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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 51.1

    Broken Hearted Little Bastard

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    The atmosphere in the room froze in a split second.


    Zhu Shoumei and Zhao Wujiu, who were outside the window, looked at each other, both refusing to give up. Bai Shiqi even vaguely felt that there was a spark in the air crackling.


    She squeezed out a smile that was uglier than if she cried: “You two… You two shouldn’t joke around!”


    Zhu Shoumei was a brother and a playmate since she was a child, and Zhao Wujiu… Such a big Buddha, how can the shipping group afford him?


    Zhu Shoumei: “I’m not joking!”


    Zhao Wujiu: “I’m not joking either!”


    Bai Shiqi: “Are you not satisfied yet with your jokes?!” She broke the jar until it was broken thoroughly: “What the hell are you two doing, don’t get involved with the shipping group’s messy business!” Have they even thought about it before saying it? Saying such brain-dead words really scared me to death!

    [broke the jar: a metaphor to write oneself off as hopeless and acts recklessly]


    Among the few people, Zhao Ziheng was the only one with a normal reaction. He was sad and angry at the same time: “Wait—you all know that Shiqi is a woman? Cousin Brother?”


    Zhao Wujiu glanced at him: You’re stupid for not realizing it!


    Zhao Ziheng couldn’t get sympathy from his own cousin, so he was about to jump in through the window and asked: “Shiqi, how could you lie to me? You won’t even tell this brother the truth?” The main thing was that Bai Shiqi had a lot of tricks, not really something any girl would do, she was also very bold and capable. How can there be such a daughter in this world?


    As long as it is not about ‘forced’ marriage, Bai Shiqi could easily deal with anything else. She asked leisurely: “Then were you not happy playing outside with me?”


    Zhao Ziheng recalled and nodded foolishly: “Happy.”


    “When you first met me and we got acquainted, I was Bai Shiqi, right?”


    Zhao Ziheng nodded his head.


    “Then am I still Bai Shiqi now?”


    Zhao Ziheng answered foolishly: “Of course.”


    “Then, is our brotherhood fake?”


    Zhao Ziheng became anxious: “Of course not!” After knowing Bai Shiqi, he realized that for a pack of scoundrels to play well together, they must have the same scent.

    [have the same scent here means having the same interest.]


    Bai Shiqi spread her hands: “Since you know that I’m Bai Shiqi from the beginning until now, and our years of brotherhood are not fake, why does it matter if I’m a man or a woman?!”


    Zhao Ziheng was dumbfounded by her, and he felt that what she said was reasonable: “It seems to be this way!” Then weakly asked: “Then later… can we still drink and listen to music together and dally with young ladies?”


    Bai Shiqi assured him: “Of course it’s not a problem!”


    After he realized the reality of this question that had been nagging at his heart, he felt cheerful at one: “Shiqi, since you are a woman, will you stop stealing women from me when we go out?” Once he thought about the benefits of Bai Shiqi being a woman, it seems that there’s nothing unacceptable, their fun will not be less, and there’s a big benefit for him instead!


    Bai Shiqi smiled, feeling that Zhao Ziheng was being so cute, and praised him: “Ziheng, you’re so smart to even think about this! Don’t you worry, whenever we go to listen to music, I will really only listen to the music. Even if I really move to stroke and hold or embrace the pretty and lovely ones, they’re all nothing but pretense. How can our brotherhood be ruined because of some women?!”


    Zhao Ziheng was relieved of the crisis, and grinned unconsciously. He even thought that it was all logical that the clever Bai Shiqi is a woman.


    “It’s strange that you never stay overnight after listening to music outside. I thought it’s because of Leader Bai’s strict teachings.” He looked at Bai Shiqi again and again, then said in amazement: “Shiqi, you’re really good as a man and as a woman. It’s so unfair to be a beautiful woman and a handsome man at the same time.” He knew a lot of people to have fun together, and had also planned to introduce Bai Shiqi to the pack of scoundrels he had formed in Baoying, everyone would surely have fun together. The more he thought about it, the happier he became.


    “Shut up!” Zhao Wujiu reprimanded him with a darkened face: “You go back to your room and reflect on this. Keep it private, remember?!”


    Zhao Ziheng stared blankly at his cousin’s rage. Shu Changfeng appeared silently, and dragged him back to the room for confinement. Even as he walked away, he also struggled to invite her: “Shiqi, once you’re… once you’re well, let’s go and listen to music together, okay?!”


    Bai Shiqi dismissed the one with the simplest mind, but when faced with Zhao Wujiu outside the window, and Zhu Shoumei in the room, she had a massive headache.


    Those two are stubborn and highly powerful. Both are also people who are not easy to refuse.


    She leaned weakly on the bed, and could only adopt the ‘miserable-looking’ plan. Holding her stomach and pretending that it hurted, she said: “The wound hurts. I don’t know if it’s because I talked too much. Ohhh, it hurts…”


    Zhu Shoumei was shocked: “Why does it hurt again?” And quickly took her hand to get her pulse: “Let me see.”


    Zhao Wujiu, who was next to the window, uncovered her deed coldly: “Are you faking it?” It didn’t hurt earlier or later, but at the exact moment she encountered a problem. How convenient is that?


    Bai Shiqi put on a demonstration, hugged her belly, and rolled on the bed: “It hurts! It hurts!”


    Zhu Shoumei panicked: “Why don’t you show me where it hurts? When the medicine was changed yesterday, the wound wasn’t infected ah.”


    Zhao Wujiu: “She just doesn’t want to face the problem so she’s faking it. How can you believe this?”


    Zhu Shoumei had personally seen Huang Youbi change Bai Shiqi’s dressing. The wound on her abdomen was dangerous. If it were not for her strong willpower, she might not be able to survive this time. Everytime he thought of her being pulled back from the gates of death, it was enough to make him squeeze a cold sweat. No matter what she says, he will believe it.


    “Helmsman Zhao is very knowledgeable and may think that Shiqi is faking it, however, this humble Zhu, even if she breaks only a little bit of skin, will panic. Not to mention a wound that is almost fatal!”


    These few years, Zhu Shoumei could be said to be successful in his study. He spoke very well, in just one sentence, Zhao Wujiu and his attitude towards Bai Shiqi was pointed out. Zhao Wujiu was calm and rational, while he himself was muddled because of panic. Who is wrong and who is right, which one is more affectionate towards Bai Shiqi, and which one profits from the other’s misfortune, was obvious at a glance.


    Bai Shiqi, feeling grateful, covered the wounded area with her hands and in a sobbing tone, said: “Shoumei, you’re still the best.”


    Zhu Shoumei felt her pulse: “If you feel that I’m the best, then promise me!”


    Bai Shiqi: “… I can’t talk anymore.”


    Zhu Shoumei: “You say that the one surnamed Qiu is not worthy of you, and his mind is not on you, so why make things more difficult for everyone?”


    Bai Shiqi found him problematic: “Then why don’t you go to my dad and mum ah? It wasn’t my idea to make things difficult!”


    Seeing that she had stopped crying, no longer felt pain, and even had the strength to speak, Zhu Shoumei tucked the quilt for her: “Then recuperate well, I will talk to Leader Bai.”


    He didn’t care if Zhao Wujiu was still outside, he just opened the door and left. Bai Shiqi: “Come back! Oi, you!” What answered her was the sound of the closing door.


    [T/N: In case it is not clear, when ZSM said, “why make things more difficult for everyone?” and BSQ answered, “Then why don’t you go to my dad and mum ah?” BSQ meant for him to stop her parents from matchmaking her with QYP, while ZSM thought BSQ told him to talk to her parents to agree with his proposal to marry her. So, when ZSM really went out, BSQ panicked because she realized she had misspoken.]


    Zhao Wujiu was also a proactive person. Besides, marriage couldn’t be discussed with the family’s daughter, so he must discuss it with her parents. He also got up from the wheelchair and closed the window for Bai Shiqi: “Zhu Shoumei is right, I’ll go to Leader Bai to propose marriage.”


    Bai Shiqi couldn’t even retort in sarcasm anymore: “Big Brother Zhao, please don’t joke around with me. What is your identity? What is my identity? We’re like heaven and earth, the difference is like the clouds and dirt, how could my dad want you as a son-in-law!”


    Zhao Wujiu: “Leader Bai only wants an heir to the shipping group, and my identity can guarantee that Suzhou Shipping Group will always be in the hands of the Bai family, and no one will dare to pick on the Bai family in the future. This matter is not impossible.”


    He closed the window and said: “You take care of yourself, I will settle this matter.”


    The window was closed from the outside, and only Bai Shiqi was left in the room. She pulled the quilt to cover her face, and muttered: “… Do you think I’m willing to marry you?!”


    Zhao Wujiu stood outside the window, his ears were sensitive, and Bai Shiqi’s words could be heard faintly in his ears, making him smile—What a naive girl!




    Bai Zhenting claimed that he had seen many stormy seas and waves, and he had escaped several times from death since he was young. The old man’s heart became vicious from his life experience, so much that he could confidently say to those youngsters from the group: “What kind of things has this old man not seen?”


    —Someone who personally came to him to propose marriage, he had never seen this before!


    And not just one, but two people.


    Forget Huang Youbi’s disciple, at least this one candidate could be considered; but Zhao Wujiu, he didn’t want to consider him at all!


    Zhu Shoumei gave him a big salute and said: “Leader Bai, I know that you are looking for a husband for Shiqi. Qiu Yunping is just a scholar who doesn’t even have the power to truss a chicken, moreover, he is not willing. I have known Shiqi since she was a child, and I’m willing to enter the Bai family. Will Leader Bai put me into consideration?”


    “What nonsense… are you saying?” Bai Zhenting was taken aback by what he had said. This was the secret of the shipping group. Seeing that it was revealed, he became displeased: “Where did you hear it?”


    Zhu Shoumei: “Has Leader Bai forgotten that I met Shiqi when I was a child? I’m also a physician, I only need to feel the pulse to find out. Why would I need to ask around?” He sincerely said: “Except for Master, I’m the only one who knows. Besides, travelling by sea is dangerous for Shiqi. If I stay with her, not only can I help take care of her body, but if she gets sick or hurts, she can be treated in time. Leader Bai can rest assured!”


    Bai Zhenting originally felt that Qiu Yunping was a bit unworthy for his brilliant Shiqi, but considering the hidden dangers of the shipping group, he still chose Qiu Yunping, because there was really no other suitable candidate.

    Now that Zhu Shoumei appeared and was willing to join her, Bai Zhenting thought that there are more benefits than Qiu Yunping, and his expression turned amiable at once: “This child, is it not too early to say that you have these thoughts? Does your master know?”


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