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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 36

    The One Who Digs Through the Wall, Qiu Yunping

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    [挖墙角 is an analogy when you like someone else’s object and you know that said object benefits you. So, you continue to pursue it and when you finally succeed, it can be said that you’ve managed to dig the corner of the wall. Can also be used under romantic pretense as stealing one’s girl/boyfriend.]


    Originally, Bai Zhenting had been worried that Zhao Wujiu had been walking too close to Bai Shiqi. The child of his family just would not stay still and covered in all kinds of evidence of wrongdoings. If she caused trouble again, it would not be easy to conclude. Who would have imagined that Zhao Wujiu’s identity would be uncovered by some stranger, making his family’s child’s face look foolish. He was immediately filled with good impressions regarding this person Lord He, and wishing if only he could send gifts to him as gratitude.


    He said in a lowered voice: “Shiqi, why don’t you quickly go home?”


    Quickly go home and properly cultivate feelings with Qiu Yunping.


    But, he did not expect Zhao Wujiu to nod his head: “What Leader Bai says is reasonable. We’ve been outside for too long, let’s return.” And hinted at Bai Shiqi to push his wheelchair.


    He Yan quickly blocked their path and probed: “Since Your Highness has come to Suzhou, how about staying at the He residence? Once this lowly official is done with official business, he will greet Your Highness personally.”


    Zhao Wujiu impatiently replied: “Step aside!”


    Prince Zhou had served in the army all year round, and there were rumors once he returned to the capital. They said that ever since his leg injury, his temperament became even worse. At first, whenever officials paid their respects before him, he could still maintain basic courtesy, even though he coldly alienated them. However, after he got hurt, he became more impatient. Not getting the words “get lost” could be considered courteous enough!


    All the cunningness that resided within Bai Shiqi’s body seemed to be intimidated by Zhao Wujiu’s identity. By the time the wheelchair moved to leave from Linjiang Courtyard, her mind was still at a loss: How did I provoke such a big Buddha on my return?!


    She turned her head and glared at Zhao Ziheng viciously: Look at the fine thing you’ve done!


    Having gotten the desired outcome out of her expression, Zhao Ziheng returned the glare with an exceptional well-behaved smile.


    Bai Zhenting took his two business partners and left. Both Zhang and Zhu wanted to say something but hesitated. They wanted to inquire about the relationship between the Bai family and Prince Zhou. Young Shiqi actually addressed Prince Zhou as ‘’cousin brother’’, then what was the origin of the Bai family?


    The two’s minds were full of doubts, but when they thought about it again, the matter was somewhat strange. So, they became more cautious in their words and decided to keep their silence.


    Bai Shiqi had already pushed Zhao Wujiu’s wheelchair out, while Shu Changfeng was pulled by He Yan to stay.


    The lord envoy looked terrified: “Officer Shu, is His Highness angry?”


    There were many officials who had suffered from Zhao Wujiu’s cold face and had experienced the same concerns as He Yan. Shu Changfeng, who had become used to this situation, consoled him: “His Highness is in a bad mood, Lord He doesn’t need to take it to heart.”


    He Yan carefully inquired: “Did His Highness come to Jiangnan… to relieve boredom?”


    Shu Changfeng heaved a sigh: “Isn’t it so? His Highness had been fighting for many years, and now that he’s ill, he came to Jiangnan to recuperate. In addition, His Highness never likes to be disturbed. Since Lord He is here on imperial orders, you don’t need to especially pay your respect to His Highness. His Highness also doesn’t like to meet outsiders.”


    Then he cupped his hands toward He Yan: “I shall take my leave.”


    He Yan gazed at his form leaving in large strides and felt as if relieved from a burden.


    The imperial envoy Lord He went back to his business with ease, but Bai Shiqi was the exact opposite of him. Her brows were wrinkled so tightly during the whole journey. When they arrived in front of the Bai residence’s main gate, a servant stopped and whispered in her ears before her brows loosened a little. Then she personally escorted Zhao Wujiu to the front door: “I don’t understand something.”


    Zhao Wujiu replied: “What do you not understand?”


    “If I did not mishear, you’re… that Highness who was in charge of the soldiers? The crown prince’s biological younger brother, His Highness Prince Zhou?”

    [She’s using the formal “you” here, now that’s a first. XD]


    Zhao Wujiu: “You’re not wrong.”


    “Then should I kneel down and salute?” She took the stance to kneel, but got pulled by Zhao Wujiu to stand: “We’ve known each other for so long, don’t you think it’s way too late to kneel only now?”


    Bai Shiqi had never been the person who adhered to rules, so she followed the flow, sat down by herself, and sized Zhao Wujiu up with an inquisitive expression. Sure enough, she had always felt that he had never seemed like a civil official even before, but his temperament was not faked. Today could be considered as proving herself correct.


    Zhao Wujiu let her size him up, and was particularly curious about her expression: “What are you thinking about?” According to Bai Shiqi’s temperament, perhaps she got nothing good to say.


    “Nothing.” A smile gradually rose in her eyes: “The people’s hero in the songs sang in teahouses and wine shops suddenly appeared before my eyes, of course it will feel a bit unreal. Last time, I heard a storyteller describing His Highness Prince Zhou’s voice as a copper bell… It turns out rumors are totally unreliable!” In fact, there were rumors outside saying that Prince Zhou was ugly and scary, that if he stayed in Jing capital, it’d be unsightly, so he personally requested to leave for the border, and nobody expected that he was actually a talented military commander. Having succeeded in resisting the enemies and guarding the country, as well as establishing exceptional meritorious deeds, he then returned to the capital… and so on.


    Otherwise, how could one explain that a prince born of the empress, did not stay comfortably in the capital to become an independent prince, but ran to the border to suffer hardships instead?

    [Independent prince: When a relative of the emperor reached a certain age, they’d usually have their own palace and fief outside the main palace to rule.]


    Zhao Wujiu’s mood was unexpectedly good, he even made fun of himself: “Is it that I’m not as good as the rumors say, and you’re now disappointed?”


    “Some of the rumors are exaggerated, but when one’s imagination falls into reality, there must be a process to adapt first.” She could not think anymore that the murderous god in rumors was actually an old-fashioned guy who liked to teach people. It was totally in contrast with the people’s expectation, letting her not accept it for a while.


    Zhao Ziheng had been hiding at the side this whole time. Hearing her words, he finally spoke: “Those people outside have been weaving stories about Cousin Brother as they like, even you believed them?”


    Bai Shiqi did not really have anything good to say to him: “Yes, I even believed and jumped straight in when my brother dug a hole for me, let alone the rumors outside?”


    Did not know how many holes had been dug by her for the pitiful Zhao Ziheng during their journey, but despite everything, he still overlooked them, admitted his mistakes, and apologized: “It’s all my fault, I only thought that when we got acquainted with each other, we would ignore each other’s reputation outside and just get along well, so I didn’t reveal my identity clearly. Besides, if I had told you my identity since the beginning, would you have still been brothers with me?”


    Bai Shiqi was no pushover. She was fully aware that Zhao Ziheng had been hiding Prince Zhou’s identity from her and let her take them all the way to the south, but since she could not make a problem out of that, she could only ask solemnly: “Then let me ask this, does His Highness Prince Zhou… have enemies in Jiangnan?”


    Zhao Ziheng shouted in bewilderment: “Cousin Brother hadn’t even been to Jiangnang before, where do his enemies come from?”


    “Then I can be at ease.” Bai Shiqi said: “The storytellers outside like to exaggerate things to scare people. Besides, high-ranking people can attract assassination at every turn. You’re also aware that I’m a coward, and I cherish my life, so I don’t want to invite any form of disasters toward myself.” She acted cowering, and Zhao Ziheng wished he could just beat her: “You? A coward?”


    “If you’re a coward, then I’m afraid in this world there are only a few people who are this courageous!”


    Bai Shiqi: “You think too highly of me!”


    Zhao Wujiu could not keep hiding his smile. He thought that if a coward met with a prince in the flesh, and had offended him so many times along the journey, perhaps he would’ve already knelt down at an earlier time and kowtowed to beg for forgiveness. But, making Bai Shiqi kowtowed toward him to beg for forgiveness and sincerely felt terrified because of his identity was surely just a lunatic raving.


    Zhao Ziheng looked like he almost got a toothache from grinding his teeth: “Alright ah, stop being sarcastic. Even without telling you about Cousin Brother’s identity, how many days have you been following me and calling him cousin brother? Since we’ve recognized each other as brothers, you should stop pretending to be a coward ah.


    Bai Shiqi flattened her body as if her back was paralyzed and exposed her roguish nature: “If you both dare to frighten me with the punishment of beheading for impersonating an imperial relative, be careful if I hide Old Man Huang’s whereabouts from you.”


    Old Man Huang was the most impatient when dealing with powerful people because he disliked them. If he knew the one seeking medical treatment had a noble identity, he’d rather run away than treat the illness. The sentence he always said was: “The rich and powerful have no shortage of physicians for treatments and no shortage of ginseng and deer antler. The most pitiful are ordinary people, who lack physicians, medicines, and money to see a physician. We must have pity for the pitiful.”


    From the standpoint of humanism, Bai Shiqi somewhat admires Old Man Huang’s view that all living things were the same and no one was nobler than the other; however as a qualified young leader of the shipping group, she had thousands of mouths waiting to eat under her hands, and she begged to differ since she must use skilled people to maximize the benefits. Maybe that was why he was in a mountain somewhere nibbling only on wild herbs!


    Zhao ZIheng’s eyes brightened: “Have you found Old Master Huang?”


    “I’ve found the person.” Bai Shiqi got up and stood in front of Zhao Wujiu’s wheelchair. Holding the armrests on both sides of the wheelchair with both hands, she leaned over and looked at Zhao Wujiu: “Unfortunately, Old Man Huang has a weird shortcoming. He dislikes treating nobles the most. As it happened, the identity of Your Highness Prince Zhou…”


    Zhao Wujiu stared at her dark eyes. The two were very close, and she still had not realized how ambiguous her actions were. He suddenly smiled: “What Your Highness Prince Zhou? Am I not your cousin brother?”


    “Not good, not good.” Bai Shiqi really did not like those stinky rules, but after knowing Zhao Wujiu’s identity, calling him a cousin brother would risk her losing her head: “I’m terribly terrified with that address, let’s change the way of addressing you, okay?”


    “What about Big Brother Zhao?” His Highness Prince Zhou personally proposed.


    Bai Shiqi straightened herself and urged Zhao Ziheng: “Quickly pack your luggage to run away. It’s late and my father is about to return! Big Brother Zhao, did you say something?”


    Bai Zhenting originally thought that after Bai Shiqi became aware of Zhao Wujiu’s identity, she’d avoid Prince Zhou. He did not expect that not only she did not avoid him, but she’d even go as far as kidnapping both Prince Zhou and Zhao Ziheng in a subtle way.


    “… Where did the young leader go?”


    A servant of the Bai family was kneeling under Bai Zhenting’s feet. He was forced to bear the leader’s fury for no reason, and could only tremble.


    Qiu Yunping had been looking through the accounts until his vision blurred, and finally went out with great difficulty. He heard that Bai Shiqi had kidnapped Zhao Ziheng and the brother and had escaped. The first thing that came into his mind was: What would happen to Miss Song Si?


    The young leader had married a beautiful concubine and had taken her home, but left the person at home and ran out alone. What if the people of Bai residence belittle Miss Song Si?


    With dark circles under his eyes, he went to Bai Zhenting to report his task, and put the appearance of being concerned: “Did Young Leader encounter some emergency matter? Although I don’t even have the strength to truss a chicken, I’m still a man. If Leader finds that I can be useful in some places, please tell me.” For example… appeasing Young Leader’s concubine and those kinds of problems.


    Bai Zhenting did not know that Qiu Yunping had been thinking about digging through Bai Shiqi’s wall all this time. He thought that if not because of her kindness to take Qiu Yunping in, maybe he would have died already. Also, if Qiu Yunping sincerely remembered Bai Shiqi, Bai Zhenting was even more resolute in his plan to let him enter his family’s door. He showed a rare form of affection and said: “You’re a good kid. Shiqi’s temperament is somewhat fierce. In the future, you should properly convince him.”

    [digging through Bai Shiqi’s wall: Stealing Bai Shiqi‘s girlfriend PFFT]


    Qiu Yunping’s hair stood all over— Did Leader see some kind of clue?



    Qiu Yunping: Today is another day where I’m digging through the wall!

    Bai Shiqi: Today is another day where I kidnap handsome people and run away!

    Zhao Wujiu: … …


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    Wook's notes:

    When Bai Zhenting says “… you should properly convince him”, Qiu Yunping actually thinks that Bai Zhenting is advising him to convince Shiqi to let Song Si :rofl:


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