desperation that my marriage will only happen as long as I am willing. Moreover, ever since I got to know Shiqi, I’ve become enlightened with so many things. She is my lucky star who helps me out of distress.”


    Bai Zhenting: “… …” I would rather you give my Shiqi a longevity tablet, than your marriage proposal. 

    [As the name implies, a longevity tablet is a tablet for the living, hoping for their long life, good health, and luck.]


    He clutched his head and fell backwards: “I’m dizzy! So dizzy, let me relax for a while!”


    “Leader Bai, are you alright?” Zhu Shoumei approached and wanted to get his pulse for him, but he was pushed away by Bai Zhenting. Bai Zhenting, who was trying to get used to the sudden storm of events, said weakly: “I was scared by you. Let me slowly process this in my head. I now know your thoughts, so let me rest!”


    Zhao Wujiu and Zhu Shoumei were driven out by Bai Zhenting. They stood in the corridor and smiled bitterly.


    Zhao Wujiu: “I really didn’t expect Leader Bai to use this trick too!” The father and daughter were the same. They both pretended to be weak when they encountered problems.


    Let’s not mention Bai Shiqi, as she was known to be sly and shameless, but he did not expect that the loud Bai Zhenting who was capable of overturning roofs would actually use this trick as well. They really are the same.


    Zhu Shoumei said seriously: “Leader Bai is dizzy.”


    Zhao Wujiu chuckled: “Right, dizzy.”


    Since Leader Bai wanted to pretend to be dizzy, let him pretend.


    With the interruption of these two, Bai Zhenting no longer sent people to catch Qiu Yunping to accompany Bai Shiqi.


    He, who had climbed to the throne of the shipping group from the bottom, had an active mind and was a powerful person. He was more than capable of judging a situation. Besides, the two who came were better than Qiu Yunping, why would he let Bai Shiqi hang herself on a tree?

    [Hang oneself on a tree: to suffer]


    Zhu Shoumei not only came to propose the marriage personally, but also confessed to his master when Huang Youbi returned from the Wu family’s house, asking him to propose marriage to Bai Zhenting.


    Bai Zhenting felt very awkward: “Brother Huang, it’s not that I’m finding excuses, but this matter is a little complicated. You know that even though Shiqi is a girl, she must inherit my family business. Shoumei is indeed a reliable child, but…”


    Huang Youbi became philosophical: “Brother Bai, I understand your difficulties. Whether this marriage can be successful or not, you and I will still be friends. Whether the children have a fate together or not is a separate business.” He even said: “Before, it was I who was too anxious. Shiqi, this child, is too lawless, and I wonder which youth from which family will be capable enough to handle her. I didn’t expect it would be my own disciple.”


    He found it funny.


    Zhu Shoumei was getting older, and it’s not that he, as the master, had not considered the life-long event of his disciple. There were also patients whom he had cured, who proposed to him. Even after Wu Dai regained consciousness, he also mentioned that he was willing to betroth his daughter to Zhu Shoumei. He looked at the Wu family’s daughter indifferently. She seemed to like his disciple, but it was a pity that Zhu Shoumei rejected her. He didn’t expect that his heart was tied to Bai Shiqi.


    Bai Zhenting looked worried: “Who can tell about the matters of those children.”


    On one side was an old friend, on the other side was the prince who had made military merits in this dynasty.


    The former was easy to deal with, but the later was not so easy to dismiss.


    Zhao Wujiu came to visit him alone another day, and personally promised: “Leader Bai must have thought about this during these years. In the end, Shiqi is a girl. This time, she cleaned up the river and almost died. What about in the future? If you agree to the marriage, who would dare to bully her in the whole Jiang River when escorting provision to the capital, and also dealing with those officials in each checkpoints? She doesn’t need to come forward to deal with those dangerous things. I will send someone to take care of it. What can you worry about?”


    It was the first time that Bai Zhenting faced the temptation of such a great power, and he almost couldn’t endure it. Thinking of Bai Shiqi’s life, he sobered up at the critical moment: “No matter how good His Royal Highness Zhou says it, who can tell if it will work nicely like this? Not to mention the situation in my family where I need my son-in-law to enter our family so we will have people to burn incense for our Bai family’s ancestors, and they will have to inherit this old man’s business.”


    Zhao Wujiu revealed his full strength in front of Bai Zhenting: “What Leader Bai is worrying about is the shipping group business which is already under your hands, and the Bai family’s incense that will not stop burning under my protection, as you wish. So, why can’t you approve this marriage?”


    Bai Zhenting: “… …” Can he say that the idea of marrying the son of heaven truly terrifies him?


    Zhao Wujiu was like a piece of golden cake falling into the world, with golden light shining all over its body. In addition to the dizziness, the person who happened to encounter it will surely doubt its authenticity. It also gave a “this is a bait casted by God” kind of feeling. One would not know how much calamity is hidden behind it, so he really couldn’t accept this thing.


    Under the constant chasing of Zhu Shoumei and Zhao Wujiu, Leader Bai was upset and took back the prohibition of visiting Bai Shiqi. All the momos sent by Su shi were taken back, leaving the door empty so others could visit Bai Shiqi. This way they also expressed their hearts to let their clever bastard choose for herself.


    Su shi was puzzled: “Aren’t you… opposed to Prince Zhou’s contact with Shiqi?”

    Bai Zhenting said plausibly: “I used to… wonder what he is plotting for our family, and I was afraid that he’s hiding what conspiracy. Now I understand that he was plotting for our Shiqi!”


    Su shi was dumbfounded: “… So you let it pass like that?”


    The ever stubborn Bai Zhenting suddenly became very open-minded: “In any case, they must be approved by Shiqi in the end. That little bastard is stubborn and looks down on Qiu Yunping, will she pick one of these two people?” He suddenly felt sad as well: “If only Qiu Ying is alive, things wouldn’t be this bothersome.”


    At the beginning, he had a good view of Qiu Ying. Moreover, Qiu Yingi had a crush on Bai Shiqi. Knowing she was a woman, he not only helped cover her up, but also swore a life oath to stay loyal to Bai Shiqi forever.


    After Bai Zhenting knew about this, he summoned the two of them and told Qiu Ying his plan to recruit him as his son-in-law. The two children were extremely happy.


    Qiu Ying had a shy and joyful expression. The naive boy knelt down and knocked his forehead to kowtow like a little daughter-in-law; while Bai Shiqi shamelessly frightened him: “You will never escape from my palm now!”


    Only the three members of the Bai family and the dead Qiu Ying knew about this.


    But later… Qiu Ying disappeared.


    When Bai Shiqi went mad and went everywhere to track down the murderer, everyone in the group said she was looking for justice.


    Only Bai Zhenting and his wife knew her real thoughts.


    If Qiu Ying were still alive, the thought might have married secretly long ago, and perhaps had a child together.


    Su shi sighed: “It’s all fate. We can’t help it!”




    Bai Zhenting became lenient all of a sudden, and Bai Shiqi found this matter strange. She was now facing the two Zhao brothers who came to visit the patient, plus Zhu Shoumei and Huang Youbi who had a follow-up visit, and Qiu Yunping who came back to ask for the follow-up story of the newly released script. There was also the unlucky Yu Ang. She said to them: “… Did you guys make an appointment to come here together?”


    “What appointment?” Huang Youbi glared at her: “Instead of recuperating well, you busy yourself by indulging in wild fantasies like this?” He changed the prescription according to her pulse condition and gave it to his disciple. Then he said sarcastically: “Eat a lot more snacks, okay?” While looking like a person who had been enlightened by heaven.


    Bai Shiqi: “Old… Old Man Huang…”


    If there’s an elder around, no one will talk nonsense. What a good shield is Old Man Huang?!


    Huang Youbi seemed to have seen her thoughts, and gave her a sentence from outside the window: “Little bastard, just like eating snacks, you can’t be nitpicky. You can’t see the real value just from the outer shell, and you must know the base as well.” In the end, he said good things about his apprentice.


    When Bai Shiqi was holding her head and was about to cry out in pain, Zhao Wujiu suddenly said: “Leader Bai also pretended to have a headache a few days ago.”


    Zhu Shoumei: “I also brought a needle today. If you really have a headache, you don’t have to worry. Just a few needles will be fine.”


    Bai Shiqi awkwardly put down the arms that were holding her head.


    Zhao Ziheng eagerly said: “Shiqi, you get better soon. I can’t wait to introduce you to some new friends!” Let’s go have fun with everyone and pick up a few girls. How awesome it would be!


    Bai Shiqi lay on the pillow weakly: “Ziheng, whenever I think that you have big fish and meat every day, while I can only eat plain porridge with pickles… I think you should not come for the time being so as not to hurt the harmony between us brothers.”


    Zhao Ziheng thought about it, then using his blessed life to stimulate his unhealthy brother, he said his farewell innocently: “Someone had asked me to go rafting together today. I will leave first and come back to bring you steamed chicken with lotus leaves. I heard that this dish is a must-try.”


    Bai Shiqi threw him a pillow: “Just you wait!”


    Zhao Ziheng let out a laugh out of successful retaliation and quickly retreated. 


    Qiu Yunping looked around. Zhao Wujiu was sitting seriously, while Zhu Shoumei lowered his head to concentrate on studying the prescription given by his master. The atmosphere in the room seemed to be a little awkward. He only stopped visiting for several days, how could the situation turn so awkward in such a short time?


    He was puzzled, and with dark circles in his eyes, handed a thick pile of manuscript paper in his hand to Bai Shiqi: “Young Leader, what do you think about the writing? And what about the following story?”


    Bai Zhenting was about to step into Bai Shiqi’s room when he witnessed this scene. Qiu Yunping was very close. He was standing in front of Bai Shiqi’s bed looking excited, and he didn’t know what they were talking about. Zhao Wujiu and Zhu Shoumei on the other hand, were far away, watching him as if looking at a demon.


    Bai Zhenting knitted his thick eyebrows and shouted: “Qiu Yunping, what are you doing here?”


    Qiu Yunping looked back foolishly and said to him: “Leader, I have something to discuss with the Young Leader.”


    Bai Zhenting: “Who let you in? From now on, you should stay away from Shiqi. There is no need to get close to him!”


    When Qiu Yunping was dragged by the collar and thrown out of Bai Shiqi’s room by Bai Zhenting, he didn’t even react as he was too stunned. Just a few days ago, he was urged to visit the patient every day, but today, he was actually driven out?!


    More precisely, he was kicked out!


    He almost cried with his manuscript in his arms, and wanted to tell Leader Bai: I just wanted to look for the Young Leader to listen to his stories for the new book, so as to make a fortune for everyone.


    Your esteemed self doesn’t have a grudge against silver, right?!


    Naturally, Bai Zhenting didn’t have a grudge against silver. But he was worried about the future of his little bastard, so he was extra cautious about this.


    Don’t look at his little bastard indifferent appearance, for everything she finds disagreeable, she’ll just grit her teeth silently.


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